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Education: Associates in Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science in Nursing with minor in Biology

I have been a nurse in the Public Health field for 11 years doing disease investigation, outbreak control, and communicable disease reporting in addition to teaching patients, the public, and other healthcare professionals regarding diseases, disease prevention and control. I am also my county’s lead contact person for Animal Bite and Rabies prevention and reporting. I work on the editorial board of the County newsletter geared towards educating and the promotion of disease reporting to the local doctor’s and healthcare facilities.

I am the lead nurse in most of the food-borne illness investigations in the community. My nickname at work is the “Food-borne Illness Queen” as well as the “Rabies Queen.”

I first became involved with Homeopathy while seeking to find an alternative method to traditional medicine (and their side-effects) in dealing with my son’s Attention Deficit and Anxiety Disorders. This interest has grown to include treating self and close friends with homeopathic remedies for injuries and other minor symptoms. For complex situations I will consult with a trained homeopath.

Other alternative health interests include Bach Flower remedies, therapeutic and healing touch modalities, and nutritional (including herbal) supplements.

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