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Katja Schuett

I was born in 1971 and raised in the former GDR.

After studying business administration at the Humbold-University of Berlin (Msc) I worked for an international transport logistics company in Hamburg and South America.

When I was a child I had already been treated by one of our few and last homeopaths in the former GDR and came back to alternative medicine when my father was ill with cancer.

One day I found a book about homeopathy in the supermarket which I took with me and read. I was hooked ! After reading more advanced books and the Organon I began joining professional homeopathy courses. Meanwhile I have studied homeopathy with several schools, amongst which David Little’s advanced course stands out as it offers a really deep insigth into homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (

I’m licensed to practice homeopathy in Germany (HP) since 2005. My current focus lies in working with animals and studying history, the old masters, and research.

To work with Hpathy as an editor and moderator is an honor to me and motivates me to give my best in my studies and work !

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Katja Schuett