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Neil is a Board Certified clinical social worker, specializing in psychotherapy with children, individual therapy with adults, and marital counseling. Neil has worked as a therapist, supervisor, and administrator in the public schools, in family service and mental health agencies, and in private social service agencies.

Presently, Neil works in his own practice, Neil D. Shere & Associates, in suburbs near Chicago. Neil also serves voluntarily with the LAN (Local Area Network), a local, state-sponsored inter-agency committee that awards grants to families of children experiencing emotional and behavioral problems and situational distress.

Neil’s interests include golf, music (especially J. S. Bach), physics, boating … and pizza. He is also an aspiring poet, though not an award winner like Dr. B! Nevertheless, we have learned that he is conspiring to abuse his status as Science Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone, to unleash some of the less embarrassing of his verses upon an unsuspecting public!

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Neil D. Shere

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