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Due to a congenital spinal problem and a chronic illness since age 19, my health had seriously deteriorated by my mid-20’s. I was seeing several specialists who finally told me there was nothing more they could do for me. It was during this struggle with my health that a friend introduced me to homeopathy.

I credit my homeopathic physician with saving my life, but at the time I had no plans to give up a fun, exiting and lucrative profession as VP of a small software company to become a homeopath. Well, as my mom always said, “Man plans and God laughs.” When my homeopath decided to retire, I panicked. When I expressed my concerns, he said not to worry, that he was prepared to train me. I figured I’d better take him up on it, since, if I was studying with him, I could pick his brain about my own condition. Well, I discovered I had a passion for it that surpassed even that for computers, and within a few years was seeing clients on my own. I spent all of my spare time for the next ten years under his tutelage and decided that when I retired, I would become a full time homeopath.

After moving to the mid-west, a physician friend asked me to join his holistic health clinic as a homeopath.

I was trained in classical homeopathy by G. Kent Smith, M.D., of Huntington Beach, CA. Dr. Smith’s father, Dwight Smith, M.D., was a friend and personal student of James Tyler Kent. In addition, I have attended numerous seminars and workshops with other well known homeopaths. I have additional class work from the California State Homeopathic Medical Society and the International Foundation for Homeopathy. I am a member of The Friends of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society, an honorary member of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society and a practitioner member of The National Center for Homeopathy.

In my personal life, I’m married to a wonderful man. We have two adult children, both married and living in other parts of the country. We have five grandchildren and three cats. We live in a hundred year old Queen Anne house which we have been renovating. It’s a money pit, but we love the house, our neighbors and our neighborhood. My husband and I have been active in the development of a new school for our community. I’m chairman of the health and wellness committee and my husband is on the architectural committee. It will be an arts based Montessori public neighborhood school. It will be built using sustainable construction methods and be an example for the future.

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Shirley Reischman

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