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Tips & Secrets 36 – April 2010

Robin Murphy
Written by Alan V. Schmukler

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Don’t Mix Layers!

Robin Murphy, N.D.

It’s important to be aware of the chronology of a case. A Calcarea person who suffers a shock may evolve into a Pulsatilla. When we take the case, if we mix Calc and Puls symptoms together, it’s hard to perceive what needs to be cured… and we make mistakes. You have to draw a line in your mind or on paper, ie., we’re treating the last 4 years, because since then they had this chronic problem.

Organon Philosophy Workbook – Robin Murphy N.D.

The Phosphorus Child

Paul Herscu, N.D.

When a child previously needing Calcarea carbonica or some other remedy evolves into a Phosphorus state, personality changes will often be dramatic. A child who was always shy, timid or headstrong becomes very outgoing and is all of a sudden picking up more friends, talking to strangers, and being unusually affectionate. The change toward openness is so characteristic of Phosphorus, that it is a key confirmation of the remedy.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children-Pediatric Constitutional Types, Paul Herscu, N.D.

Administer Remedies in Water and Succuss!

When a remedy must be repeated, it should be in water, and succussed.  Here are Hahnemann’s words:  “It is inadmissible to repeat, even once, exactly the same dose of medicine without modifying it, let alone many times. The vital force does not accept such identical doses without opposition”.

He also tells us that when using LM’s to treat chronic disease, if we put our remedies in water and succuss: “The same well-chosen medicine can now be given daily, even for months if necessary”.

Organon of Medicine – Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Belladonna in Scarlet fever

Don’t forget that there is pain under the rash in Belladonna.  Don’t forget that Rhus tox. or Lachesis will often carry through what Belladonna has begun. Don’t forget that the Belladonna child wants to be covered snugly even though he is burning up.

Belladonna cases often go to delirium, calling for Hyoscyamus. It has less inflammation and congestion than Belladonna.

Homeopathy as Art and Science -Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard

A Real Fish Story

I had a fish that was bloated, listing to one side and worse from food. I thought it  would die in a few days, the other fish in the tank were getting at it. Based on those symptoms I put Carbo veg 6c in the water.  When I returned a month later, not only was the fish still there, but the bloating and list to one side had gone! The other fish didn’t seem to be affected in any way.

Thanks to Marianne Tee

Low Thyroid

Thyroid hormones control metabolism and organ function, affecting weight gain, energy, skin condition, heart rate, cholesterol levels, menstrual regularity and memory as well as many other functions.

Symptoms of low thyroid include: Chilliness, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss, weight gain, nervousness and tremors, fatigue, forgetfulness, cold hands and feet, low body temperature and constipation.

Cause:  poor nutrition, excessive intake of sugar and white flour products (junk food, in other words) and excessive estrogen, including the birth control pill and hormone replacement therapy during menopause.

Progesterone helps to support the thyroid.

What to do if you suspect under-active thyroid?

Thyroidinum 6X once a day.  Also your constitutional remedy at a different time of day if you happen to know what it is.  Natural progesterone cream might also help.  Slowly cut back on Synthroid after two months if you’re already taking it–unless you’ve just started.

I always put remedies in water and succuss five times before each dose.

Elaine Lewis, CHom

[email protected]

Squilla Maritima

Violent exhausting cough with much mucus; profuse salty slimy expectoration, and involuntary spurting of urine and sneezing. Child rubs face with fist during cough (Caust, Puls). Cough provoked by deep breath, cold drinks, exertion, change from warm to cold air. Icy cold hands and feet with warm body. Passes large quantities of watery urine.  Worse motion. 1st -3rd potency.

Pocket Manual of M.M. – Dr. William Boericke

Strophanthus in Heart Disease

Strophanthus acts in heart disease by increasing the force of the systole, at the same time that it diminishes the rapidity of the heart’s action. It is not cumulative in its effect and can be used in smaller doses than digitalis. It is indicated in all cases of valvular disease where compensation has broken down. In mitral regurgitation where edema and dropsy have supervened, its action is often most marked, the heart being strengthened and slowed, the respiration relieved and free diuresis set up. In aortic stenosis and incompetence where there is want of compensation, and where, as is often the case, there is marked atheroma of the vessels, Strophanthus is much preferable to digitalis. In chronic conditions like the irregular heart of old people and where a rapid action is not necessary, one or two drops three times a day, continued steadily, give the best results; but in more acute cases five or ten drops are necessary.— British Journal of Homeopathy  -1899-  Dr. Moir

Three Tips from Dr. George Royal

Sensations Indicate Tissues

The sensations indicate the tissues involved. For example, a sharp, shooting, lightning-like pain indicates a nerve. A pulsating pain indicates an encapsulated organ. A sharp, splinter-like pain indicates an ulcerated mucous membrane or skin.


Arnica is useful for those cases where pus is burrowed deep in the tissues, the result of injuries especially bruises and contusions.

Natrum Salicylicum is useful in Meniere’s

Natrum salicylicum is useful in Meniere’s disease and tinnitus aurium. The vertigo of  Natrum salicylicum is aggr. by raising the head from the pillow, amel. lying down. Objects seem to move in a circle and to the right. The noises are almost constant. With the attacks of vertigo you sometimes have vomiting and unconsciousness.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica – George Royal, M.D.

A Bit of Lycopodium Magic

Lycopodium is one of our best remedies for impotence.  An old man marries his second or third wife and finds himself not “equal to the occasion.”  Young men from onanism or sexual excess become impotent.  I have known of hopeless cases cured by the use of this remedy, high single doses at intervals of a week or more. Give it low, however, if you want to, but do not blame me if you do not succeed.

Leaders In Homeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash

Tips from E.A. Farrington

Out of Breath

A nursing infant suddenly lets go of the nipple, and cries as if out of  breath, and seems to be better when held upright and carried about,  Now, this may be the beginning of capillary bronchitis. There are fine subcrepitant rales all through the chest. Antimonium tartaricum here nips the whole disease in the bud, and saves the child much suffering.

Aconite for the Eye

You may use Aconite in conjunctivitis resulting from a foreign body in the eye. Sulphur is indicated in conjunctivitis from irritation of foreign bodies when Aconite fails.

Aconite is also indicated in inflammatory affections of the eyes, arising  from exposure to dry cold winds. Heat and burning in the eye; eye feels as if full of sand, exceedingly sensitive. The pains are so intense that the patient wishes to die; he declares that he cannot stand them. This aching is worse when the affected part is moved or touched.

Farrington’s Lectures on Clinical M.M. – Dr. E.A. Farrington

Grief Remedies from Constantine Hering

When children have been frightened into fits and scream, tremble, have twitchings in the arms and legs – if the head is hot, with much perspiration and redness of the face, give Opium;  if no better in half an hour, Belladonna ; but if they become  very pale, Ignatia; if very cold, with involuntary evacuations, Veratrum.

Sleeplessness, after depressing events, sorrow or losses of friends, when night after night passes without any sleep, one dose of Sulphur will often give relief.

When grief is caused by disappointment in love, give Ignatia, particularly if one cheek turns very often red. When the patient is very quiet, taciturn, give Phosphoric acid, especially if both cheeks are sometimes red. If the disappointed lover is more mortified, indignant, Staphisagria.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Dr. Constantine Hering

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