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April 2015 Tips & Secrets

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy tips from the masters and breaking news. April 2015

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The FDA is holding hearings on homeopathy April 20 and 21, 2015. They are going to re-evaluate homeopathy’s status. Any decision to restrict availability of homeopathic remedies would negatively impact millions of consumers. It’s important that everyone go to this website and make a comment supporting homeopathy.


Artemisia vulgaris

Artemisia vulgaris is an excellent remedy in epilepsy, especially when it has been caused by fright or some exciting mental emotion. The attacks are repeated one after the other and are followed by profound sleep.

E.A. Farrington – Lectures on Clinical M.M.

India – First Homeopathy Ambulance

Aalokik Hospital and Research Center inaugurated a homeopathy ambulance that will be available 24 hours a day in the city. The ambulance was launched by Vice Chancellor Prof. S. Sarangdevot, Director Dr. Mahaveer Sharma. Prof Sarandevot said that the Vidyapeeth Homeopathy College and Aalokik Hospital will work collaboratively with the ambulance.


udaipurtimes January 16, 2015

Three Tips from E.B. Nash

Psorinum during convalescence

Psorinum is very useful for weakness or debility during convalescence from severe acute diseases. The patient sweats profusely when taking the least exercise. Choice may have to be made between Psorinum and China. Loss of fluids, blood, suppuration, etc., would decide in favor of the latter and itching eruptions or tendency thereto, before or during the sickness, the former.

Benzoic Acid

I have seen wonderful relief from Benzoic acid in nephritic colic with the characteristic offensive urine. In dribbling of urine of old men with enlarged prostate it has also done good service.


Ledum Rheumatism

The Ledum rheumatism begins in the feet and travels upward. This is the opposite of Kalmia. Ledum may be indicated in both acute and chronic forms of this complaint. In the acute form the joints are swollen and hot, but not red. The swellings are pale and the pains are worse at night and from the heat of the bed

  1. B. Nash, M. D. Leaders In Homoeopathic Therapeutics


Vaccine Overload

In the U.S., if you follow the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) , a child would receive 36 vaccines by six years of age. A single vaccine contains so much aluminum, that it exceeds the safe limit for aluminum.


Aconitum in puerperal peritonitis

Aconite has a specific action on serous membranes, and is one of the best, if not the very best remedy in most cases of puerperal peritonitis. In the treatment of these cases, when given low, and in doses repeated every one or two hours, it has served me remarkably well.

The Medical Advance – Aug 1887 – Ed. and Publisher- Henry C. Allen, M. D.



When you find the milk of nursing mothers contain urea in excess, owing to derangement of the kidneys, Colchicum is your very best remedy.

The Medical Advance – Aug 1887 – Ed. and Publisher- Henry C. Allen, M. D.



Silica in Necrosis of bone

In necrosis of bone, Silicea is perhaps our most valuable remedy. Its use

has accomplished astonishing cures, even when the disease had progressed to open ulceration. Let it be given continuously for weeks and even months. If there is not a clear improvement in four or six weeks give a lower attenuation, even as low as the 3rd.

Morton M. Eaton. M. D. – Eaton’s Domestic Practice for Parents and Nurses


Three Tips from J.T. Kent

Kalium Bichromicum

Recognized by the copious ropy mucous discharges from all mucous membranes, it is also a most important remedy in rheumatic affections of the joints with swelling, heat and redness, whenever these conditions wander around from joint to joint.

Allium cepa

Allium cepa is a wonderful medicine for babies with colic. Cutting, rending, tearing pains, drawing the poor little thing almost double. It screams with the violent cutting in the lower abdomen.

Acetic Acid

Patients who have been weak for many years. Emaciation, weakness, anaemia, loss of appetite, burning thirst and copious pale urine are a combination calling for Acetic acid.



Sepia in Cancer

Attention has been called to the fact that two cases of epithelial cancer of the lower lip have been cured by Sepia. A third case of this disease is so interesting as to be worthy of narration. An epithelial cancer, far developed, had been excised. The wound healed kindly. After a few months the patient began to emaciate, and to exhibit every sign of cancer cachexy. The decline was alarmingly rapid. Eminent surgeons diagnosed internal cancer. No hope of recovery was entertained. The complex of symptoms indicated Sepia, which was given, 200, and effected a com- plete and rapid restoration of health. The health remains good to this day (ten years).

Lectures on Materia Medica -Carroll Dunham, M. D.



FDA gives a pass to Actos

A study in 2009 found that people who took the Diabetes drug Actos were 83% more likely to develop bladder cancer. A number of countries either banned or restricted it, including France, Germany and India. The FDA merely put a warning label on it, but allowed sales to continue.


What’s Your Constitution?

The choleric temperament (earth) usually has a warm, dry, rectangular or square body, tight connective tissue, yellowish complexion, and are practical and rational, yet prone to anger, irritability, and impatience. The phlegmatic temperament (water) usually has chilly, watery, round or oval body with a white complexion, lax soft tissue, and are sympathetic and sensitive, yet prone to fearfulness, tearfulness, and sadness. The sanguine temperament (fire) usually has a hot, moist, triangular or barrel chested body, muscular or fleshy tissue, a red complexion, and are optimistic and joyful, yet prone to pride, passion, and cruelty. The nervous melancholic temperament (air) usually has a cool, dry, thin, body with pipe stem bones, little flesh, a gray, ashy complexion, and are intelligent and sophisticated, yet prone to be pensiveness, restlessness or depression.

David Little –


Boiron Wins in Canada

A lawsuit was filed against Boiron in Canada. April 2012, alleging that Boiron’s Flu remedy Oscillococcinum did not work. The lawsuit was assisted by the anti-homeopathy organization Centre for Inquiry (CFI), which acknowledged they were trying to harm Boiron. The judge ruled in favor of Boiron.—BOIRON-WINS-LAWSUIT.html?soid=1109080646932&aid=AUwUPtq4CdE

Laws Creating Forced Vaccination in the U.S.

In the U.S., bills are being presented in state legislatures to eliminate vaccine exemptions based on both religious and philosophical belief. That would essentially constitute forced vaccination. The major organization coordinating the fight against this is the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC). You can go to their website and register to find out what’s happening in your state They will also tell you what you can do about it.


Monsanto’s Herbicide is a Carcinogen

On March 19, 2015 glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, was declared a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The announcement was published in the medical journal Lancet Oncology.
Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the U.S.

Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital in Boston, Mass. was the scene of the first successful kidney removal in New England. The hospital opened its doors in 1871. In 1874 it moved into a newly built facility in the South End of Boston. The hospital’s main building survives, and is known as the Talbot Building. It now houses the Boston University School of Public Health.


Homeopathy kept good company

William Cullen Bryant was Bryant was a famous American poet, editor of the New York Evening Post and one of the most influential journalists of the 19th century. In 1868 he was president of the board of New York Homeopathic Hospital. At one point he was also President of the New York Homeopathic Society. Homeopathy kept good company in that era.

Image Courtesy of the History of Medicine Division – U.S. National Library of Medicine.



Three Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Ferrum Phosphoricum given in that stage of inflammation described as “dilatation of the blood vessels”, prevents further extension of the disease. Thus in engorgement of the lungs, it prevents the subsequent pneumonia. Whenever the discharge contains blood and you have not the asthenic fever that belongs to Aconite, you may depend upon Ferrum phos.


Apocynum in Hydrocephalus

Apocynum is a remedy in hydrocephalus. The head is large; there is bulging of the frontal bone; the fontanelles are wide open; there is squinting and, in extreme cases, the patient is blind. One side is paralyzed. The case much resembles Apis, but lacks the cephalic cry. It is indicated in more advanced cases than Apis. One or two cases have been cured by the continued use of the remedy.


Saccharum officinale

There is a remedy which is similar to Calcarea ostrearum, and that is Saccharum officinale. It is indicated in children who are large-limbed, fat and bloated, with a tendency to dropsy. The child is dainty and capricious. He cares nothing for substantial food but wants little “nick-nacks”. He is always cross and whining, and if old enough he is indolent and does not care to occupy himself in any way. Everything seems to be too much trouble to him.

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