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Clinical Tips and Important News – June 2024

Clinical Tips from Dr. M.L. Tyler on acute chests and T.F. Allen. On Kali Chloricum, Ratanhia and much more. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences tries to suppress homeopathy.


Some Tips for Acute Chests from Dr. Margaret L. Tyler

Veratrum viride –  Sudden, violent congestion of lungs. Bloated, livid face: faints, attempting to sit up.  Slow, heavy breathing. Must sit up (Ant t.). Dry, red streak along centre of tongue. Rapidly oscillating temperature. Rapid, full pulse. Violent excitement of heart.

Belladonna – Pneumonia, etc., with cerebral complications. Great nervousness: delirium. Sleepy, yet cannot sleep. Dilated pupils. Flushed face, congested eyes: skin dry, hot. Bronchitis with paroxysms of dry, hard, spasmodic cough. Cannot lie on sore side (opp. to Bryonia)

Ipecacuanha –   “Especially the infant’s friend, commonly indicated in the bronchitis of infancy.” Bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, pneumonia. “Child coughs, gags, suffocates: coarse rattling often heard through the room.” Spasmodic cough, with nausea, and vomiting.  Rapid onset ( Aconite, Verat v. Baptisia). (Compare Ant tart.- both have rattling cough and breathing, and vomiting.)

Chelidonium majus – Pneumonia, generally right-sided.  If stirs, pain shoots through him like a knife. Tight girdle sensation. Apt to get jaundiced. Tongue coated; tooth-notched ( Mercurius, etc.). Deep-seated pain in whole of right chest. Pain lower angle right shoulder-blade: from chest to shoulder- angle. (characteristic.)

Baptisia –    Sudden onset: rapidly goes into a typhoid state.  Face besotted: dusky: purple (Lachesis):bloated. Tongue dry, brown down centre. Besotted: mind confused: tries to answer or speak, but it flits away into stupor. In delirium, dual personality: tries to get the pieces together. Discharges pungent: foetid.

Pyrogen – “Baptisia, only more so.” General aching and soreness. ” Bed too hard.” (Arnica.)  Intense restlessness. (“Rhus, only more so.”) Offensiveness.             (Baptisia, Kreosotum).  Fiery-red, smooth tongue. Pulse quick, or reverse: out of proportion to temperature. Delirium with dual personality.

Nitric acid –  Chest feels crowded: oppression, worse bending backwards. Shattering cough. Sputum sticks like glue: yellow, acrid, bitter, salt. Expectoration of black, coagulated blood. Stitches in right chest. Fear of death, anxious about his illness (Aconite)

Mercurius  – Bronchitis: cough worse evening and night. Tickling in chest: feels dry.” As if chest would burst.” Copious sweating without relief; “The more he sweats the worse he is.” Offensive sweat, offensive mouth and breath, offensive expectoration.  Tongue foul: tooth-notched ( Chelidonium). Stabbing pains from base right lung to back. Bloody, thick-green expectoration.

Pointers to Common Remedies – Dr. M.L. Tyler

Some Tips from T.F Allen M.D.

Aurum metallicum: A most valuable remedy for acute inflammations, particularly with tendency to ulceration of the cornea. Extreme photophobia. In iritis, with intolerable pain in the bones, extending down into the face and nose, with great soreness all about the eye.

Ferrum Metallicum:   Great sensitiveness of the vagina to coition (Sep., Bell., Plat.). Suppressed menses, with haemorrhage from other parts, lungs, nose, rectum.

Kali Chloricum: Nursing sore mouth of infants or of mothers. Aphthae of the mouth. Ulceration of the mouth and throat, with extreme fetor, albuminuria, haematuria, cough and dyspnoea.

Erigeron Canadense: Persistent haemorrhages from bladder, in stone in bladder. Post-partum haemorrhages. Haemorrhages from uterus, with painful micturition.

Natrum Carbonicum: Chronic deafness and roaring in ears, pain in the face. Sharp piercing stitches in ears, ears feel closed.

Ratanhia Peruviana: Fissure of the anus, with great constriction, terrible pain following the stool, especially burning like fire, only temporarily relieved by cold water. Haemorrhoids, with extreme burning like fire.

Osmium Metallicum: Violent supraorbital and infraorbital neuralgia, with lachrymation.

Corallium Rubrum: Most violent spasmodic cough (whooping cough), often preceded by sensation of smothering, followed by exhaustion. The attacks are extremely violent, the patient becomes purple in the face.

Nitric Acid: Herpetic eruption on the wings or tip of the nose. The tip is red and covered with vesicles.

Chromicum Acidum: diphtheritic sore throat, post-nasal tumors, epithelioma of tongue, watery diarrhoea, with vertigo.

Aloe Socotrina: The diarrhoea is particularly treacherous; that is, the patient does not have a proper sense of the accumulation of faecal matter in the rectum, and there is loss of power in the sphincter, so that the stool escapes easily, and when the desire for stool comes the patient is scarcely able to attend to it.

Raphanus Sativus:  Distressing twitching of the eyelids, almost prevents vision, with rotary motion of the ball.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Tries to Suppress Homeopathy

In a written address, scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) have asked the rectors of the medical universities in Varna and Stara Zagora to suspend all forms of training in homeopathy at their universities, the BAS press center said.

“It is unacceptable that the pseudo-scientific principles of homeopathy, which contradict the basic tenets of physics and chemistry, are offered to medical and pharmacy students or graduates even after they have passed the compulsory courses in medical physics, biophysics, and chemistry, in which modern science is taught,” the scientists wrote in their address.

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

Vaccinated patients who are hospitalized for COVID-19 are at a significantly higher risk of mortality, a recent study found. Vaccinated patients had a 70 percent risk while those unvaccinated had 37 percent.

The majority of people with long COVID were vaccinated, a Thai study found. The authors followed 390 people who tested positive for COVID, of which 97 percent were vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccinations are linked to sudden sensorineural hearing loss, according to a recent French report. Another Australian study linked the shot to hearing and balance disorders.

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