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Homeopathy TIPS and Important News – October 2022

Homeopathy TIPS and important news. This month, tips from Drs. William Boericke and E.A. Farrington. Lawsuits against sellers of homeopathy, and a cellphone cancer case goes to trial, and much more.

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Some Tips from William Boericke MD

Some Prophylactics :
Catheter Fever – Camph
Diphtheria – Apis, Diph
Erysipelas – Graph
Hay Fever – Ars, Psor
Hydrophobia – Bell, Canth, Hyos, Stram
Intermittent Fever – Ars, China s.
Measles – Acon, Ars, Puls
Mumps – Trifol
Pus infection – Arn
Quinsy – Baryta c.
Scarlet Fever – Bell, Eucal
Variola – Ant t., Hydr, Kali cy, Manandr, Thuya, Vaccin, Variol,
Whooping Cough – Dros, Vaccin

Fragaria : Prevents formation of calculi removes tartar from teeth, prevents attacks of gout.

Carboneum sulph : Useful in patients broken down by abuse of alcohol. Sensitive patients worse cold, wasted muscles, and skin and mucous membranes anæsthetic.

Chelidonium – The jaundiced skin, and especially the constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula, are certain indications.

Abrotanum – Useful in marasmus, especially of lower extremities only, yet with good appetite. Ill effects of suppressed conditions especially in gouty subjects.

Latrodectus mactans – Angina Pectoris  -praecordial region is center of attack. Constriction of chest muscles with radiation to shoulders and back.

Hydrocotyle –  Curative in disorders that exhibit interstitial inflammation and cellular proliferation in any part. Has considerable reputation in leprosy and lupus, when there is no ulceration. Of great use in ulceration of womb.

Cypripedium –The skin symptoms correspond to those of poisoning by Rhus, for which it has been found an efficient antidote.. Cerebral hyperasthesia in young children often the result of overstimulation of brain.

Cell Phone-Brain Tumor Case Finally Goes to Trial

A major lawsuit originally filed in 2001 by individuals who got brain cancer from their cell phones is being heard in the D.C. Superior Court before Judge Alfred S. Irving (Murray et al. v. Motorola et al.; case no. 2001 CA 008479 B). The evidentiary hearings for this multi-plaintiff case are being held from September 12 to September 30, 2022.

This case has dragged on for 21 years due to delaying tactics and appeals by the defendants. The defendants constitute much of the telecommunications industry including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm, the CTIA, the IEEE, the FCC, and many other telecom companies. In the interim many plaintiffs have died.

Walmart, CVS face lawsuit over placement of homeopathic products

(Reuters) – The District of Columbia’s highest court allowed two lawsuits to proceed that claim CVS and Walmart are misleading consumers by selling unproven homeopathic products alongside FDA-approved over-the-counter medicines on their store shelves and websites. The suit was brought by the anti- homeopathy group Center for Inquiry.

Some Tips from Dr. E. Farrington

Opium may be used in bladder troubles, especially in retention of urine.  It is indicated when this retention has resulted from fright, and when it  follows  parturition.

Aconite, other things being equal, is the best remedy we have  for the beginning  of  measles.

In diphtheria, Lycopodium is to be thought of when the diphtheritic deposit is most copious on the right side of the throat, with a tendency to spread towards the left.   Constant desire to swallow, amounting almost to spasm of the throat,

Clematis erecta – There is mucus in the urine, but not pus. The patient has to wait a long time before his efforts to urinate  are successful, passing only drops with intense pains along the urethra, followed by a full, painless stream.

Antimonium tartaricum – Indicated in pneumonia that begins  as  a  bronchitis and extends downwards.  Especially suited to cases  that begin on the right  side, and that have  sharp stitching pains, high fever,  great oppression of the chest, as in Bryonia.

Ranunculus bulbosus is the best remedy for intercostal rheumatism;  it has sharp, stitching pains, and a sore spot in the chest, and these are worse from any motion.

Spigelia is to be thought of when there are sharp stitching  pains referred to the left chest, and shooting into the arm and neck.  When, on placing the hand  over the heart, there is a peculiar purring feeling.

Phosphorus may cure haemorrhages from any part of the body, particularly from the lungs and stomach, when associated with Bright’s disease.

You may use Opium in suppuration of the lungs occurring in those greatly addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors;  breathing  is labored, and is attended with  rattling and snoring.

E. A. Farrington, M.D.  – Clinical  Materia  Medica

GMO Technology Imprecise

Neuroscientists were surprise to find that hamsters they genetically engineered to behave more peacefully, instead became hyper-aggressive bullies. Researchers used the gene-editing method CRISPR-Cas9 to knock out a receptor of vasopressin, a hormone associated with enhanced aggression. The GMO industry have been promoting this technology as highly precise,.  but many studies have shown that CRISPR is not precise at all,…/crispr-hamster-gene…/

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation  -The Nation

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