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Homeopathy TIPS – June 2022

Homeopathy Tips from the Masters and important news. Tips on children’s types, a new law in Germany that affects homeopaths, tips from J.T. Kent and more.

Tips from Dr. Douglas Borland – Children’s Types

Aurum metallicum
The typical Aurum child is always an undeveloped child. It is not so much a question of undersize and underweight as that it simply does not grow up. The Aurum child of 5 years is probably about the level of a 3-year old. The majority of cases needing AURUM are boys, and in the majority of these cases there has been some failure of development. It is the type of symptom for which one might consider Baryta carb. These children always give the impression of being lifeless.

 Natrum Muriaticum
The majority of Natrum mur children are rather undersized and underweight. They are a little difficult to distinguish from the Baryta Carb. child with their shyness because the Natrum Mur. child appears to have a definite dislike of being handled and will burst into tears, not unlike the shy terrified reaction of a Baryta Carb. But on closer investigation the reaction is quite different. It is not shyness in the Natrum Mur., it is much more a resentment at being interfered with. The Natrum Mur. child cries, but cries much more from rage than from terror.

Causticum children are particularly sensitive to any emotional disturbance.  Often these children will cry because they think you are hurting another child. They often stand pain quite well, but cannot bear to see another child crying. They are inclined to suffer from rheumatism particularly from exposure. They often develop endless warts. They have a definite aversion to sweets.

They are very highly strung, finely built, often with a very fine skin and hair. They are delicate-looking children. They are always very nervy, easily scared. Anything unusual will frighten them, they are afraid of being left alone in the house, afraid of going out alone, terrified of the dark, and have a very vivid imagination. They suffer from night terrors, wake in the middle of the night terrified, and wander through the house to find somebody to talk to. When comforted and consoled, she will quieten down and go to sleep again, particularly if taken into the parent’s bed and has somebody near.
Dr. Douglas Borland – Children’s Types

Germany’s New Veterinary Drugs Act, TAMG

The new Veterinary Drugs Act, TAMG, has been in force since Friday, January 28, 2022. Unlike the previous legal situation, veterinary health practitioners and animal owners are now prohibited under § 50 Para. 2 TAMG, from using non-prescription or registered human homeopathic medicines for animals.

This means that non-physician homeopaths and veterinary homeopaths, who may have many years’ experience, are no longer permitted to give homeopathic remedies to animals. It also suggests that lay people may not treat their own pets with homeopathic remedies, unless they have a prescription from a medical veterinarian.


In the United States, the two-dose Jynneos vaccine is licensed to prevent smallpox and specifically to prevent monkeypox. Monkeypox is spread through extended close contact. India has not registered any case of monkeypox as of 6-4-2022. The CDC has now confirmed a case of monkeypox in Philadelphia — the first found in Pennsylvania.

Some Tips from Dr. James Tyler Kent

Lac defloratum:
Loss of memory listlessness and aversion to mental work; sadness desires death and meditates upon the easiest method of self-destruction; aversion to seeing and talking to people; weakness and vacillating mind.

Lac Caninum:
It is deep and long acting; the provers felt its symptoms for years after the proving was made.  Sensitiveness of the abdomen so that the sheet cannot be permitted to touch the skin. The complaints almost regardless of kind or quality change sides.

Kali Carbonicum:
He never wants to be alone, is full of fear and imaginations when alone, fear of the future, fear of death, fear of ghosts. If compelled to remain alone in the house he is wakeful, sleepless. What if the house should burn up!  What if this and the other thing should happen!

In this remedy the sinking empty hunger with loathing of food is striking, strange, rare and therefore peculiar.

Helleborus Niger: 
The Hellebore case will linger for weeks and sometimes months in this state of stupefaction gradually emaciating.  Stupefaction bordering on insensibility. Diminished power of the mind over the body. The muscles will not act; they will not obey the will.

Useful in people who are morbidly fat or have been fat and are now emaciating. A very deep acting remedy with induration and burning in the base of the ulcers. Great usefulness in cancerous growths and ulceration. Cancerous development in old cicatrices is a strong feature of this remedy.

Lac Caninum:
The rheumatism is first found in one ankle and then in the other, and then back again to the original site. If in the knee or hip or shoulder the rheumatism alternates sides.

It has the tendency to formation of malignant scabs and malignant ulcers, such as we find in epithelioma. It has cured a number of cases of epithelioma. It has been a very useful remedy in lupus.

It produces eruptions so nearly like impetigo that it has been found a useful remedy in that condition i.e. multiple little boil-like eruptions; it produces little boils and the boils spread.

Ferrum Metallicum:
Fullness and pressure in the stomach; pressure in the stomach after eating. Ferrum is an interesting remedy because of this peculiar stomach. It is like a leather bag; it will not digest anything.

Indicated in such conditions as are cured by Bryonia and Rhus tox. but its symptoms mark out its own individual cases.  A suddenly suppressed rheumatism of a joint followed by violent cardiac symptoms. In marasmus of children the emaciation begins in the lower limbs.

Baryta Carbonica:
Baryta carb. is late learning how to walk even with pretty good limbs. Calc. has miserable weakly limbs flabby muscles poor bones and hence he is late learning to walk.

Calcarea Arsenicosa: 
It is deep acting enough to cure some of our most stubborn cases of epilepsy.  Sense of lightness of the body as if floating in the air. Epileptic convulsions where the aura is felt in the region of the heart. The patient is sensitive to cold—a lack of vital heat. Desire for company.

Magnesia mur:
A a deep-acting antipsoric suited to nervous patients with stomach and liver troubles. Sensitive to cold, chilly but desires fresh air and open air. Many  complaints ameliorated by fresh air but some head symptoms are an exception. The head must be covered as it is so sensitive to the open air

Get the strong, strange, peculiar symptoms, and then see to it that there are no generals in the case that oppose or contradict. The great trouble with keynotes is that they are misused. The keynotes are often characteristic symptoms; but if the keynotes are taken as final, and the generals do not conform, then will come the failures.
Dr. J.T. Kent – Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Artificial Outer Ear

A US medical team has reconstructed a human ear using the patient’s own tissue to create a 3D bioimplant. The procedure involves 3D scanning the patient’s opposite ear to create a blueprint, then collecting a sample of their ear cartilage cells and growing them to a sufficient quantity.

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