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Homeopathy Tips – March 2022

Homeopathy Tips from the Masters – Tips from E.A. Farrington, Prakash Vakil, Fortier Bernoville and H.R. Arndt

Some tips from E. A. Farrington, M.D.,

Parotitis accompanying scarlatina

Probably the very best remedy in the materia medica for parotitis accompanying scarlatina is Rhus tox.  The next best is Calcarea ostrearum, and next to that Lycopodium. 

Urtica urens

I think that Urtica urens is the best remedy for non-appearance of the milk without any other symptoms, there being no apparent reason for the agalactia.

Croton tiglium

Croton tiglium, when there is pain from the nipple through to the back when the child nurses, as though it were being pulled by a string.


Phellandrium aquaticum is an excellent remedy when pains course along the milk ducts between the acts of nursing.

Nux in Prolapsus Uteri

Nux is indicated in prolapsus uteri, to be used when the disease is of recent origin and has resulted from a sudden wrenching of the body.  These symptoms are often associated with constipation with ineffectual urging to stool.

Beginning of Measles

Aconite, other things being equal, is the best remedy we have for the beginning of measles.  If you find a case that you presume is going to be measles, with fever, restlessness,  photophobia,  coryza, sneezing, and hard, croupy cough, you are justified in giving Aconite. (Pulsatilla is not the remedy if there be any fever.)

Rhus tox

Rhus tox. seems to be the best remedy we have for lumbago, whether the pains are better from motion or not.  It seems to have a special affinity for the deep muscles of the back.

Mercurius Dulcis

Mercurius Dulcis (Calomel) is indicated in scrofulous children who are pale, and who have swelling of the cervical and other glands. The skin is rather flabby and ill-nourished. The flabby bloatedness and pallor are the indications for calomel.


We find Mercurius often indicated in pneumonia.  Here it requires that the right lung be affected and that there are also  icteroid symptoms.  The skin is yellow.  There is sharp stitching pain through the lower portion of the right lung.


Hepar is the most important antidote for Mercury, and also for many of the other metals.

A Mistake with Aconite

A mistake is made in giving Aconite in typhoid types of fever to diminish the pulse and control the temperature.  Aconite has no relation whatever to typhoid fever.

Scarlatina warning

The majority of physicians make a mistake in beginning their treatment of scarlatina.  A mistake in the beginning means either a long, tedious illness, or a short one ending with death. The mistake made is to give Belladonna in every case. Belladonna is indicated only in the sthenic type when there is an active delirium.

Cuprum combines coldness with convulsive phenomena.   Icy coldness of the whole body.  Severe cramps in the extremities, with cold sweat,  blue surface; also collapse.   Urine suppressed.   Employed successfully in the cold stage of cholera, after Camphor; but also useful in other forms of collapse.  For instance, it has antidoted snake-bite, with cramps, delirium, and finally torpor.


Lachesis is indicated in erysipelas of the face.  The disease will be most marked on the left side.  The face at first may be bright red,  but it soon takes on a dark bluish hue. We have puffiness of the eye of the affected side. 

Lachesis is indicated in general dropsy when the urine is dark, almost blackish, and contains albumen, and the skin over the oedematous parts is dark bluish-black.   

Clinical  Materia  Medica  – E. A. Farrington, M.D.,

Heart Sensations As iF

Heart Restricted – Pressure, as if the heart was into small a place – Eup. P.

Heart stopped – As if the heart stood still- with anxiety –  Dig

Heart Frozen – Coldness at the heart as if being frozen to death – Helo.

Heart Sticking – Painful sticking as if with prongs of a fork in the heart -Cann- i.

As if something were alive in the heart – Cycl.

As if the heart were hanging by a thread and every beat would tear it  off – Lach.

From:  Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Prakash Vakil

Fortier Bernoville – Most important remedies for drainage of liver and gall-bladder.

4 principal drainers of the Liver: Solidago, Chelidonium. Taraxacum, Carduus marianus.

5 drainers of bile ducts and of the liver: Hydrastis, Chionathus, China, Myrica, Berberies.

4 remedies of painful spasms of the bile ducts. Colocynthis, Dioscoria villosa, Bryonia, Chamomilla.

4 remedies of portal hypertension and of haemorrhoids in relation to liver troubles: Podophyllum, Aloe, Aesculus hippocastum, Collinsonia.

4 other remedies of hepato-biliary troubles: Ptelia Leptandra, Jugulans cinerea. Yucca filamentosa.

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Three Tips from H.R. Arndt

Digitalis — Wurmb, Fleischmann, and Baehr all recommend this remedy for pleurisy with abundant serous effusion. The last-named author says it ranks next to Bryonia for rheumatic pleuritis.

Hepar Sulph — When pleurisy has become chronic, and the exudation has been transformed into pus, this remedy, with Arsenicum and Silicea, is of marked value.

Alumina is a valuable remedy for old people and should be considered in all cases of catarrh where there is obstinate constipation from atony of the bowels, so that even soft stools are passed with difficulty. 

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homoeopathy – Edited By H. R. Arndt, M.D.

Vol. I.

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