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July 2013 Tips and Secrets

More Homeopathy Tips and Secrets from the masters.

Homeopath Under Attack

Irene de Villiers a veterinary homeopath who has counseled many of our readers and helped save very many animals needs your help. She has worked tirelessly to help save animals that conventional vets had given up on. She is now facing trumped up charges from the Dept of Health of WA, which is threatening her with fines and imprisonment.

Pathological Prescriptions

Dr. Burnett found Calc sulph to be the remedy that might help cleft palate and hare lip. Dr. Kent  and other swear by Naja, Spongia and Calc fl to help build up heart valves. Remedies like Calc hypophos, Hecla lava, Phos etc have helped bony deformities in back , legs etc.

Koppikar’s Clinical Experiences – S. P  Koppikar


 Tuberculinum Bov and Teeth

Tuberculinum bov.  – When teeth do not develop or appear, this remedy will produce teeth. When child’s teeth look filthy and almost green, a dose of this will clean the teeth.

Select Your Remedy – Dr. R. Bishamber Das


Tongues of Natrums

Nat mur :  shiny red broken by patches of white.  Salty taste.

Nat ars :  Flabby, toneless, with visid mucus in mouth. Bitter taste.

Nat carb:  Sensitive, slightly inflamed, small blisters on margins,  bright red tip. Burning in mouth.

Nat phos : Thickly coated and white or yellow at the root. Sour taste in mouth.

Natrum sulph :  Dirty, thickly coated (dirty yellow or brown). Mulch mucus. Blisters on the cheek or inside of the lips, rather than the tongue. Loss of taste.

Homeopathy in Practice – Dr. Douglas Borland

Croton Tiglium

It is one of the antidotes to Rhus poisoning. Intense itching, but scratching is painful. Pustular eruption, especially on face and genitals, with fearful itching. Herpes zoster with stinging, smarting pains of the eruption.

Materia Medica – William Boericke


Mercurialis Perennis – Dog’s Mercury

This common plant has some strange and rare symptoms:  Conscious of having a nose; feels as if she had two noses; vertigo doing downstairs, pain as if a band tied tightly across the forehead. Throbbing and org-asm in all the veins. Warmth in spleen.



Aconitum is the best remedy we have for the beginning of measles. If you find a case that you presume is going to be measles, with fever, restlessness,  photophobia, coryza, sneezing and hard, croupy cough, you are justified in giving Aconite.  Pulsatilla is not the remedy if there be any fever. When moisture breaks out with the fever, Belladonna is more likely to be the remedy.  If a drowsy state and suffused face, you may give Gelsemium.

A Clinical Materia Medica – E. A. Farrington, M.D


Kali Bromatum

Feels singled out for divine wrath, paranoia, catatonia, excessive religiosity, wringing of hands, autism, fears being poisoned, cannot sleep if left alone.

Desktop guide – Dr. Roger Morrison


Some Tips on Treating Wounds

When bleeding is profuse, and the wound appears likely to leave a severe scar, Calendula is to be preferred to Arnica.  Bellis is to be preferred to Arnica when there is the slightest tendency to erysipelas (acute streptococcus infection). Aconite is necessary, in alternation with Arnica, if the patient be robust and strong, or fever runs high.  Chamomilla if copious suppuration ensues, the pain becomes very severe and the wound shows no disposition to heal.  Hepar Sulph. should follow Chamomilla, if it does not effect material alteration.  Silicea should be administered after Hepar, if it does not induce healing. Sulphur, in alternation with Silicea, if Silicea alone has not been followed by healing.

An Epitome of The Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine – Joseph D. Laurie MD


5 Tips from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Squilla cures when Antimonium crudum Palliates.

Ambra Grisea often takes the place of Carbo-veg and Petroleum, especially when one or the other of these seems indicated but does not act. Should not be given in evening as it causes aggravation.

When Antimonium tart fails – Hepar sulph cures.

Natrum-mur cures when Apis palliates.

Lac Can if Nitric acid fails.

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip -Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea


Some Tips found by Pankaj Titar

Dr. R. Patel past Principal of Kottayam Homoeopathic College suggested the following line of treatment In vitiligo:

(i) Syphilinum 200, 1M single dose every 15 days if syphilitic miasm is there and mucus membrane – lips, genitalia is affected or patches are on bones.
(ii) Medorrhinum 200, 1M on history of sycotic miasm and too much vaccination and if patches are on muscular parts.
(iii) Sepia 3, mostly in children and women. Patches on face, lips and scalp.
(iv) Lycopodium 3, 6, 30 in patients who have liver complaints due to chronic dysentery, alcohol, hepatitis or jaundice.
(v) Arsenicum Iodide 3, for those children and women who have TB history or hereditary TB.
(vi) Hydrocotyle 1, 3, 10M in cases of suppressed skin troubles and history of Lupus, Filaria.
(vii) Bacillinum 1M, helps in many cases who had asthma, tuberculosis, skin trouble – ringworm in the past.

Extensive patches take years. Bilateral type takes longer. Those which are the itching type require Nat. Mur 3. Sulphur brings back white spots which were healed, so beware of it.
(viii) Rastinon: Cases that depend on liver problems.

(ix) Radium Bromide: In case of radiation exposures followed by white spots. Dr Curie proved it by placing on abdomen radium dust.


Alumina is Slow Acting

Alumina is slow in developing  and the remedy must not be changed quickly.  Teste considers it the chronic of Sepia.

Dr. Robin Murphy


Key Remedies in Cholera Infantum

Veratrum album – In most instances, the first remedy to be used. It is indicated by the suddenness of the attack, copious watery stools, violent and excessive vomiting, cold, clammy perspiration, especially on forehead and  great exhaustion following each attack of vomiting and purging. The thirst is great, but each drink excites vomiting; the tongue is cold, the pulse almost, imperceptible, the face hippocratic.

Ipecac – Nausea and vomiting predominate ; stools green as grass, or fermented like yeast; face pale and puffed, or sunken ; blue rings around the eyes.

Podophyllum – Stools frequent, painless, watery, gushing, fetid or sour; yellow or green; often changing in their character, and usually worse in the morning. Especially during dentition, when the head is hot and is continually rolled from side to side.

Arsenicum – Stools green, or dark, watery, offensive ; violent and incessant vomiting of a brown substance, or of mucus and blood, excited by drinking; great thirst, but drinks only a little at a time; great restlessness and prostration; much emaciation; hippocratic face, cold extremities, distended and tympanitic abdomen. More useful in the later stages of the disease.

Camphor – Choleraic symptoms ; collapse threatening ; skin cold, yet the child will not remain covered ; little or no vomiting and purging, great prostration and coldness.

Cuprum – Painful green stools; forcible vomiting or violent ineffectual efforts to vomit, relieved by drinking cold water. Especially when there is a tendency to convulsions from the beginning. Hydrocephaloid.

Iris versicolor is a valuable remedy. Stool thin, watery, copious, bilious; vomiting of a sour fluid, or of soured milk ; much pain and burning distress in the epigastrium.

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homoeopathy – Edited By H. R. Arndt, M.D.


Ten Tips from :Hompath WildFire Software

( Ed. Note: The first tip about Indium may actually have meant “Ind.”)






1 Indium Metallicum Sciatica I would like to suggest that in sciaticas, especially with modalities of RHUS TOX., one keeps INDIUM in mind. I have had a lot of cases that did not respond where I thought RHUS TOX. was indicated. I cured a great many cases. I have cured more cases of sciatica with INDIUM than with any other remedy. Dr. A.Dwight Smith, M.D.
2 Indolum Narcolepsy Sleepiness; wants to lie down all the time; with lassitude. Has absolutely no desire to work. Rai Bahadur Bishambar Das
3 Influenzinum Common cold I found INFLUENZINUM 30 of great use (with BACILLINUM added) for people who were susceptible to colds, given once a fortnight and gradually spacing it out to 3 weeks or a month. I am convinced that one could minimise the frequency and the severity of colds if patients had this treatment throughout the winter months, beginning in the autumn and going through to April. ( 30 potency – once in a fortnight) Dr. Quinton
4 Insulinum Eczema In some cases of intractable eczema in patients with chronic liver trouble INSULIN is indicated. It is a great reactive remedy in allergic eczema. Dr. Ghosh, M.D.
5 Iodum Vertigo Giddiness in old people caused by chronic cerebral congestion – little or no aching of the head – is often greatly benefited by IODINE. (3x potency) Dr. Boericke, M.D.
6 Ipecacuanha Amoebic Dysentery If amoebic dysentery be treated with IPECAC in homoeopathic hands, liver abscesses are not to be expected; showing that the orthodox alkaloid of IPECAC- Emetine- is not as efficacious as our homoeopathic IPECAC. Dr. Petrie Hoyle
7 Ipecacuanha Hyperemesis gravidarum In a very large percent of cases when the vomiting of pregnancy starts, IPECAC will completely control it. The danger is prevented and does not need to be met. Dr. D.M.Borland, M.B.,Ch.B.
8 Ipecacuanha Uterine Bleeding When the uterus is continuously oozing, but every little while the flow increases to a gush, and with every little gush, she thinks she is going to faint,or gasps, and the quantity of the flow is not enough to account for such prostration, nausea, syncope, pallor, IPECAC is the remedy. Dr. J.T. Kent, M.D.
9 Iris Versicolor Headache IRIS VERSICOLOR seldom fails to relieve sick headache attended with vomiting of bilious matters. When the headache assumes the form of hemicrania of the right side, during the infantile cholera season, it was found of great value in quickly subduing diarrhoea attended with colic and rumbling of the bowels. Dr. Small
10 Iris Minor Acute Appendicitis IRIS TENAX in acute appendicitis, to be given in 3x to 30, two hourly. This is considered to be a specific to be given in the first instance. Dr. J.H.Clarke, M.D



Some Remedies in Glaucoma

Belladonna when flushed face, throbbing headache with sharp pains, pupils  dilated, conjunctiva congested and much photophobia.

Bryonia when the eyes feel sore to the touch and all the symptoms are aggr by motion.  Sharp shooting pains through the globe.

Cimicifuga if wandering pains which often change to other parts of the body. Aching pains in the eyeball, extending to the temples, or the reverse, and sudden acute pains.

Colocynthis where the pains are better on pressure, and usually of a sharp stitching nature.

Gelsemium is often palliative of the severe pains.

Spigelia is valuable for alleviation of the sharp, shooting, sticking pains which accompany this disease. These pains are worse on motion and at night.

Phosphorus is useful in clearing up the vision after an iridectomy has been performed.

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homeopathy Ed-  H. R. Arndt M.D. Vol 3


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