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Homeopathy tips from the Indian Homeopathic Review Vol. 25, an some tips from T.F Allen.

Homeopathy Widely Used in EU

100 million EU citizens, some 29% of the EU’s population, use homeopathic medicines in their day-to-day healthcare.

Homeopathy is practiced in 40 out of 42 European countries.

In Britain, the market for homeopathy is growing at around 20% per year.

Homeopathy Research Institute

Tips from the Medical Century

Cloning a Remedy

Dr. Brown, of Binghamton once said at the American Institute of Homoeopathy that he has never replenished his Chamomilla, refilling that particular vial for   more than thirty years, with alcohol and pellets, until he no longer had the slightest idea of what potency it might contain, and that the further away it got from the original medicine the better its effect upon those for whom it was prescribed.

Mephitis Loves Cold 

Remember that Mephitis patients delight in extreme cold. It is a pleasure for them to bathe in ice cold water. Lots of drugs have relief from cold, but the Mephritis patients want ice cold.

Remedy in Uncleanliness   –  Ammonium carbonicum has ranked with Sulphur in the cure of uncleanliness. In the 30th potency it has cured disgusting habits.

So Sensitive!

The Asarum patient is so sensitive that the mere thought of the rubbing of silk together causes a thrill throughout the body.

Fresh Air

When a patient says he catches cold at every little exposure to the fresh air, he is giving you a grand therapeutic symptom of Kali carbonicum.

Did you know?

Chelidonium is not the only remedy having the characteristic “pain under the angle of the right scapula.” Chenopodium, Lobelia and Augustura all have it.

Dying today?

Remember that Cofffea vies with Aconite in predicting the day she is to


Medical Century – Editor -. Willis A Dewey M D – Volume XII – 1904

A Beatle uses homeopathy

“I can’t manage without homeopathy. In fact, I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I often make use of them.”

Paul McCartney   –


Dr. Richard Hughes, in his Pharmacodynamics wrote that “Calcarea carb. 30th has, for me, quite superseded Chloroform and the hot bath for the intense pain caused by the passage of the biliary or renal calculi — gallstones.”

Dr. Richard Hughes – Pharmacodynamics

Tips from the Indian Homeopathic Review  Vol 25 – Jan 1916

Calcarea phos. 6x, one dose a day of five tablet# over a period of several weeks has given marke(i relief in cases of enlarged, or otherwise troublesome tonsils.

Chelidonium majus is Burnetts’ great “organ re- medy” for the liver, tincture, 5 drop doses about three times daily. Will clear up the greater part of liver ills.

Ceanothus Americanus ix dilution three times daily, 5 drop doses, is the “organ remedy” – for ills of the spleen, which ills by the way are very often attributed to the heart.

Fraxinus Americanus, tincture, 5 to 10 drop doses three times daily is the great “organ remedy” for the uterus

Aurum mu.riaticum natronatum jx trituration 5 grain doses, or tablets, three^ times a day, according to Goullon, will do more than anything to relieve the chronic evidences of syphilis.

Beilis perennis. Cloths wet v(fith the tincture of Beilis per. is about the best application that can be niadQ for sprains. Also give a few drops internally.

Any torn, cut or bleeding flesh to which Succus calendulae is applied will heal rapidly and is not apt to suppurate. It is a better dressing than bi-chloride because it is healing.

Verbascum Thapsus

Dr. Cushing, of Lynn, made a proving Verbascum Thapsus and one of the most prominent symptoms was a constant dribbling of urine. He has accordingly used it ever since in the treatment of enuresis (in the third dilution) and does not know of one case that has not been cured.

British Journal of Homoeopathy – Vol XXXV -1877

Two tips from  C. M. Conant MD

Sepia  – Almost specific for constipation of pregnant women. Great sense of emptiness at pit of stomach.  Nausea in morning, as if viscera were turning inside out. Vomiting of milky water or mucus, and of bile. Taste (and eructations) as of spoiled eggs or manure, and loathing of all food, especially meat.

Nux vomica – The prime remedy for the dyspnoea of pregnant women. Red face, headache, backache.  She urinates often with great urging.

An Obstetric Mentor – A Handbook Of Homoeopathic Treatment Required During Pregnancy, Parturition, and The Puerperal Season.-  Clarence M. Conant, M. D.

Some Tips from Dr. W.A. Dewey

Mercurius protoiodide

Mercurius protoiodide is especially of use in corneal ulcers.  Dr. Deady regards this remedy as our best in this affection. The ulcerated surface looks as if it had been chipped out by the finger nail, and there is accompanying a yellow coated tongue.

Kali Bi in Measles

Measles associated with ear symptoms and swollen glands especially calls for Kali bichromicum and it is one of our best remedies for laryngeal affections, with a hoarse, dry, croupy cough.

Kali muriaticum

Kali muriaticum is one of our best remedies for follicular pharyngitis where there is a gray or white exudation.


Spigelia is a useful remedy in anguishing substernal pain which radiates to neck and arms, irregular pulse, tendency to syncope, palpitation and sharp stitches in heart, pulse weak and irregular, or full and bounding.


Indigo is a remedy for ascarides or threadworms in melancholy children, with intense pain in the umbilical region, also convulsions from worms.

Sabadilla has worm symptoms with nausea, vomiting and colic.

Stannum – According to Hahnemann, Stannum so stupefies the worms that they are easily dislodged by purgatives.

Calcarea carb. is a valuable remedy to eradicate the disposition to worms.


In abscesses at the roots of the teeth it is one of our best remedies, and it is often efficacious in toothache due to this cause. It will often abort suppuration when used in the higher potencies, as in tonsillitis, where it is a most valuable remedy.


Gelsemium has complete motor paralysis, rather functional than organic in origin. It is one of our best remedies in post-diphtheritic and in infantile paralysis. Paralysis from emotions. Aphonia, paralysis of the larynx.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics –  Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D. (1901)

Some Tips from T.F Allen MD

JaborandiConvergent strabismus.  Especially useful after operations for strabismus.

Mezereum  – In herpes zoster extremely valuable even for the after-pains. Violent neuralgia of the face and head following herpes zoster.

Naphthalinum – A valuable remedy for hay fever, many inveterate cases seeming to have been entirely arrested: sneezing, eyes inflamed and painful, head hot. Also spasmodic bronchitis and asthma, > open air, with soreness in chest and stomach, has to loosen the clothing;

Antimonium Crudum – Valuable in the indigestion of children from sweets, associated with very peevish disposition.  Toothache in hollow teeth extending into head, aggravation from cold water. Tongue thickly coated white.

Caladium Seguinum – The most efficient remedy in pruritis of the vulva and vagina.

Calcarea Fluorica  – In biochemical therapeutics it is recommended for varicose and enlarged veins, Malnutrition of bones, especially of teeth, many cases of cataract, chronic synovitis of knee joint. Exostosis after injuries.

Equisetum hyemale – Dysuria during pregnancy and after confinement. Incontinence of urine in old men.

Dr. T.F. Allen  –  Hand Book of M.M.

Alumina – Nutrition is decidedly defective. They have a wrinkled, dried-up appearance, and are extremely prostrated.

Plantago Major – Best known remedy for toothache. Great sensitiveness of the teeth. Teeth feel greatly elongated and sore to the touch. Cannot bear cold air or contact.  Used locally and internally.

Ambra Grisea – Thin, spare people, very weak, sleeplessness, and cold all the time.

Pulsatilla – When the symptoms call for this drug, the temperament must not mislead the prescriber. The stereotyped doctrine that Pulsatilla is not useful in choleric, sanguine, malicious, irritable temperaments, who are energetic in their movements, is a great error, and led me astray for years.

Silicea – In chronic inflammation and caries of the joints, no remedy can equal Silicea, especially in children with copious perspiration of the head, and great tenderness of the surfaces of the body.

Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer – William H. Burt, M. D.,

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