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June 2018  Tips & Secrets

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Useful tips on dropsy following haemorrhage, caution using arsenic in dysentery by Dr. J.T.Kent, Some tips on labor by Dr. Subrata .K. Banerjea and news on homeoprophylaxis in India.

Homeopathy takes a hit in the UK

In December 2017, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK issued guidelines to doctors telling them not to prescribe homeopathy.  The British Homeopathic Association challenged this decision in the High Court.  In May 2018, the judge, dismissed the BHA’s challenge. Now doctors have been told to stop prescribing homeopathy on the NHS.  This in a country that once had seven homeopathic hospitals.


Some Tips from Dr. James Tyler Kent 

Dropsy Following Haemorrhage

The old practitioners gave China in most instances where dropsy followed a haemorrhage. It was so generally useful, and so commonly relieved, that they seldom used any other remedy. But Apocynum is also a remedy for dropsy following haemorrhage.

Caution in Arsenicum for Dysentery

I want to warn you against the too promiscuous use of Arsenic in the summer complaints of young babies, for dysentery and cholera infantum.  It has so many little symptoms that are common to these complaints, that if you do not look out you will be likely to give your patient Arsenic, suppress some of the symptoms, changing the aspect of the case so that you cannot find a remedy for it and yet not cure the case with Arsenic.

Baryta Carbonica

It is in the books for suppuration of the tonsils, but from long experience it is one of the last remedies I would think of for suppuration of the tonsils. It may have done so, but it has not been my observation that it runs that way, and I am very much in doubt about the great value and high marking of that observation.

Cactus Grandiflorus

In the uterus it produces the, most violent cramps. Clutching, and constrictions, as it the uterus were grasped and held tightly, like a spasm. Constrictions of the whole body, as if the body was held in a wire cage. Constrictions of the scalp, of the skin, growing tighter and tighter.

Cadmium Sulphuricum

After an apoplectic attack when the patient recovers, but weakness of one arm and leg remains, it competes with Phos. Nauseated all the way down to the abdomen like Ipec., Ant. t., and Asarum Touching the lips brings on nausea.  Many of these patients die because they cannot eat, but this remedy will save them. When you have a case of cancer, with burning, prostration, and vomiting, Cadmium sulph. will relieve these symptoms for weeks.

Magnesia Muriatica

Magnesia mur. is a deep-acting antipsoric suited to nervous patients with stomach and liver troubles. The head must be covered, as it is so sensitive to the open air. Anxiety and restlessness come on at rest; he must do something, must hurry. These symptoms come on again in the evening when he tries to go to sleep. The stomach becomes less and less able to digest and finally he cannot take a mouthful of food without distress.


Itching changing place after scratching, especially when associated with no visible cause. Violent itching and the patient rubs and scratches until the part becomes raw and then burns; the part becomes cold after scratching. As soon as he gets warm in bed, the itching begins.


When a mother says she has no milk, or that the milk is scanty, thick, unhealthy; dries up soon; Phytolacca becomes then a constitutional remedy if there are no contra-indicating symptoms.  It has the ability to delay the formation of malignant growths, especially in the breast; glandular tumors that become hard and scirrhous.

Antimonium Crudum

It produces a very serious state in the mind, an absence of the desire to live. Life is a burden. The prostration is similar to Arsenicum, but Ars. have overwhelming fear of death, while this medicine has loathing of life; and so they both part company. Ars, has overwhelming restlessness, this remedy is seldom restless. Ars. has an intense thirst, this medicine is thirstless.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent,  M.D.



Kreosotum is, in children and adults, the chief remedy for odontalgia, when it is caused by caries of the teeth,

Homoeopathic Treatise On The Diseases Of Children -Alphonse Teste MD


A Host of Tips from Dr. E. A. Farringtion


Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for hiccough occurring after operations on the abdomen.


There is a colic curable by Rhus.  It may or may not be of rheumatic origin. The pain is relieved by bending double and moving about.  It thus differs from Colocynth, which has relief from bending double, but not from motion.


Opium is to be thought of by the color of the face, by the stertorous breathing, and by tetanic rigidity of the body.  Opium follows Belladonna  in apoplexy.

In apoplexy occurring in drunkards, you should also think of Baryta carb. and Lachesis.

Arnica suits in apoplexy when the pulse is full and strong, the paralysis is on the left side and there is stertorous breathing.

Apis is called for when the coma fails to yield to Opium.

For  apoplexy with convulsions, think of Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Lachesis and Opium.

For  apoplexy  followed by paralysis, Arnica,  Belladonna, Lachesis, Nux vomica and Rhus.  When followed by idiocy, Helleborus.


Silicea is complementary to Thuja, especially in nervous affections and for the bad effects of vaccination.  If such bad effectsas erysipelas, convulsions or diarrhoea should follow, then you will give Silicea, which will cure the case. Thuja, itself, is complementary here, and comes in very well for diarrhoea following vaccination, and also when the vaccination fever is high.


Graphites tends to absorb indurated surfaces, even going so far as to effect the obliteration of cicatrices.

Cadmium Sulph

Do not forget that Cadmium sulphuricum is similar to Arsenicum in black vomit, whether that symptom occur in yellow fever or in any other disease.

Argentum nitricum

Argentum nitricum is one of the best remedies we have for hemi-crania. There is frequently boring pain in the head, which is worse in the left frontal eminence.  This boring is relieved by tight bandaging of the head.

Ammonium causticum

Ammonium causticum is one of the best remedies in the whole materia medica for aphonia, especially if there be present the burning rawness in the throat.

Trillium pendulum

Trillium is one of the best remedies I know of for ordinary profuse menstrual flow, coming frequently and yet without any decided constitutional character by which to judge the case, especially if the flow  exhausts the patient very much.  I have  never given it in any potency but the sixth. That has been sufficient in all my cases.

Natrum muriaticum

Natrum mur. is one of  the best remedies for hawking of mucus from the throat in the morning, when the symptoms call for no other remedy.


In pleuritis with exudation, Apis is one of the best remedies we have to bring about absorption of the fluid.  Apis and Sulphur will cure the majority of these cases.

Kali bichromicum

Kali bichromicum is one of the best remedies we have, when measles is associated with ear symptoms and swelling of the glands, with sharp pains shooting from the ears into the glands.

Nux juglans is one of our very best remedies in tinea favosa, especially when it occurs on the scalp and behind the ears. Itching is intense at night, so that the patient has difficulty in sleeping.


In constipation, Nux is similar to several remedies.  Lycopodium has constipation with ineffectual urging to stool, but under this remedy, the ineffectual urging is caused by constriction of the rectum  and anus.

Carbo veg.  has  urging to stool similar to Nux vomica, but it is relieved by  the passage of flatus, showing  that that  was the cause of the urging.

Under Opium, Bryonia, and Alumina  the constipation is unattended by urging to  stool.  Opium has  constipation from inactivity of the bowels; the stool consists of hard,  round, black balls.

The Bryonia constipation  results  from  dryness of  the  alimentary tract.  The stools are large, dry, and hard.

Marked inactivity of the rectum characterizes Alumina.  Even  a soft stool requires great effort  for its evacuation.

Baryta carbonica

Baryta carbonica is one of the best remedies for the tendency to tonsillitis, particularly in scrofulous children with dry scurf on the head. In tonsillar affections, you may compare the following remedies with Baryta:

Calcarea ostrearum:  in fat, leuco-phlegmatic children.

Calcarea phos: in chronic cases; bones diseased.

Ignatia:  large tonsils, with small, flat ulcers on them.

Hepar:  large tonsils, hearing  poor, sensation  as of  fish-bone in


Lycopodium, large tonsils, studded with small indurated ulcers.

Calcarea iod. is similar to Baryta in some cases with enlarged glands, particularly when there are enlarged tonsils which are filled with little crypts or pockets.

Conium is suited to enlarged tonsils without any tendency to suppuration.

E. A. Farrington, M.D.  – Clinical  Materia  Medica


Some Tips on Labor from – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy

Cimicifuga (Actaea Racemosa): During pregnancy: nausea; false labour-pains; sharp pains across abdomen; sleeplessness. Neuralgic chilliness in 1st stage of labour. Pains too strong. After-pains, with great sensitiveness and intolerance to pain. (30C)

Cuprum Aceticum:  Protracted labour. Great weakness, trembling, inability to stand upright. Violent cramps, spasmodic, griping pains. < by heat, motion. > at night. (30C)

Hydrastis:  Adhered Placenta; Some women, for no known reason, develop the habit of adhered placenta at each delivery, Hydrastis has the power to stop that habit by giving it in 3x potency 3 drops daily from the fourth month onwards.

Kalium  Phosphoricum: Delayed labour, feeble, ineffectual pain. Nervous, sensitive, weak and easily fagged by pain. (6x Tissue Salts, 30C)

Xanthoxylum Fraxineum: Neuralgic shooting pains, after-pains. Nervous, frightened feeling. Profuse lochia. After-pains [Arnica; Cup.; Cham.] Pains < left side. > lying down. (30C)

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea


Hydrastis Canadensis 

Hydrastis is useful in chronic constipation, where it stands alone and seems to be the cause of other ailments. (Give the tincture in five drop doses.)

Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer – Dr. William H. Burt, M. D.


Homeoprophylaxis in India

Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis in Andhra Pradesh.  Between 1993 and 1999 recorded J.E. cases were 5308, and 1511 children died. In spite of vaccination it continued unabated and the Government sought the help of homeopaths in combating this epidemic in 1999.

Study Method:  A unique way of prescribing was tried: Belladonna one does each day for three days. Calcarea Carb 200 on 10th day and Tuberculinum 10 M on 25th day were administered in a phased manner to all children in the age group of 0-15 years in the month of August every year for three consecutive years.

The prescription was based on:        symptom similarity, complementary relationship, virulence and underlying miasms. This is the first ever large scale administration of homoeopathic medicines for the prevention of an epidemic viral disease in India.


After its commencement in 1999 the mortality and morbidity rates of J.E. fell drastically. 343 cases were reported in 2000 with 72 deaths. In 2001 only 30 cases with 4 deaths and in 2002 only 18 cases with no deaths. In 2003 and 2004 no cases were recorded.

Thanks to: Prof Shailendra K. Saxena  – Department of Organon of Medicine-

J.S.P.S. Government Homoeopathic Medical College , Professor & Head Department of Stem Cell / Cell culture Centre for Advanced Research (CFAR),

King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow – 226003, India.


A Brief Case from Bhupinder Singh Thind

My cousin lives at Nanak matta in Utterakhand India. He fell ill with high fever with marked periodicity. The fever came every day at 6pm and left by itself at 6am.  He went to a local allopathic doctor for treatment and was prescribed antibiotics, which did not work. After 10 days he visited another doctor who treated him for the next ten days but his condition deteriorated and he lost weight (up-to 20 kg in 20 days.) He went to Christian Medical College, Ludhiana punjab India. They treated him for 7 days but his condition remained the same.

I came to know his condition and went to CMC to see him and carried with me Nux vomica 30 , because I was aware that he was under allopathic treatment for so many days which might have produced side effects. I inquired about his condition and he told me that nothing is showing up in tests. He said he also had constipation and passed no stools for the last five days. I gave him Nux vomica and at night about 10pm he phoned me to say “Your medicine has worked and I had a stool.”

The next morning I took him to a reputed homeopath at Jalandhar who gave him Cedron 30, which didn’t work. When Cedron 30 failed the other remedy with similar periodicity and night fever that came to mind was Chininum Sulph. After waiting for two days I gave him Chininum sulph 30, which worked like a miracle.  He was cured within three days. Now imagine the fate of the man if homeopathy was not there.

Bhupinder Singh Thind : I am not a professional homoeopath. It is my passion. My son, born in 1982  suffered from a cough which started every morning at 3am when he was 4yrs old. He was cured by a homoeopath when allopathic doctors repeatedly failed. This incident attracted me towards homoeopathy and I studied the philosophy of homoeopathy and materia medica by Kent. Then studying so many books and discussing with doctors I started practicing in my family using Dr. M L Sehgal’s method of using mind symptoms and interpreting them in mind rubrics which added much to my knowledge and success.

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