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important remedies for liver affections by Dr. Subrata .k. Banerjea .

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Sensitivity to remedies

Hahnemann advises a dose of Nux vom, as the best remedy to allay the general hyper sensitiveness of patients who always complain of aggravation of their condition even on receiving very small doses. Per contra, Hahnemann recommends a dose of Opium in cases of blunted sensibilities of some patients to excite their receptivity or responsiveness to the truly indicated remedy.

Dr. Gauvon, in Vol. L., of Allg, Horn, Zeitg.

4 Tips from H.C. Allen, MD


Stammering children (Stram.).  Discharge from nose and all mucous membranes very tough, stringy, tenacious (Kali bi.). Unusually deep impression on finger, from using blunt instruments, scissors, knife, etc. Intolerance of tight clothing around the waist (Calc, Lach., Sulph.).  Sweat in axilla smells like onions. Bovista antidotes effects of local applications of tar, suffocation from gas. When Rhus seems indicated, but fails to cure, in chronic urticaria.

Argentum Nitricum

Acute or chronic diseases from unusual or long continued mental exertion. Always think of Argentum nit. on seeing withered, dried-up, old-looking patients (thin, scrawny, Sec). Emaciation, progressing every year; most marked in lower extremities (Am. m.).

Collinsonia Canadensis

Dropsy from cardiac disease. Palpitation in patients subject to piles and indigestion  heart’s action persistently rapid but weak. In heart disease complicated with hemorrhoids consult Collinsonia when Cactus., Dig. and other remedies fail. It has cured colic after Colocynth. and Nux had failed.


Diphtherinum will cure in every case that crude antitoxin will and is not only easy to administer, but safe and entirely free from dangerous sequellae. The author has used it for twenty-five years as a prophylactic and has never known a second case of diphtheria to occur in a family after it had been ad ministered.

Keynotes and Characteristics – H. C. Allen, M.D.

Six Tips from Dr. A.L. Blackwood  -( circa 1906)

Stellarea Media

This remedy is indicated in rheumatism when the parts are sore to the touch, the joints are stiff, and there are darting, shifting pains in all parts of the body. The liver is enlarged and tender. Compare Pulsatilla.

Phellandrium Aquaticum

This remedy is indicated where there is a severe and sudden urging to urinate. This is attended with such severe pain that the patient suffers, shivers, and dances about the room.

Strontium Carbonica

Strontium Carbonica is indicated in threatened apoplexy, when there is violent congestion of the head, with a red face while exercising. There is headache which comes up from the nape of the neck and spreads over the head.

Solanum Nigrum

This remedy has been employed in tetanic convulsions with stiffness of the whole body which attends ergotism. It is useful in meningitis and cerebral irritation during dentition, when there are excruciating pains in the head, and a complete cessation of the mental faculties.

Artemisia Vulgaris

This remedy has been employed for the relief of epilepsy and hysteria, spinal irritation, and convulsions of childhood. In epilepsy it is the petit mal principally, or epilepsy with no aura. The attack is frequently induced by fright or violent emotions. Several of the attacks may occur in close proximity.


Arnica is useful in typhoid, and other types of low fevers, when the patient feels as if bruised all over, and everything upon which he lies feels too hard, compelling him to change his position on this account. The face is deep red, the stools and urine are passed unconsciously.  In rheumatic conditions he is afraid of being touched by those coming near him.

A.L. Blackwood MD  –A Manual of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacology


Mag Phos is a wonderful remedy for spasmodic hiccoughing, and cures cases where you can get no other symptoms to prescribe on.

Dr.  James T. Kent – The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume 29 – 1914


Spigelia is an excellent remedy for the throbbing toothache which is attended by a rending, burning pain in the malar bone, paleness and swelling of the face, with yellow rings under the eyes.

The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume 34 -1919

Scalp Eruption

I had a case of porrigo (eruption of scalp) in an apparently healthy flaxen-haired boy. For months I gave him Staphis 12 t.d.s., and whenever I stopped it the head got worse; but by perseverance it removed every patch over the scalp and behind the left ear.  It smelled of mice dirt. My key-note — and it is a valuable one — I had from Dr. Drury, many years ago: dry eruption of scalp: Hepar, moist: Rhus ; stinking: Staph.  Again and again it has helped me.

Dr. Ussher Wandsworth – The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume IX 1894

Antimonium Crudum

Don’t overlook Antimonium crudum in chronic or obdurate diarrhoea. It is the remedy of all remedies which helps me out after Podophyllum , Pulsatilla, Mercurius sol,, Nux, Phosphorus, or other indicated remedy relieves but fails to thoroughly cure. The Antimonium diarrhoea is worse in the morning, is pasty, not especially foul smelling. There is some rumbling, especially before stool. The  thicker the white coating on the tongue, the more Antimonium crudum is the case

C E, Fishet, M.D., in Medical Century  – The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume IX 1894

Homeopathic Remedies on Sugar

Dudgeon says that the introduction of sugar globules into Homoeopathic practice by Hahnemann dates from about the year 1813.

From The Life Of Hahnemann – Thomas Lindsley Bradford, M. D.

4 Tips from Eli G. Jones MD

Kali Sulph

When menstruation is late and too scanty, with a coldness over the abdomen, a feeling of weight and fullness in the abdomen, the remedy indicated is Kali Sulph.


You may meet with cases of persistent vertigo that do not yield to ordinary remedies; give Tr. Granatum (Pomegranate) 1st x ten drops every three hours.


In occipital headache that extends down the nape of the neck, and up over the vertex to the left side of the forehead, the remedy is Tr. Onosmodium.

Raphanus sativus

Raphanus sativus (black garden radish) is indicated in diarrhoea when the stools are yellow, frothy, and profuse. There is great distension of the abdomen.

Eli G. Jones, M.D., in The Homeopathic Recorder Vol 36 – 1921

Tips on Liver Affections from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy

Carboneum Sulph:  Pain with wandering swelling as from flatus. Distension, with soreness and rumbling.  Liver complaint with dropsy. 6C.

Diosma Lincaris : In hepatitis (Cirrhosis or atrophy). Gastralgia. Gastroenteritis. Q.

Fel Tauri :  Liquifies bile and acts as purgatives and cholegogue. Tendency to sleep after eating.  6x Trit.

Ferrum Ars:  Enlarged liver and spleen with fever. (6x trit)

Ferrum Iodatum:  Enlarged liver and spleen without fever. (6x Trit)

Insulinum:  Restores the lost ability to oxidize carbohydrate and storing glycogen in the liver. Septic conditions or boils with enlarged liver. (3x, 30C)

Merc Dul :  Cirrhoris of liver, esp. in the hypertrophic form. Use 1x (Jousset).(6x Trit).

Natrum Salicylicum : Has an extensive range of action on metabolism. Increases the quantity of bile. (30C)

Natrum Sulphuricum :  Functional hepatic diseases where complaints are as such due to living in damp houses etc. Liver sore to touch, sharp stitching pains, < lying left side. (6C, 30C)

Stellaria Media:  Liver engorged, swollen, with stitching pain and sensitive to pressure. Clay coloured stools (jaundice). Burning pains. Hepatic torpor. (Q)

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip

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