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May 2017 Tips & Secrets

Tips for Nonprofessional Event Organizers

Tips on Alumina from Dr. J.T. Kent, comperative study of Causticum vs Lycopodium, Silicea Vs Sanicula and Borax Vs Baryta Carb in several children disorders.

Homeopathy Research Institute Conference

HRI’s international research conference is taking place in Malta June 9-11. See article about the conference in this issue.  To learn more and register for the conference

Dr. Arthur Hill Grimmer   

Dr. Grimmer estimated that he treated several thousand cases of cancer during his career. Grimmer used radionics as a source of information about the potential curative properties of the remedy.and to help him cure the case, and used electronic homeopathy in order to bring about homeopathic cures, especially with cancer. He also employed dowsing as a technique in his practice.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the nominee to lead the F.D.A. (U.S.), received more than $350,000 in payments in 2014 and 2015 from nearly a dozen different pharmaceutical companies and has served as the director of eight pharmaceutical companies

Eric Thayer – The New York Times

Nine Tips from Dr. H.C. Allen

Santonine sometimes cures in worm affections when Cina seems indicated, but fails (Mar. v., Spig.).

Colchicum Autumnale often cures in dropsy after Apis and Arsenicum fail.

Phytolacca occupies a position between Bryonia and Rhus and cures when these though apparently well indicated, fail.

After Collinsonia has improved piles, Aesculus often cures.

Consider Anthracinum when Arsenicum or the best selected remedy fails to relieve the burning pain of carbuncle or malignant ulceration.

Consider Antimonium tart for bad effects of vaccination when Thuja fails and Silicea is not indicated

Consider Sulphur to facilitate absorption of serous or inflammatory exudates in brain, pleura, lungs, joints, when Bryonia, Kali mur. or the best selected remedy fails.

The chief distinction between Brominum and Iodum is, the former cures the blue-eyed and the latter the black-eyed patients — Hering.

Tabacum – Vomiting during pregnancy, when Lactic acid fails (Psor.).

Dr. H.C. Allen – Keynotes and Characteristics

Summary of a Cured Case – by Dr. C.M. Boger

A middle aged woman subject to frequent aphthae showed a ragged, serpiginous, rapidly advancing cancerous ulcer of the inside of the lower lip penetrating almost to the outer skin. The main ulcer was large as a cent with a deep fissure running down toward the chin and there were already several metastatic ulcers on the soft palate. She had wandering, shooting pains through the body that left soreness behind. Milk left a sour taste and she was indolent, fat and not very clean. A dose of Kali bichromicum MM, repeated in sixty days, made a complete cure.

Studies in the Philosophy of Healing – C. M. Boger

Some Tips on Alumina from Dr. J.T. Kent


The hairs all over the body fall out. Parts become entirely denuded of hair; the hair of the scalp falls out extensively

You will find in an Alumina subject, bleeding from all mucous membranes.

Dimness of vision, as if looking through a fog sometimes described as through a veil. A misty dimness of vision.

The conductivity of the nerves is impaired so that a prick of a pin upon the extremities is not felt until a second or so afterwards

Alumina has produced affections analogous to locomotor ataxia. It produces numbness of the soles of the feet, the fulgurating pains, the vertigo when closing the eyes, and produces staggering and disturbances of coordination. In an early stage of locomotor ataxia Alumina will check the disease process by bringing into order the internal state of the economy.

Dr. J.T. Kent – M.M.

A brief visual trip to the Homeopathic Pan African Congress that was held in 2012.

Some Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Once I succeeded in curing a case of headache with Oleander. The patient was a young lady whose headache was relieved by forcibly looking cross-eyed.  Looking in the materia medica, I found that Oleander had pain in the head relieved from looking sideways.  That was why I prescribed the remedy.

Argentum nitricum  is indicated in diarrhoea  in which the  bowels move as soon as the patient drinks.

In post-diphtheric paralysis, Gelsemium is our most valuable remedy. In one very severe case of this disease Gelsemium effected a perfect cure.  The child did not have sufficient strength to hold herself up.  The spine in the upper cervical region was bent backwards and one side of the body was paralyzed.

Gelsemium is indicated in complete atony of the uterus. The neck of the uterus is as soft as putty, perfectly flabby and the body of the uterus does not contract at all.  The bag of waters bulges freely from the os. There is no attempt whatever at expulsion.   In such cases, give a few doses of Gelsemium.

Arnica is indicated in whooping-cough in children who have a violent tickling cough, which seems to be excited whenever the child becomes angry. The child loses its breath when it cries.

E. A. Farrington, M.D.  – Clinical  Materia  Medica

Homeopathy in Italy

One in six Italians use homeopathic medicine at least once a year according to  research by the health sector research institute DoxaPharma. The study found that some 20,000 doctors in Italy recommend the use of homeopathy.

Hahnemann’s Integrity

At one point Hahnemann quit the practice of medicine rather than harm people and make them sicker with the current medicines. Considering that prescription drugs are now one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., how many allopaths would still be practicing if they had Hahnemann’s integrity?

Causticum vs Lycopodium Children

The main distinguishing feature between Causticum and Lycopodium children is hat Causticum children have a definite aversin to sweets, whereas Lycopodium children desire them.

Silica vs Sanicula Children

Never think of Silicea without considering the possibility of Sanicula. The physical symptoms are almost identical.  The Sanicula child is more irritable, more unstable mentally Attacks of laughter and tears follow each other more readily.  He is more obstinate.

Baryta c. vs Borax Children

A feature which distinguishes Baryta from Borax children is the manner in the child is frightened. The Baryta is scared of anything strange, while Borax is scared of any sudden noise.  Also the Borax child has not the same degree of inability to learn. Rather, he is simply idle.

Dr. Douglass M. Borland  – Children’s Types

Nitric acid / Lachesis – After Nitric Acid, Lachesis acts like a poison, but after Lachesis, Nitric acid is complementary  –  William Boericke

Kali bichromicum – Kali bichromicum fails if given after Calcarea  – J.T. Kent

Gelsemium –  Gelsemium always has light colored urine, never dark, even when there is fever.  –  Pierre Schmidt

Blatta Orientalis  – Blatta acts better in stout and corpulent persons than in thin ones.     – Dr. E.P. Anshutz

Bowel Nosodes

Bowel nosodes should never be repeated before 3 months.

Dr. D.P. Rastogi – Homeopathic Gems M.M

Five tips from Dr. Farokh J. Master

Brain Fatigue – Zincum Picrum 200

Cerebral Sclerosis – Arnica 200, Aurum met 200,  Baryta Carb 200

Encephalitis  – Baptisia Q,  Pyrogenum 200

Encephalitis  –with very high temperature or after vaccinationAconite 200

Fear of dogs – Carcinosin 200, Tuberculinum 200, Sycotic Co. 200

Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy – Farokh J. Master, MD


Strawberries produce symptoms of poisoning in susceptible individuals (rashes, strawberry anaphylaxis).  Here give Fragaria in high potency.

Wm. Boericke M.M.

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