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November 2017 Tips & Secrets


Homeopathy tips from the masters and important news

Some Tips From R. W. Nelson, M.D (1882)

Unceasing emissions of flatulence by the rectum. Carbo veg. 6x or 200x.

Eructation tasting like rotten eggs: Sepia

Constant, violent cramp-like pains as if abdomen would burst : Nitric acid

Darting pain in eyeballs with loss of sight, dilatation of pupils : Phosphorus

Soreness of eyeballs, feeling they would be pressed into the head: Baptisia

Induration of eyelids: Thuja occ.

Fear of being alone, but avoids society: Conium

Icy cold during the menses: Silicea

Assimilation of the digested food does not proceed as it should. The most innocent food disagrees. Calcarea carb.  6x.

A Clinical Assistant: Being An Index Of Diseases, Their Symptoms, And Homoeopathic Treatment   – R. W. Nelson, M.D.

New Homeopathy Virology Laboratory

India opened its first homeopathy virology laboratory to develop remedies for  diseases such as H1N1 (swine flu), dengue, chikungunya. The state-of-the art laboratory is at Kolkata’s Dr Anjali Chatterjee Regional Research Institute for Homoeopathy (RRIH).  “This laboratory has been established to develop new drugs and technologies in homoeopathy to combat emerging challenges of viral diseases,” said Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Yesso Naik

Vaccine injuries and deaths vastly under reported

In 2016, VAERS1 received 59,117 reports of adverse reactions following vaccination including 432 deaths, 1,091 permanent disabilities, 4,132 hospitalizations, and 10,284 emergency room visits.  A Health and Human Services funded review of vaccine adverse events over a three year period by Harvard Medical School involving 715,000 patients found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”

Three Tips from William H. Burt, M. D. (1895)


Especially useful in nephritis, cystitis, urethritis, strangury, tenesmus of the bladder, and albuminuria.  Albuminuria, sub-acute or chronic form, where with the albumen, blood is found in the urine. If there is no blood in the urine, Terebinthina will fail.

Syzygium Jambolanum

Its great use centers in diabetes. Through its action there is at once a great improvement of nutrition, emaciation is arrested, and in some cases the patients have gained forty pounds of flesh. Density and quantity of urine voided is greatly reduced and intolerable thirst disappears. The sugar disappears entirely, or is greatly reduced.

Uranium Nitricum

     It is especially useful in diabetes, ulceration of the stomach and duodenum, and dropsical effusions.  Diabetes, with great thirst, stomach very irritable, great emaciation, and profound debility; often found associated with diuresis.

Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer  – William H. Burt, M. D., 1895

Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

180 scientists and doctors have signed a declaration calling for a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas required for 5G deployment, “as we are concerned about the health effects including neurological impacts, infertility, and cancer.”

California Governor Restricts Cell Towers

The governor of the largest state in the U.S. acknowledges that there is risk in exposure to non- ionizing microwave radiation. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) vetoed S.B. 649, 5G streamlining legislation that would have granted the telecom industry a green light to place a mini cell tower approximately every hundred yards throughout the state.

Some Tips from Dr. Prafull Vijaykar

Predictive Homeopathy Theory of Acutes                                                   

Direction of Cure

  1. During homeopathic cure, any skin eruptions should be mild and non-septic. A gross, long lasting septic or destructive skin lesion is not what you should expect in exteriorization of the disease. It is not cure.

B. Remember feeling better on the first day but worse on the next day is a sign of the wrong medicine (unless there is a moon phase in which case wait!) But, all these should be accompanied by the betterment of generals.

C. Homeopathic parameters are exactly opposite of allopathic parameters. Since we treat the MAN in disease, the parameters of improvement are the generals e.g.. desire to work, stamina to work, appetite, thirst, sleep. Look out for their improvement rather than looking for improvement in temperature, cough, headache, throat pain, nose-block etc. They can be more dependable signs the patient is proceeding towards recovery, than even pathological reports of Hb increasing or W. B. C count coming to normal or Serum Bilirubin coming down.

Dr Prafull Vijaykar –Predictive Homeopathy Theory of Acutes                                                    


Some remedies in dyspepsia – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Abies Nigra:  Dyspeptic troubles of the aged with functional heart symptoms. Pain in stomach, always comes on after eating. Sensation of a painful lump, as if a hard boiled egg was lodged in the cardiac end of the stomach. < after eating. (30C)

Aletris Farinosa:  Due to general weakness. Disgust for food, nausea. Obstinate indigestion. All gone feeling in morning on rising, > by eating. Nausea is > by coffee. (Q-8-10 drops, 8-12 hourly)

Fabiana Inbricata :  Dyspepsia and to increase the secretion of the bile.(Q)

Gratiola Officinalis :  Dyspepsia with distention of the stomach. < drinking too much water. Paroxysms of inclination to vomit > by eructations. < during and after eating. Wants to eat only bread. 6C, 30C.

Petroleum :  Dyspepsia relieved after taking some food. (30C)

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy

Adolph Lippe, M. D –  Homeopathy vs Allopathy

“The Homoeopathician represents the true democratic principle in the healing art, he courts inquiry and lays facts before the people by which they may judge of the validity of his claims to superiority. The non-Homoeopathist is tyrannical, denies the people the right of inquiry, lays no facts before them and dictates to them what they should believe.“

Adolph Lippe, M. D  – A Lecture Delivered Before The Hahnemannian Institute, Philadelphia, February 17th, 1865

Beware of Orange Juice

Every one of the five top orange juice brands in the U.S. tested positive for glyphosate weed killer. Glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient in Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto, and 750 other brands of glyphosate-based herbicides. The World Health Organization designated glyphosate a probable carcinogen, in 2015.

Colombia Forbids Mandatory Vaccines

The Constitutional Court in Colombia recently ruled that mandating the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is unconstitutional. The decision went beyond HPV vaccine mandates and affirmed the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking.

Homeopathy in India 2016-17

India spend Rs 85989000 last year (2016) for research in homoeopathy

More than 224,279 homoeopathy doctors, 7856 Govt. dispensaries and 207 Govt. hospitals provide homoeopathic treatment in India

India leads in terms of number of people using homeopathy, with 100 million people depending solely on homeopathy for their medical care.

Some Tips on Miasms from Dr J.H. Clarke  (Thanks to Ganesan M)

Miasm_Time:    Asthma:

*   Psora :—————————–      Evening agg.

*  .Syphilis or Syco-syphilis ——  Typical midnight agg

*   Sycosis ———————— Early morning agg.

Miasm_Season agg:

*   Psora:     Winter

*   Syphilis:  Summer

*   Sycosis:  Rainy season


* Psora: ———————— Errors in functions (Deficiency)

* Syphilis: ———————- Loss of functions (dysfunction)

* Sycosis : ———————-Distorted functions (Hypertrophy)


* Psora: ———- Aching, diffused pain, burning

* Syphilis: ——– Boring, cutting, digging, extending

* Sycosis: ——– Neuralgic, shooting, tearing, unbearable


* Psora: ———- Dearrangment, pervading

* Syphilis: ——– Destruction, penetrating

* Sycosis: ——– Deformation, proliferation


* Psora: ————- Green

* Syphilis: ———– Yellow, Yellowish green

* Sycosis: ———– White


* Psora: ————– Dryness

* Syphilis: ———— Wet on edges of tongue

* Sycosis: ———— Mucus


* Psora: ———- Diffused coating

* Syphilis: ——– Clean

* Sycosis: ——– Thickly coated


* Psora: ——– Open air

* Syphilis: —— Cold application

* Sycosis: —— Warm application


* Psora: ——- Carbo-nitrogenoid (Å¡¾õ)

* Syphilis: —— Oxygenoid (À¢ò¾õ)

* Sycosis: —— Hydrogenoid (¸Àõ)


* Psora; ——– Flesh and blood vessals

* Syphilis: —— Bone and cartilages

* Sycosis: —— Nerves


* Psora: Sour, nauseating

* Syphils: Foul bad odor (objective)

* Sycosis: Putrid bad odor (subjective)

Excerpted from Clarke’s Dictionary of M.M.  – Thanks to Ganesan M.   Thoothukkudi Tamilnadu INDIA


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