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TIP & SECRETS – March 2019

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news.  Tips on heart valves, conjunctivitis in cats,agrohomeopathy, Ruta and panic disorder, Natrum mur children, prophylactic remedies and much more.

Heart Valves

For thickening of heart valves Spigelia and Kalmia are very efficient. Spigelia is excellent in thickening and ossification of any part of the heart.

GHG Jahr – Forty Year’s Practice

Conjunctivitis in Cats

In chronic discharge from the eyes when the eye is acting as a vent for harmful substances,Natrum Muriaticum 12 C is indicated. In most such cases dry food is the culprit. Replace with fresh food.

Old Cats

– Arnica 200 -In the old cat who has slowed down significantly, Arnica 200 should be given once every 7 days to ensure that circulation remains strong.

– Baryta carb 6c is given twice a day for cats that forget where their litter box is from time to time.

– Calc Carb 12 one dose daily for several weeks can help casts that have become fat and slow in old age and show signs of developing cataracts.

Merc 200 once every 7 days for old cats that drink a lot.  The intake of more fluids than usual indicates kidney damage.

Your Healthy Cat –  Dr. H.G. Wolff DVM


Drooping in flowers: Kali Carb

Petals absent: Cuprum m., Ferrs, Kali c, Nat. c.

Short lasting flowers: Calc

Leaf burn or blistering: Belladonna

Purple leaves: Sulphur

Yellow leaves:  Calc

Droopy leaves: Allium cepa

Dry leaves:  Calc phos

Homeopathy for Farm and Garden – Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj

FDA head Scott Gottlieb resigns amid opioid scandal

Scott Gottlieb the Head of the FDA resigned, apparently due to a scandal in which it was discovered that the FDA approved a controversial new opioid that is a thousand times more potent than Morphine.  Gottlieb has been threatening to ban homeopathic remedies as being dangerous, while approving prescription drugs that have cost thousands of lives.


Three Tips from Dr. Roger Morrison


Elapse has fear of rain and snakes. Cold sensation in stomach. Craves ice, oranges, salads. The patient is often suspicious, intense and haughty. Hemorrhage of dark or black blood.


Facial grimaces that he tried to hide. Convulsions of face, which turns blue during convulsion or asthma. Shrieking before convulsions which are worse at night, during sleep, during menses or when excited.


Anxiety and panic disorders with fear of death that comes on during fever or if overheated.  Vithoulkas produced remarkable cures of anxiety disorder with Ruta.

Desktop Guide – Dr. Roger Morrison

Natrum Muriaticum Children

Sleep on the left side

Headaches from the sun


Crave salt and sweets

Avoid fat, slimy foods and milk (lactose intolerant)

Bed wetting in shy boys

Warm blooded

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children – Pediatric Constitutional Types –         Paul Herscu ND

FDA Approves Gardasil for Adults

The FDA under Scott Gottlieb has approved Gardasil for adults in spite of thousands of reports of very severe side effects which included: seizures, fainting spells, visual impairment, extreme recurring pain, nerve damage and ovarian failure.


One of our most efficient remedies in drosies, ascites, anasarca, hydro thorax, urinary troubles.  Has symptom similarities to Apis but Apocynum is aggr from cold. Chilly and sensitive to cold air and drinks.  Scanty urine and dry skin. Dropsy alternating with diarrhea is a keynote. Dropsy following hemorrhage. Face bloated.

Pulmonary congestion with rattling similar to Ant. Tart.

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies Dr. J.N. Shinghal


An anti-psoric of great power. Fat, chilly and costive. The children can be impudent, teasing, laugh at reprimands. Thickening and induration of skin. Aids absorption of scar tissue. Eradicates the tendency to erysipelas. Music makes her weep. Nails thick, rough, ingrown. Fissures in and behind ears. Eczema of lids.

Lotus Materia Medica – Robin Murphy ND

Some Tips from Dr. S.M. Gunavante

Acute asthma from anger :Arsenicum, Chamomilla

Convulsions from a concussion :Cicuta

Facial paralysis from getting wet:Causticum , Rhus tox

Involuntary stool from injury : Arnica

Nausea and vomiting from sea sickness: Bryonia, Tabacum

Sciatica in wet weather :Rhus tox

Convulsions from suppressed eruptions: Camphora, Stramonium, Zincum

Diarrhea from suppressed measles: Bryonia

Introduction to Homoeopathic Prescribing -Dr. S.M. Gunavante

Vaccine Laws

Learn what vaccine laws are proposed in your state.  Visit NVIC – National Vaccine Information Center for updates on what legislation is being pushed in your state (U.S.)

Some Tips from Dr. K.N.Mathur


Recurrent herpes: Hepar XM

Erysipelas: Graphites M

Boils:  Gunpowder

Intermittent Fever:  Arsenicum, Chin S., Sulph

Measles:  Aconitum, Arsenicum, Pulsatilla

Mumps:  Parotidinm

Whooping cough: Drosera, Pertussin, Vaccinum

Puerperal fever: Pyrogenum

Abortion from fright: Aconitum N.

Habitual abortion in 3rd month: Sabina

Habitual abortion in 7th month: Sepia

Post partum Hemorrhage: Millefolium

Still born children: Cimicifuga

Principles of Prescribing- Dr. K.N. Mathur

Some Tips from Dr. Rai Bishambar Das


Worms on the skin or clothing:  Coca

She does not belong to her own family, after a short absence everything seems changed: Platina

Smells herringor musk: Agnus Castus

His chin feels elongated to his knees. Touches chin to check:  Glonoine

Images the house is full of thieves and searches or hides:  Arsenicum

As is a rat is crawling up his limb: Ailanthus

As if his body is scattered into pieces:  Baptisia

As if his body had grown to 30 feet high: FerrumIodatum

Conscience stricken as if she had committed a crime: Causticum

Voices speaking to him in abusive and filthy language: Zincum met.

Select Your Remedy – Dr. Rai Bishambar Das

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