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Tips and Secrets – December 2010

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Fright in Children

When children have been frightened into fits and scream, tremble, have twitchings in the arms and legs : if the head is hot, with much perspiration and redness of the face, give Opium; if no better in half an hour, Belladonna ; but if they become very pale, Ignatia; if very cold, with involuntary evacuations, Veratrum.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.

Don’t Repeat

Sulphur, Hepar, and Sepia excepted, the other antipsorics, seldom admit of a favorable repetition of the same drug. One antipsoric having fulfilled its object, the modified series of symptoms generally requires another remedy.

The Chronic Diseases – S. Hahnemann

Iberis for Cardiac Debililty after Influenza

Iberis amara , from mother tincture to 1c. Pulse full, irregular, intermittent. Conscious of heart’s action. Palpitation from slightest exertion. Darting pains through heart. Irritable, frightened.

Principles of Prescribing – K.N.Mathur

Snuffles of infants

Ammonium Carbonicum in snuffles of infants, when the child in the act of going to sleep starts up again on account of not getting any breath.

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C G. Raue, M.D.


Opening the abscess with a lancet is always injurious in the end, even if a temporary relief follows at first. A natural opening keeps the air out, an artificial one induces the air to rush in. Under skillful homoeopathic treatment, it is hardly ever necessary or advisable to open the abscess with the lancet. Hepar or Mercurius hastens the suppuration. Hepar, 3rd trit., in water, will hasten the breaking open quite sufficiently.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.


Acute insanity, even though due to latent psora, should not be treated with anti-psoric remedies at once, but met with remedies like Aconite, Belladonna, etc., in highly attenuated doses. In the treatment of insanity, the medicines may be given mixed with the patient’s usual drink, without his knowledge, thus obviating every kind of compulsion.

Organon – S. Hahnemann

Anantherum muricatum

Male patient, age 36 with painful wart on sole of foot. The pain was like a needle entering the skin. Aggr. during walking. I took the whole case in detail and gave remedies for 6 months, but they didn’t help. The patient repeatedly said “Please do something for my pain … I’m feeling it will take my life”. Another symptom was strong desire for travel, which he had told me in our first meeting. I took those two rubrics: “fear death: pain from” and “travelling, desire for”, and came up with Anantherum muricatum. Before this, the remedy was unknown to me. I gave it in 200 potency and in one week the pain was gone. The wart on his foot resolved in reverse order and normal skin came in its place.

Thanks to Dr. Milind V. Parekh – Bardoli, India.

Sepia vs Sulphur

Both remedies have pale or yellow face, but red spots on the cheeks decide for Sulphur. The facial eruption of Sepia is around the lower lip and on the nose; that of Sulphur more on the upper lip. Sepia acts on the tendo achilles; Sulphur, on the sole of the foot.

A Comparative Study of Sepia and Sulphur – Edward Rushmore, M. D – The Medical Advance – August 1887

Two Remedies in Dropsy

Digitalis may be used with profit in a number of forms of dropsy. You may give it in anasarca when the surface of the skin is bluish, rather than of the alabaster-like appearance characteristic of renal dropsies.

In dropsies of the chest, a remedy often forgotten is Mercurius sulphuricus. Especially is this remedy useful when the chest dropsy occurs from heart or liver disease. When it acts well, it produces a profuse watery diarrhea with great relief to the patient.

From: A Clinical Materia Medica ( Lectures delivered at the Hahnemann Medical College Of Philadelphia) E. A.Farington, M.D. , Clarence Bartlett, M.D., S.Lilienthal, M.D.

Sleeplessness in Children

Aconite – Sleeplessness, restlessness, feverish heat; continual tossing about from fear, fright, or anxiety.

Belladonna – Sleeplessness after weaning, with constant cries for hours and even days ; starts during sleep, as if in fright.

Chamomilla – Sleeplessness, with colic and screams, restless sleep or moaning, starting up, crying out, and tossing about during sleep.

Coffea – The child is so playful that it is hard for him to fall asleep; excitable and weakly children.

Cypripedium – The child is excitable, laughs and plays at unwonted hours ; is very wakeful, and laughs even in sleep.

Gelsemium – Sleeplessness, a wide-awake feeling during dentition, with violent itching of face, head, and shoulders ; face red.

Jalapa – Sleeplessness, with colic and screams.

Opium – Sleeplessness, with acuteness of hearing, which prevents sleep; or, instead of coffea, where the nurse is in the habit of drinking coffee.

Sticta pulmonaria – Sleeplessness, from nervousness or from cough.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics – S. Lilienthal, M.D.

Gonorrhea Case
Woman, 40; one child; hysterectomy years ago; has sudden profuse thick yellow burning leucorrhoea, two day’s duration, with bearing own sensation. Craving for sours since onset; all-gone sensation, nausea. Violent burning urination and frequency; pain up the rectum on urinating. Smear 4 plus for gonorrhoea. Sepia 10 M, one dose. Second smear on third day, 1 plus. Distress almost gone. Smears at one-week intervals all negative thereafter. Monthly checks since negative. General health better than in years.

Heart Murmur after Suppression of Strep Throat

Boy, 3, treated by sulfanilamide by suburban M.D. for streptococcus throat. Local condition and fever controlled, but child dwindling, low persistent fever, very low white count. Can’t bear top button of shirt closed, wakes from sleep or nap, cross and miserable. Left tonsil swollen and purplish, pain on empty swallowing, desires cold drinks, choking on eating. Pulse 120; yellowish faeces; mitral systolic murmur (recent). Lachesis 1 M, one dose. No fever after second day. Normal rosy checks returned. Pulse 108. Throat better and choking gone. In one-week murmur gone, pulse 90, child active and gaining; thriving steadily ever since.

From: Nervous Moments of a “G.P” -Elizabeth Wright Hubbard -Read before I.H.A. Bureau of Clinical Medicine, June 17, 1940

Weak Heart

Naja has been found of very decided use in affections of the heart, especially weak heart, where there is impending heart failure or paralysis. Dyspnoea and prostration from weak heart, sympathetic cough in organic diseases with weak heart action. Constantly dwells on suicide like Aurum.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics E. B.Nash, M. D.

Kali Carbonicum in Pneumonia

If in pneumonia or pleuro-pneumonia your Bryonia has failed when you thought it indicated, and further examination reveals that the stitching pains come on independently of the respiratory movement, Kali carb, often helps, and follows well after Bryonia. Often, Kali carb. was all the time the remedy and ought to have been given first.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics E. B.Nash, M. D.

Experiences with Calc Renalis (Kidney Stone)

Every time I took a dose of Calcarea renalis, I found that the so-called tartar on the teeth became detached a few days afterwards. A nodosity, hard as a stone, which had appeared on the extensor tendon of the right middle finger about nine months ago, and which threatened to increase, disappeared. I consider the tartar on the teeth, calculi renalis and arthritic nodosities very similar morbid products.

The Homeopathic Examiner – 1846 -Dr. Bredenoll

Protrusion of the Tongue in Horses

This is a symptom of paralysis, weakness of the muscles of the tongue, and of injuries. Paralysis of the lips on one side sometimes coexists, resulting from local injury to the nerves distributed to the parts. The lower lip then hangs down, and food is picked up with difficulty ; there is also more or less slavering. The tongue is very liable to be severely injured when it falls between the front teeth, and repeated injuries of this kind may result in troublesome wounds or ulcers.

When arising from injuries, give Arnica. In all cases, apply Arnica lotion three or four times a day, and Calendula lotion for open wounds. When ulcers form, give Hepar sulph.

When a symptom of paralysis, the most likely medicine to do good is Nux vomica. The last medicine failing to improve after a month’s course, try Belladonna.

Horses Ill And Well: Homoeopathic Treatment of Diseases and Injuries And Hints On Feeding, Grooming, Conditioning, Nursing, Horse-Buying- James Moore, M.E.C.V.S.,

Homeopathy vs Morphine

I was called to see a man suffering great pain in the right ankle. Several days before a hog fell on his leg and foot. Pain in the external maleollus; had not slept for several nights, and nearly worn out from pain. There was redness and swelling of the ankle and foot. From the symptoms at the time, I gave Belladonna cm. An hour later he was no better. He was very restless, and motion, he thought, afforded him a little relief. I gave Rhus Tox cm. The next morning he was very bad, had not slept, nervous, trembling from head to foot, groaning and moaning, and begging for relief. He said that during the night he commenced aching all over, in his bones; his hand and arms were numb, and he felt as though his arms were as big as his legs. I gave him a dose of Baptisia cm. In fifteen minutes he was asleep. Restlessness and pain returned after three hours. Then I gave another dose of the cm and had no more trouble with the case.

G. W. Sherbino, M. D – The Southern Journal of Homeopathy C.E. Fisher M.D. EditorJanuary 1888

Debility after loss of sleep

Colchicum – Debility following loss of sleep. Awakes in the morning tired and languid, followed by loss of appetite and bad taste in mouth. Dislikes even the smell of food. Any little thing annoys him.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Samuel Lilienthal, M.D.

Three Remedies That Have Hair Loss

Natrum muriaticum has the symptom of easy falling out of the hair; it falls out when touched or combed. This is quite frequently seen in nursing women.

Carbo vegetabilis has falling of the hair after parturition or severe illness.

Sepia has losing of hair after chronic headaches.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D. (1901)

One Image of Ammonium Muriaticum

Indicated chiefly in diseases of the respiratory organs, with much prostration. Fat, bloated persons of lax fiber and of indolent, sluggish habit. Body large and fat, but legs too thin. Dry, hacking cough, loose in the afternoon, rattling and copious raising of mucus

H. N. Guernsey

Some Aversions

Ammonium carbonicum – Great aversion to water.

Antimonium crudum – Aversion to being washed.

Colchicum – Averse to odor of food cooking. It sickens him.

Lobelia – Averse to taste and odor of tobacco.

Stramonium -Averse to liquids; sight of water brings on spasmodic difficulty in swallowing.

First Lessons in The Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies. H. R. Arndt, M. D.

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