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Tips and Secrets – January 2011

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Autism and Isopathy

The key to the healing of autism with homeopathy is not the classical homeopathic approach, but Isotherapy, using a homoepathic remedy made from a safe preparation of the toxic causative agent.

Tinus Smits, MD Autism- Beyond Despair

Which Finger has the problem?

In our repertory the fingers are listed as first, second, third etc. Here is the designation for the fingers:

Thumb = 1st

Index or pointer = 2nd

Middle finger (usually the longest) = 3rd

Ring finger = 4th

Pinky or baby = 5th

The tip segment is called the distal phalanx. The middle segment is the middle phalanx. The bottom segment is the proximal phalanx.

Kali Carb in Pneumonia

Kali carb has proved efficacious in the stage of resolution when both Ant. tart and Ipecac had failed to relieve. It has been used mostly in children, when considerable bubbling and rattling mucous rales are heard, with inability to raise the tough phlegm ; a tormenting cough, great dyspnoea preventing the child from sleeping or drinking ; stitches in the chest, and puffiness and cyanosis of the hands and feet.

A. K. Crawford, M.D – from: A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homeopathy – Ed. H. R. Arndt, M.D. Vol 1, 1885.

Autism Uncured

I remember an autistic child who got diarrhea during detoxification of his vaccines. The diarrhea relieved his system so much that his autism almost disappeared instantly. After 10 days the mother went to the family doctor who prescribed Imodium to stop the diarrhea… Almost immediately the child… became autistic as before.

Tinus Smits, MD -Autism Beyond Despair – CEASE Therapy

Small Pox

Antimonium Tart is specific for Small-pox, and should be administered as soon as the nature of the disease is ascertained ; it is specially valuable during the eruptive stage ; and also in the primary fever, if nausea and vomiting or convulsions should occur.

Ulcer on the Tongue

Mercurius Biniod (Mercurius Iodatum ruber) is generally the best remedy, except for patients who have been overdosed with Mercury. In the latter case Nit. acid, [in potency] both internally and as a gargle, should be prescribed.

Last two tips from: The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – E. Harris Ruddock, MD – 1869.

Laurocerasus in Stroke

Hartmann claims that this is one of the most important remedies in treating apoplexy when it occurs suddenly without prodroma ; the patient falls suddenly into a comatose state out of which he cannot be aroused ; palpitation of heart, cold moist skin, convulsions of the muscles of the face are symptoms which should be present .

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D. (1901)


For Ganglion on back of wrist, if Ruta does not succeed, explore Benzoic acid or Silica.

Select Your Remedy – Dr. Bishamber Das


I have not seen any brilliant results from remedies prescribed entirely on eye conditions in cataract, but I have records and drawings of several cases in which marked absorption has taken place in the hardened crystalline lens as the general health of the patient was improved. Causticum, Nux. vom.. Sulphur, Phosphorus, Apis, and Calcarea fluor. are suggested.

M. M. Hillegas M.D., Philadelphia, Pa – Hahnemannian Monthly – 1917

Materia Medica Notes

Calcarea c.- Cough excited by the least current of air, even by a person passing near.

Agaricus mus. -Yellow spots before the vision when looking at anything white.

Nat. mur – Painful eruption on border of hair on right temple. Chill, beginning on the elbows and knees.

Mag. Phos – Toothache, second molar, lower jaw, left side; a steady ache with shooting pains.

O. W. Smith, M.D Archives Hahnemannian Monthly-1888


Suits especially bookworms and sensitive romantic girls, with irregular menstruation, also onanists, rakes, and other debilitated persons; melancholy and sadness, with weeping and constant profound absorption in sorrowful thoughts. Worse from wine, smoking, riding in a carriage; great dread of the cold open air.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Samuel Lilienthal, M.D.

Theridion Curassavicum – Orange Spider

Every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea and vertigo. Every shrill sound penetrates the teeth. Meniere’s disease- Nausea from least motion, and especially on closing the eyes. Vertigo on closing the eyes.

Keynotes and Characteristics- H. C. Allen, M. D.


Hahnemann succeeded in curing a young man who had for years been tortured with most horrible pains, the result of old school medication. This young man subsequently became the head of the publishing house of Arnold, in Dresden, and out of gratitude he offered to print the ‘Organon’ in 1810. This was followed by the first volume of the ‘Materia Medica Pura’ in 1811.

The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – Thomas Lindsley Bradford

Absenicum Album

The Aconite patient tosses to and fro in agony and fear. The Arsenic patient is too weak to toss as the anguish and restlessness would incline him to. He has fear of death, but not like the Aconite fear, rather an anxiety and a feeling that it is useless to take medicine.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics -E. B.Nash, M. D.

Reflex Headache

Reflex or symptomatic headache is another variety headache, the exciting cause of which is an irritation of the nervous system often remote from the seat of the pain. When the pain is located in the forehead, from the coronal suture to the superciliary ridges below, and within the temporal ridges on either side, the large intestines will be the seat of disturbance.

Headache and its Materia Medica – B. F. Underwood, M.D. 1889.

Hahnemann describes the medical science of his day.

“An elaborate house of cards; a thing altogether opposed to nature and experience ; a tissue of guesses and assumptions ; a mere nullity ; a pitiful self-delusion which labors under the curse of not being what it pretends to be, unable to do what it promises to do.”

History of Homeopathy -Wilhelm Ameke -1885

Homeopaths Did it First

Our prize-essayist (allopath) exultingly declares that the Homoeopaths have had no hand in all the great medical discoveries of the age. Does he mean Koch’s Tuberculin? Homoeopaths recommended and employed the tubercular bacilli under the very same name when Koch was a little school-boy. Does he mean Pasteur’s great Homoeopathic discovery of the cure of hydrophobia by inoculating with the poison of the mad dog ? Hering and other Homoeopaths used the same poison in hydrophobia and kindred nervous affections when Pasteur was a baby.

The Truth About Homoeopathy – Dr. WM. H. Holcombe – President of the American Institute of Homoeopathy1894

Atrophy of Liver

The only remedy likely to arrest the progress of atrophy (of the liver) is, I think, Phosphorus. In the exhaustive provings of this drug …the symptoms correspond to those cases of cirrhosis in which enlargement of the liver is followed by atrophy.

A System Of Medicine Based Upon The Law Of Homeopathy. Ed. H. R. Arndt, M.D. Vol 1, 1885.

Two Brief Cases from Dr. Hubbard

Case VI. Man, 38, with oozing, itching, cracking eczema of scrotum and groins, which had resisted salve and x-ray for months. Stout and gaining weight. Marked aversion to sweets of late. Worried, constipated, with knotty stool covered with mucus. Chilly recently. Cracks of fingertips in winter for three years. Graphites 2c., one dose. Returned in three weeks, better but relapsed last two days. Graphites 10 M., one dose. Not heard from for eight months. Recently wife came for herself with message, “It was like a miracle. No more eruption or trouble since.”

Case X. Man, 42, very thin, dark. Spitting of bright blood by thimblefuls. Occasional cough with green thick sweet sputum. Weak feeling in chest. X-ray shows active bilateral tbs., one healed cavity. Fever each night 99-100 F. Sputum positive. Marked double mitral murmur since a child. For financial and family reasons this man must work. Extra feeding, air and rest advised. Stannum 2c., one dose.

No more blood spitting after second day for three months. Gain of over two pounds. Cough and sputum stopped. No longer feels tired. Carried for over three years on Stannum. and Alumen at two to three months intervals (with one dose of Iodum for a cold), never stopping work except for two week’s vacation yearly. No blood spitting in over a year. Holds his increased weight. Chest negative for acute findings. No fever or sputum.

From: Nervous Moments of a “G.P” -Elizabeth Wright Hubbard -Read before I.H.A. Bureau of Clinical Medicine, June 17, 1940

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  • Tips are quite informative.
    Ledum 200 and Calc.fluor 200 once daily are also useful for Ganglion on back of wrist.
    Zinc sulph 30 twicw daily and Kali.phos.6x 3 times daily are also quite useful for cataract.
    For atrophy of liver:Chelidonium Q, Card.mar.Q and Taraxicum Q are also curative.
    For chronic skin troubles do consider the Ignatia 200, Aurum.met.200,Staphysagria 200 to treat the underlying psychological maladies.Be careful when advising Staphysagria to married women as it can release the suppressed anger and may break the marriage.
    For recurrent Oral ulcers Aur.met.200,Ignatia 200,Borax 30 and Echinacea Q drops for internal use and Calendula Q as mouthwash and Syphilinum 200 or 1M are wonderful.
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