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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Guess the Remedy

Anxiety : anticipatory, driving him out of bed and must sit up; in twighlight, on closing eyes, as if guilty of a crime. Fear accidents, ghosts at night. Lascivious, loathing life. Thoughts persistent. Strikes, kicks in worm affections. Worse rich food, eating butter, warmth. Cough with burning in chest. Nose bleed in daily attacks with pale face. Abdomen distended. (Answer at bottom of Tips)
A Couple “Dog” tips:
Gunpowder 6X, tid, for chronic suppuration of external ear, especially when discharge smells like old cheese.

Podophyllum 30, prn, for bouts of diarrhea of unknown origin with a lot of rumbling and forceful stools.

Thanks to Valerie Sadovsky, RC, CCH, RSHom (NA)

How Long Does A Water Potency Last?

One theory of how homeopathy works suggests the formation of clusters of water molecules during potentization. Dr. Sy.Y., Lo, (Calif Inst. Of Tecnhology) found what he called “IE” clusters of water formed by the process of serial dilution and shaking. Dr. Lo found that these clusters were stable for years.

Homeopathy Science or Myth – Dr. Bill Gray


The strongest characteristic I know is its peculiar vertigo, which is much aggravated by turning the head sidewise. Turning over in bed is the same. Many cases of lumps in the breast have disappeared under its action. Even cancerous affections of breasts (Asterias rubens), uterus and stomach have been helped or cured, especially if originated in a blow or injury to the part. Pains of Conium are burning, stinging or darting and may make one think of Apis.

Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash -Thanks to Carole Rosenberg U.S.
The Great Unloved

Magnesia Carbonicum is the great unloved, the illegitimate child, orphanage kid, anxious , silent, insecure with twitching face and fingers. Sunken neck and temples. Thin, dark, irritable, exhausted unattractive children whom nobody loves. Puny babies who refuse milk, sensitive to noise and touch. The child needing (the element) magnesium lacks creativity. Magnesium deficiency casuses lack of mother love in animals. Mag. Carb is the chronic of Chamomilla.

Homeopathy as Art and Science -Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard
A Stinging Rebuke

Children who need Scorpion lack a conscience and compassion for the suffering of others. They can be violent, hurting or even murdering others if provoked, or just for the fun of it. Indifferent to pleasure or pain , to other’s opinion and to responsibility. Worse for noise,bright lights, terrified of dogs. Craves chocolate.

Ritalin Free Kids – Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman / Lotus Materia Medica Robin Murphy ND – Thanks to Celia O’Keefe – Ireland
Something to Sing About

Selenium in hoarseness of singers, as soon as they begin to sing or after long use of the voice, with frequent necessity to clear the throat from clear starchy mucus.

Most Valuable Tips from Masters of Homeopathy – Dr. P Rajagopalarao
A Slow Developer

The action of Alumina is slow in developing and the remedy must not be changed quickly. Paralyzes the bowel in the same way as lead, to which it is an antidote. Worse warmth of room, potatoes, starch, salt.

Lotus Materia Medica – Robin Murphy ND -Thanks to Harriet Clement UK

Please Don’t Go!

Bismuth Sulbnitricum : Desire for company, aversion to solitude, company ameliorates, restlessness driving him out of bed, clinging to persons, will always take the hand of mother. Better cold drinks and cold application, motion, bending ackward. Worse eating.

M.M of the Mind-Dr. H.L.CHitkara
Stop the Sequalae!

Pilocarpus has a reputation for the metastases in mumps, whether to testes or mammae; when the swelling suddenly subsides, as a result of a chill, and worse troubles supervene. Pilocarpus also acts as prophylactic.

Pointers to Common Remedies – Dr. ML Tyler – Thanks to A. Salloum Lebanon
Some Remedies in Slipped Disc

Bryonia– Pain is worse from slightest motion. Wants to be perfectly still. Better lying on painful side. Very thirsty, irritable.

Hypericum – Intense pain and inability to walk. Crawling on hands and knees. Worse from being touched or bumped.

Agaricus – Spine sensitive to touch. Worse from cold air, pressure, touch. Twitching of muscles. Constant yawning from pain.

Aesculus – Worse from walking or stooping. Back feels weak. Sticking pains, hot pains or pains that move around. Hands and feet swell after washing.

Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook -A. Schmukler

The Constitutional Lachesis – Appearance

Physically, Lachesis resembles Phosphorus and Sepia in being slim and lithe. The fingers tend to be long and thin, the facial features generally sharp or hawkish, the lips thin, the mouth wide, refined. The upper eyelids often droop slightly, giving a characteristic snake appearance.

Homeopathic Psychology – Philip M. Bailey MD.

Remember Aurum

Aurum is one of our best remedies for bone pains. Never forget it. It ranks with Kali iodide, Asafoetida and the Mercuries in periosteal affections

Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash
A Light Touch

Sol is prepared by exposing lactose to the Sun’s rays. The patient is better in cloudy weather and worse from sunlight. Spasms coming with sunrise and ceasing with sunset. Excitement, anxiety, trembling at heart. Anxiety if approached. Anxiety at pit of stomach. Violent headache from vertex to forehead. Panfulness if sunshine strikes the bare head. Sol may be indicated in burns, skin cancer, Lupus, radiation sickness, sunburn and sunstroke.

Lotus Materia Medica – Robin Murphy -Thanks to Giselle Dickenson

Battling with Good and Evil

Anacardium – Cruel, malicious and wicked at times and can inflict injuries on others without any sympathy or feeling. Hears voices dictating to him. He has a controversy between two wills, the good and the evil. Fears he is pursued , looks for thieves and expects enemies. Thinks a stranger is standing or walking by his side. Anacardium, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium and Belladonna are the four pillars in homeopathy which bring the perverted, illusioned mind to the sphere of intelligence and reasoning.

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies – Dr. J. N. Singhal – Thanks to R. Gonski – U.S.

Guess the Remedy


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