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More cases of impetigo in children clear on Antiminium crudum than on any other remedy. In adults, nine out of ten cases of acute impetigo clear on Antimonium crudum.

Children’s Types -Dr. Douglass Borland

It looks like Natrum muriaticum but….

I have seen several clergymen, Pulsatilla cases, refuse company and prefer solitude, as they always want to be under the protection of God, due to a feeling of abandonement. If I had strictly considered their wish for solitude, the symptoms would have led to Natrum muriaticum, a remedy totally opposite to Pulsatilla, but similar in modalities such as worse from heat wish for open air, desires sour things etc. You must discover the patient’s authentic psychic reactions through the camouflage of defensive elaboration.

Principles of Prescribing Dr.K.N. Mathur -Thanks to Akim Weintraub – Israel

Help the Alcoholic

To help restore liver function after prolonged over-indulgence in alcohol, Carduus marianus tincture five drops every six hours. To reduce the desire or craving for alcohol, Quercus glandium spiritus tincture, 10 drops ever 6 hours.

The World Travellers Manual of Homoeopathy -Dr. Collin B. Lessell – Thanks to W. Sheptyck UK

A Warning on the Kali’s

“Never use any Salts of Potash where there is fever”.

T.F.Allen- cited in Boericke p.294 Kali c. Thanks to Veronique Bouan – California

Post Operation of the Eyes

Arnica- Principal remedy.
Ledum palustra – Hemorrhage in anterior chamber of eye after iridectomy.
Senna – Promotes absorption of lens debris.
Bryonia – pain in head accompanied by vomiting.
Ignatia – Violent pains in temples.
Crocus – Hammering and jerking in the eyes.
Asarum – Jerking pain with vomiting and diarrhea.
Rhus tox- Pains shooting in head.
Thuja -Stinging in temples.

Select Your Remedy – Dr. Bishambar Das -Thanks to Dian Corson – U.S.

Wrong Direction of Symptoms

If you prescribe for a rheumatism of the knee, feet or hands and relief takes place in the rheumatism , but the patient is taken down with internal distress that settles in the region of the heart or spine, a transference has taken place from circumference to centre, and the remedy must be antidoted at once, otherwise structural change will take place in that new site.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy – Dr. James Tyler Kent -Thanks to Samuel Gregory – Australia

Rheumatism Metastisis

Rheumatism had left the lumbar muscles and seized the heart. Wakes 1-2am from sense of suffocation accompanied by violent loud cough, great alarm, agitation, anxiety. Action of heart was violent and rapid, each beat accompanied by a loud blowing, as of a bellows. Spongia relieved.

From : Model Cures – Dr. Constantine Hering – Thanks to Francine Selbie – Canada

Remedies Predominantly Aggravated by Heat

This is a good list to keep handy as eliminating symptoms.

Aesc, Allium cepa, Aloe, Ambra, APIS, ARG-NIT, Asaf, Aur-iod, Aur-m, Bar-iod, Bry, Calad, Calc-iod, Cal-sul, Cocc-cacti, Comoc, Crocus, Dros, Fer-iod, FLUORIC-AC, Grat, Ham, IOD, KALI-IOD, KALI-SUL, Lach, Led, Lil-t, Lyc, , NAT-MUR, NAT-SUL, Niccol, Op, Picric-ac, PLAT, Ptelia, PULS, SABINA, SECALE, Spongia, Sul, Sul-iod, Thuja, Tuberc, Ustilago, Vespa, Viburnam.

Repertory of the Homoeopathic M.M. – Dr. J.T. KENT

Symptoms of Latent Sycosis

Fixed ideas, suspicious, jealous, cruel, fits of anger, can’t remember recent events, forgets words he has just read, suicidal. Alopecia or baldness in circular spots. Redness of nose. Rheumatic diathesis. Thick, ridgy and corrugated fingernails. Leucorrhoea smelling like fish brine. Slow recovery from acutes. Worse from damp weather, spices, meat, wine. Better from appearance of warts and return of old ulcers, sores.

Indications of Miasm – Dr. Harimohan Choudhury

Showing your Colors

Aversion to red – Alumina

Charmed by red , blue or green – Tarentula

Aversion to blue – Tarentula

Aversion to black – Stramonium, Tarentula, Robina

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy ND

Color Preference

Gold = Anhalonium

Gray= Rumex

Brown= Am-c, Am- Caust, Am -m, Am-p, Aral, Ars, Ars-s-f, Caust, Helo, Iber, Kalmia.

Colors in Homeopathy – Dr. Ulrich Welte (Narayana Verlag)

Asphyxia Neonatorum

If you’re doing midwifery, learn these well.

Antimonium tart, a few drops every fifteen minutes . Where it fails, give Opium if the face is blue, or China if pale. After the babe shows signs of life, give Aconite when the face is red or blue, and China if pale. Also- Laurocerasus – face blue, imperceptible breathing, twitching muscles. Camphora-when Antimonium tart fails, for the same symptoms. Do not neglect the usual mechanical means to restore respiration.

Homeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. Samuel Lilienthal – Thanks to Adelle Baumgaertner -Germany

Gender Aversion

Some remedies have aversion to men, some to women, but these remedies may be averse to either men or women: Conium, Lycopodium, Natrum muriaticum

The Left and Right of Mercury

Mercurius Iodatum Ruber – Left sided sore throat. Worse empty swallowing, after sleep. Dark red fauces, swollen tonsils or glands yet little exudate. Stiff muscles of throat and neck.

Mercurius Iodatum Flavus – Right sided sore throat (or starts on right and goes to left). Swelled tonsils. Better from cold drinks. Tongue coated thickly,yellow at base.

Synoptic Key to M.M. Dr. C.M. Boger – Thanks to Diane Rose U.S.

Senega – Some Comparative M.M.

Senega is especially a chest medicine, a sort of cross between Bryonia and Rhus Tox. Chest, rheumatic and inflammatory pains are worse during rest, but the cough and asthmatic troubles are worse from the slightest motion. The rattling in the chest is as marked as Antimonium tart., and the mucus as gluey and stringy as Kali bich. Dry cough with aphonia, worse from cold air and walking, like Phosphorus and Rumex.

Lectures on Homoeopathic M.M. -Dr. James Tyler Kent Thanks to Rolf Mandel

Keep an Eye on These

Lachesis is useful in absorbing intraocular hemorrhages whether in anterior chamber, vitreous, retina or choroid. Sleeps into aggravation. Worse left side, tight clothing especially around the neck, heat, light touch.

Crot. Horridus – Useful in intraocular hemorrhages into the vitreous, but particularly non-inflammatory retinal hemorrhages.

Homeopathic Therapeutics in Opthalmology – Dr. John L. Moffat – Thanks to William Kendziora

Tellurium -Burning Discharge

Tellurium is a most important remedy in Otorrhoea. Discharge smells like fish pickle and is so acrid that it vessicates any part of the skin it touches. A very slow and long acting remedy. Worse at rest, night, cold weather, lying on painful side, touch.

Materia Medica -Dr. William Boericke – Thanks to J. Stepansky

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

For insomnia when the same thought keeps repeating, explore Arg- n, Bar-c, Calc, Coff, Graph, Petr, Plat, PULS, Sul, Thuja If troubled by a repeated melody, consider Pulsatilla.

Ammonium Carbonicum

Somnolence or drowsiness with rattling of large bubbles in the lungs, blue or purple hue of the lips, from lack of oxygen in the blood. Brownish color of tongue. The nearest analogues are Ant-tart, Carbo veg, and Arsenicum Useful in poisioning by charcoal fumes, pulmonary edema, emphysema. Also in the beginning of cerebrospinal meningitis when the patient falls into a stupid, non-reactive state, cold and cyanotic. Ammonium carb will bring about reaction and you then select some more specific remedy to cure. Aversion to water (Lyss), can’t bear to touch it. Inimical to Lachesis.

Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica – E.A. Farrington

Kali Muriaticum

The principal general characteristic symptoms are a white or gray coating at the base of the tongue, white or gray exudations, glandular swellings, discharges or expectorations of a thick, white fibrinous slime or phlegm from any mucus surface, flour- like scaling of the skin and torpor of the liver. Worse: Fats, rich food, open air, drafts, heart of bed,during menses.

The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler – Dr. Wm Boericke and Dr. W.A. Dewey

Awake All Night

Syphilinum – Absolute sleeplessness ( vies with sulphur in producing quiet, refreshing sleep). Wakes soon after midnight and cannot sleep again till 6am. During the whole 24 hours can only rest from 8 to 10 a.m. Total loss of sleep for 22 successive days and nights. Terrible dread of night on account of exhaustion on waking. Drooling while asleep. Despair of recovery.

Materia Medica of the Nosodes – Dr. H.C. Allen –



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