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Commonly Used remedies in Veterinary Homeopathy

I was asked if I could write another article for the Ezine. My methods are quite different from the traditional means of finding the simillimum, however, I thought that it might be useful to compare a list of my most commonly used remedies in animals with other veterinarians, or others who are treating animals homeopathically. I thought that if others were finding similar trends this might lend credence to my methods and reassure others that they are on the right track, so here goes. This list is not inclusive. I am attempting to make a list off the cuff so to speak of the remedies I seem to use most frequently, and the most apparent symptoms or causes they correlate with. Also included are some general keynotes and indications.


1. Abrotanum 200C – Most commonly used constitutional often for vaccinosis. Marasmus of lower limbs, skin eruptions.

2. Kali Arsenicum 200C – Occasional constitutional. Dry, itching, scaly seborrhea. Malignancies.

3. Tuberculinum Bovis 200C – Commonly used constitutional especially in dogs with aggression problems.

4. Hyoscyamus Niger 200C – Another very common constitutional for aggression or hyperactivity, especially for ” In your face” type of dog.

5. Medorrhinum 200C – Often used constitutional again often with behavior problems.

6. Tellurium 200C – Constitutional often seen with skin or urinary issues. Atopy and seborrhea

7. Lycopodium 200C – Rarely used constitutional – for bully type dogs. (Pit bulls & boxers) Chronic hepatic insufficiency, Abdomen bloated. Satiated by small meals.

8. Phosphorus 200C – Occasionally used constitutional, often used as 30C for problems following or during anesthesia ie; vomiting, bleeding or slow to wake up. Rapid onset pneumonia, pancreatic disease. Worse from loud noises and before a storm.

9. Strammonium 200C – Occasionally used for dogs exhibiting sheer panic especially after being rescued from Dog shelters. Dilated pupils, chewing motions.

10. Ignatia 200C – Commonly used when grief or loss is an issue. Homesickness. Hysterical anxiety. Can’t bear noise, Worse from fright, smoke.

11. Thuja 200C – Occasionally used constitutional. Warts, tumors, Eyelids agglutinated.

12. Bacillinum – Occasionally used when dermatological problems are present. Ringworm.

13. Badiaga 200C – Occasional use. Soreness of muscles, skin tender. Swollen glands.

14. Mercurius Sol. 200C – Often used when feline stomatitis is present, may be secondary to mercury toxicosis from the thiamersol which is still in some feline FVRCP vaccines

15. Mezereum 200C – Frequently used constitutional. Seborrhea. Swelling of testicles

16. Pulsatilla 200C – Occasional constitutional for very clingy pets. Moody, obedient. No two stools alike.

Acute Remedies in Veterinary

Aconite 30C, 200C – Shock

Arnica 30C, 6C – Bruising

Arsenicum alb. 30C – Vomiting, diarrhea

Bryonia 6C, 30C, 200C – Pneumonia

Cocculus 30C – Car sickness

Colocynthis 30C – Straining diarrhea

Drosera 30C – Kennel cough

Equisetum 30C – Cat cystitis

Hypericum 30C – Used by staff for cat bites!

Hydrangea 30C – Cat cystitis

Ipacacuana 30C – Vomiting

Iris vers 6C, 30C – Pancreatitis

Nux Vomica 30C – Commonly used for disc problems, sometimes vomiting

Phosphorus 30C – Bleeding

Ruta 30C – Sprains especially ACLs

Spongia Tost 30C – Kennel cough

Staphysagria 30C – Cat cystitis

Tabacum 30C – Car sickness

Thlaspi Bursa 30C – Cat cystitis
Thanks to Arlene Ronis DVM – U.S.

Jaundice and Rh Incompatibility

If jaundice is due to rhesus incompatibility or appears after a blood transfusion, Crot. horridus is often indicated.

Homeopathy and Surgery – Katja Schutt DiHom

Do Something Useful!

Cereus Bonplandii – Great desire to work and to be doing something useful. Loathing of life at and before menses, Delusion she is weighed down by an incubus, is under a powerful influence. Occipital headache and pain through globe of the eyes and orbits. Pain in chest through heart, with pain running toward spleen.

H.L. Chitkara Materia Medica of the Mind / Boericke – M.M. – Peter Law – U..K.

Don’t Touch Me !

Aversionto being touched out of ticklishness – Kali carbonicum, Ign , Medorrhinum, Zincum.

A Touching Story

Impelled to touch things ( A kind of obsessive compulsive behavior) : Thuj, Mercurius, Sulphur, Belladona, Carcinosin, Hyocyamus, Lycopous

Robin Murphy – Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Thanks to J. Orkin, Canada

Get Your Ducks Lined Up

Some remedies are best given in a specific sequence. Here are a handful :

Sulphur > Calcarea > Lycopodium

Ignatia-> Natrum mur > Sepia

Pulsatilla > Silica > Fluoric Acid

Arsenicum > Thuja > Tarentula

Allium Cepa > Phosphorus > Sulphur

Aconite > Hepar > Spongia

J.T. Kent – Materia Medica – Thanks to Don Rosenberg – U.S.

Baby Modalities

Wondering how to elicit modalities from a baby? Here are some suggestions from famed homeopath Elizabeth Wright Hubbard. Open a window for draft, uncover it, pile clothes on it, remove its pillow, turn on a bright light, give it a drink of water ( hot, cold), pick it up, walk it up and down, touch it, jar its crib, lay it on one side or the other, give it something sour, slam the door.

E.W. Hubbard – Homeopathy as Art and Science – Thanks to Ernestine – Spain

Palpitation of the Heart

Aconitum – When the palpitation is connected with plethoric conditions, or derangement of any of the important organs is brought on by fright or excitement.

Belladonna – Headache with redness of the face and dimness of vision.

Cactus grand – Nervous palpitation, whether recent or chronic, especially with a sensation of fullness at the heart, suffocation. Heart appears to whirl round, or to be tightly grasped.

Digitalis – Great irregularity in the hearts action. Sometimes rapid, sometimes almost entirely suspended. Inability to walk or lie down.

Moschus – Nervous palpitation, with tendency to faint.

Natrum mur – Palpitation after a meal, or when on lying down at night.

Nux vomica – When palpitation is apparently due to indigestion. It is especially indicated in patients of a dark complexion and irritable disposition.

Pulsatilla – Useful in cases arising from indigestion, especiallly in fair haired women, of mild disposition.

Administration: A dose every thirty or sixty minutes during an attack. In the intervals, thrice daily.

The Lady’s Manual of Homoeopathic treatment – By E.H. Ruddock, M.D.

Thanks to Dr. BiLAL Hamza – Pakistan.



Almost incessant urging for stool, with practically no result. In Kent’s repertory we find “Urging, but not for stool,” with one drug only, LACH, in highest type.

Veratrum album

One will never forget Veratrum for terrific unbearable pains in the head that change the face, almost induce insanity, with that icy sensation on vertex.

M.L. Tyler – Drug pictures


Here’s a great one for sports injuries: if you are a basically healthy person and have a serious acute injury, like a pulled muscle, take in water: 1 tsp from 4 oz cup (4 oz stock bottle) Arnica 30c, then 200c, then 1M, each, 4 hours apart. I did this once when I pulled my thigh muscle while playing soccer. The muscle swelled up and turned hard as a rock. By the time I was through the Arnica it was back to normal again! I learned this tip from a Swiss-French homeopath and very few people in this country know about it.

Dr. Luc De Schepper –


Blisters as if from burns, burning on touch

Kent’s repertory splits it as two rubrics: Skin, eruptions, blisters, as from a burn : ambr., aur., bell., canth., carb-an., clem., lyc., nat-c., phos., sep., sulph. Skin, eruptions, burning, touch agg. : cann-s., canth., merc. Cantharis is the only remedy that has this peculiar symptom complex, which I verified personally.


Itching with no visible eruption. He scratches the skin until moisture oozes forth, and keeps on scratching until the skin bleeds and the part becomes cold.

J.T. Kent. -Lectures on Materia Medica..quoted by M.L. Tyler.

Thanks to – Murthy – India


Inactivity of the rectum, dependent on dryness. Even soft stool requires great straining. Anacardium, Sepia, Silica and Veratrum Album are nearest of kin is this lack of expulsive power in the rectum. Dry thin subjects in whom potatoes disagree.

E.B.Nash – Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics

Help for the Club Moss

A dose of Carbo vegetabilis every eighth day, facilitates the action of Lycopodium

J.H. Clarke – A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of M.M.

Sarrracenia (Pitcher Plant ) In Small Pox

In an epidemic in Wavre, Sarracenia was given to two thousand persons. All who took it escaped the disease. Two hundred cases were treated with Sarracenia without a death. Aborts the disease and arrests pustules. Better in fresh air and out of bed. Worse midnight and 3pm, trying to walk, cold air (aggr. Bone pains). Melancholy, anxious, forgetful. Transient pan in bowels. Tincture and lower potencies.

Robin Murphy – Lotus Materia Medica – Thanks to Davide Zulle – Switzerland

Phosphorus Children

The children may, in excitement and or in sympathy, give away favorite toys and other possessions. They are often carried away with good will during these moments and later regret such actions. Sleeps on right side, fear of the dark, nosebleeds, colds end in bronchitis or pneumonia, thirsty for cold drinks, craves sweets, ice cream, salt, cucumbers, fish. Better from consolation.

Paul Herscu – The Homeopathic treatment of Children

Wringing and Moaning

In renal colic, when it is accompanied by violent vomiting and the patient wrings his hands and moans all the time, it pays to remember Occimum Canum. Urine foul smelling with odor of muck. More right sided. 6th to 30th can be tried.

Dr. P. Rajagopalarao -Clinical Tips in Homeopathy

Skin Deep

Skin Lesions defined :

Macules = Round or oval spots varying in size and being level with the skin.

Papules =Pimples

Vesicles = Small round or oval elevations of the skin, from exudation of serum or sero-purulent liquid.

Pustules = A vesicle with purulent contents.

Tubercules = Solid circumscribed formations , with deeper cellular infiltration than a pustule.

Bullae or Bleb = Large vesicles of round or oval form containing serous , sero- purulent or bloody fluid.

Wheals or Urticae = Circumscribed inflammatory lesions due to edematous infiltration into the papillary layer of the corium. Usually with pink areola. Appear suddenly and leave not trace of lesion behind.

Tumor = Large solid elevations of the skin, generally spherical. Due to new growths or changes in sebaceous glands or from retention of sebum.

Excoriation = Abrasion

Ulcer = Inflammatory breaches of continuity due to suppuration and destruction of superficial tissues.

Rhagades = Crack or fissures

Crustae = – Crusts, scabs, due to drying up of secretions.

Cicatrice = Scar. New fibrous tissue growth due to replacing of lost tissues. Two forms – Atrophic and Hypertrophic

J.H. Allen – Diseases and Therapeutics of the Skin

Some Other Loquacious Remedies

Pyrogenum – Thinks and talks faster than ever before. Feels crowded with arms and legs. Hallucinations of wealth during fever.

Crot. horridus – Loquacity with desire to escape (Bell) from bed. Snappish temper. Makes ridiculous mistakes.

Sticta pulmonaria – Great desire to talk about anything and everything – whether anyone listens or not. Feels she cannot keep her tongue still.

Veratrum viride – Loquacity with exhaltation of ideas. Exalted opinion of her ideas and powers. Wants no medicine as it may restore her former condition. Pays no attention to what is said to her. Tongue white or yellow with central red streak.

M. L. Tyler – Pointers to the Common Remedies – Thanks to Maria Costa – Italy


Capsicum annum – Emotions go back to past events with such force that he can’t stand it. Lives totally in the past. Homesick . If away from home, has to go back home. Fear of censure. Low vitality, easily insulted. In children : obstinacy and capriciousness , dread of open air, always chilly, clumsy, dirty, obese. Sleepless. Burning and smarting sensations. Every stool followed by thirst and every drink by shuddering.

Geroge Vithoulkas -Essence of Materia Medica

Idiopathic Miscarriages

About the third month, when there is no uterine displacement and no reason can be discovered for it, the remedy that will often help is Sabina. The main indication is that, as long as the patient keeps perfectly still, there is very little loss, but any movement at all starts up a hemorrhage. Bright red blood

Douglas Borland -Homeopathy in Practice


Stranguary is painful and interrupted urination, produced by spasmodic muscular contraction of urethra and bladder. With burning and inflammatory symptoms, Cantharis 3c every half hour. With lumbago- like pain, Terebinthina 3c every half hour. In women especially, Copaiba 3c every half hour. In purely nervous cases, Belladonna 3c every half hour.

J.H. Clarke – The Prescriber

A Rose by Any other Name

Here are some antiquated terms with their modern meaning:

Ague – malaria,
Anascara – Swelling from fluid,
Apoplexy – paralysis from stroke,
Aphthae – Thrush,
Ascites – Fluid in the abdomen,
Asthenia – Debility,
Cachexia – Wasting,
Canker -Ulcer of mouth or lips,
Catarrh – Inflammation of mucous membranes in head,
Child bed fever – Septicaemia associated with child birth,
Chlorosis – Iron deficiency anemia,
Cholera infantum – Diarrhea in children during summer or autumn. Not contagious,
Chorea- Jerky movements of face and extremities,
Consumption – Pulmonary tuberculosis,
Coryza – A common cold,
Costiveness – constipation,
Croup: Spasmodic laryngitis usually in children,
Dropsy: Swelling from accumulation of fluid,
Favus – A scalp disease due to fungus,
Furuncle – boil,
Grippe – Influenza,
Hectic fever –
Intermittent fever with perspiration and chill,
Icterus – Jaundice,
Inanition -Starvation,
Marasmus – Emaciation,
Paroxysm – Convulsion,
Phthisis – Pulmonary Tuberculosis,
Putrid fever – Diphtheria,
Quinsy: Tonsillitis with pus,
Undulant fever – Brucellosis.

Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

Some Tips from the Clinic

I have seldom failed in reducing nasal obstruction with the combination of Lamna minor-3x + Teucrium-3x in alternation with Ammoniumcarb-30.

Arnica mont.-200 twice a week has given me good results in Angina Pectoris.

In violent hiccough, explore Cicuta verosa- 30.

In painful suppurating tonsils and abscesses, I have had success with Silicea + Hepar sulph twice a day for 3 days in a week.

Kali Iodium 200 in alternation with Calcareafluor. 200 has worked for me in hard stony glands.

In facial paralysis, 4-5 patients have been cured with Causticum-1M in alternation with Rhus tox.-200.

Agnus castus-30 in alternation with Urtica Urens-Q has never disappointed me in Agalactia.

Thanks to Homoeo Sultan Mahmood – Rawalpindi (Pakistan)



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