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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Bizarre Symptomatology

A patient exhibiting bizarre symptomatology which doesn’t fit any single remedy, indicates the morbid type of susceptibility – a result of abuse from indiscriminate prescribing ( homeopathic or allopathic). Experience indicates that Nux vomica will create a semblance of order out of this chaos.

Principles & Practice of Homeopathy – L.D. Dhawale, MD -Thanks to H. Wikoff – U.S.

Major Remedies of the Miasms

Psora – Calcarea carbonica, Graphites, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Sulphur, Psorinum

Sycosis – Natrum sul., Thuja, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Staphisagria, Medorrhinum

Syphilis – Mercrius, Arsenicum, Aurum, Fluoric acid, Kali iodatum,Lachesis, Nitric acid, Syphillinum

TB – Calc phos, Phosphorus, Phos acid, Sil, Tuberculinum

Cancer – Arsenicum, Cadmium sulph, Conium, Hydrastis, Phytolacca, Carcinosin.

Organon Philosophy Workbook – Robin Murphy N.D. – Thanks to Pat Akers-Canada

Some Aspects of Psora

Psora spends its action largely upon the nervous system. The greatest force to rouse the evils of the psoric dyscrasia is grief or sorrow. Psoric patients are mentally alert and easily fatigued. They dread to undertake any exertion. They fear their health will fail, that they will be incurable, or that they will be dependent. Psoric manifestations are ameliorated by the elmiminative functions of diarrhea, perspiration or urination.

Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy – H.A. Roberts MD – Thanks to Carl Townsend -UK

Remedies Based on Causation

For easy sprains from slight exertion with swelling of joints, think of Ledum.

For chronic effects of sunstroke, consider Natrum carbonicum .

For ailments from exposure to drenching rains, consider Rhus tox, Phos, Sepia

For Ailments from bad eggs, think of Carbo veg.

For headache from loss of sleep, consider Cocculus, Nux vomica, Cimicfuga,

For ailments from the heat of a fire, think of Glonoine

For shock from surgical operations, consider Strontium carbinicum

Introduction to Homeopathic Prescribing – S. M. Gunavante – Thanks to B. Cavalieri – Italy

LiliumTigrinum – Keynotes

Hurried, snappish, easily offended- takes advice as criticism, worse from consolation. Delusion – lots of work to do, likes to do several things at once. Cursing, religious remorse, tortured by feelings of guilt, Worse at night, Worse from sexual excitement, Burning palms and soles, Warm blooded.

Synoptic Materia Medica -Frans Vermeulen – -Thanks to A. Gerstaeker – Australia


Intense itching of skin without rash or swelling. Yellow spots all over. Neuralgia following herpes zoster. Cold water ameliorates the itching, but it burns the skin and causes trembling.

Homeopathic Materia Medica – Dr. S.R. Phatak – Thanks to N. Behari – India

A Burn Miracle

A young woman was severely burnt all down one side of her neck and body. She was operated on for three hours . She held her own for four days but on the fifth, she began to slip. The surgeon held out little hope. I gave her Causticum 10M everyi two hours. She immediately began to improve and had less pain and got on quite amazingly.

Classical Homeopathy – Dr. Margery Blackie – Thanks to G. Parham – UK

Sensations As If

The nose were large – Sanguinaria n.

There were a fishbone in the nose – Nitric acid

Tickling from a hair in left nostril – Kali bi

Tickling from a hair in right nostril – Hydrastis

He had heavy spectacles on- Cinnabaris

Wind gently blowing across the nose – Spigelia

Sensations As If – H.A. Roberts, MD – Thanks to Salim Ahmed – Pakistan


It need not and should not be repeated too frequently. It will cure in every case that antitoxin will, but is safe and entirely free from dangerous sequelae. I have never known a second case of Diphtheria to occur in a family after it had been administered.

Keynotes of Leading Remedies – Dr. H.C. Allen – Thanks to Paula Robinson- U.S.


Tortured by fear of failure. Their goals are impossibly high coupled with a belief that they cannot, or should not succeed. When they think they can’t reach a goal, they sabotage the whole job and fail properly. The go on a vicious cycle of success and failure. Fears : anticipatory, criticism, being observed, being late. Dreams: being late, missing the train, futile efforts, paralysis. Anorexia, bulimia, manic depressive psychosis, paralysis, cancer.

Homeopathy and the Elements – Jan Sholten


When we find the combination of rheumatism and neuralgia. The patient describes severe pain. Sudden acute severe arthritis. Cardiac disorders resulting when superficial pathology ( eg rheumatism) is suppressed. Pains extend downward, facial neuralgia, stiffness around eyes and lids, chest pain radiating to left hand/arm. Valvular heart disease. Complements Spigelia.

Desktop Guide – Roger Morrison, MD – Thanks to Brendan O’Neill -Ireland

Ammonium muriaticum

Sluggish persons who are corpulent, but disproportionately thin as to the limbs. Sciatica with pains worse for sitting, somewhat relieved while walking and entirely relieved by lyng down. Chronic sprains. Pain in left hip making the patient limp. Chills and fever every seven days. Violent cough that fills the mouth with saliva. Face flushes during animated conversation. Neuralgic pains in amputated limbs (Cepa, Staph)

Clinical Materia Medica – E.A. Farrington, MD


Nervous, depressed, sensitive to electric storms and fear of thunder. Omits words when writing, loses the thread when talking. Shifting pains with stiffness (forearms, hands, toes), cold extremeties . Cannot sleep unless he crosses the legs. Perspiration with itching and odor of spice. Pupils unequal. Worse from cold, damp, wind, before and during a thunderstorm, touch, pressure, rest, night. Better warmth, moving, after a storm.

Studies of Homeopathic Remedies – Dr. Douglas Gibson – Thanks to Gloria Burgie – U.S.


Today much succussion is carried out by machine. But even with this mechanical aid, it may take 10 – 12 weeks to prepare the highest potencies. The machines need careful regulation and frequent maintenance to ensure that succussion is standardized.

Homeopathy – The Illustrated Guide -Sarah Richardson

Not Enough Symptoms?

In the diseases that seem less amenable to cure because of an apparent paucity of symptoms, one or two symptoms predominate, obscuring almost all the others. We call them defective diseases. To bring order to such cases, ….one chooses the medicine that is , as far as one can tell, the most homeopathically suitable. …Symptoms that shortly before the patient did not perceive, will reveal themselves…..Thus the imperfect choice of a remedy…serves to complete the symptom content of the disease and facilitates the choice of a second, more homemopathic medicine.

Samuel Hahnemann – Organon of Medicine – Thanks to H. Dalgaard – Denmark

Hurry to Live

At times the young Tuberculinum presses against the limits of his strength and abilities, as if sensing or fearing an early demise… Consequently there may be a general acceleration of the life process , and heightening of its intensity as Tulberculinun “hurries to live and hastens to feel” before being overtaken…..

Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines – Catherine Coulter

Mental Keynotes

Bismuth -Solitude is unbearable, desires company; child holds onto its mother’s hand for company.

Baptisia – Falls asleep while being spoken to (in fevers).

Cinchona – Full of plans, projects and schemes, especially in the evening and night.

Antimonium crudum – Sentimental mood in the moonlight, particularly ecstatic love.

Veratrum album- Despairs about his position in society; feels very unlucky.

Regional Leaders – E.B. Nash -Thanks to I. Zarin – Latvia

Chelidonium Majus

A perennial plant having yellow flowers. Habitat- Germany,France,U.S.
The whole plant is taken during flowering season. The juice is yellow colored which corresponds to the yellowishness of the skin,conjuctiva as in cases of jaundice.

Specially indicated in liver disorders, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, cholelithiasis. Miasm: psora. Center of Action: Right side, Liver, Portal system with congestive inflammation, Lungs: Right sided Pneumonia with dysonia. Right Ovary. Right malar bone.

Keynotes :Constant pain under the lower and inner angel of right scapula. .Complaints lessen after dinner. Tongue thickly coated yellow with red edges. Periodic neuralgia, right side with excessive lachrymation. Constipation, stool hard,round balls like sheeps dung. Alternating constipation and diarrhoea.

Pain worse by motion, ameliorated by heat. pain in stomache;worse from motion,better by eructation and food. Gall-stone with pain under the right shoulder blade. Spasmodic cough; small lumps of mucus fly from mouth. Complaints attended with nausia and vomiting.Persistent jaundice with itching of skin. Drowsiness after eating.

Aggravation;heat.warmth.warm room.motion.touch.change of weather.very early in the morning. 4 a.m and 4 p.m, cold winds.. Amelioration: Rest,eating, dinner, pressure, hot food,,bending backward.

J.T Kent- Repertory, Systematic Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Remedies by K.N.Mathur. All in one Homoeopathic M.M.-Dr.Niranjan Mohanty. Thanks to Dr.Bilal Hamza -Pakistan



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