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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Indications for Phosphorus When Treating Plants

The plant is very thirsty and wilts easily in dry spells. Roots have shriveled skins, feeling as though they are loose around the core of the root. Very dry; yellow with a brown core.

In cereals, the leaves turn purplish, legumes become bluish green and stunted. Most plants, however, turn dark green with red or purple tints. Generally all diseases where the plants show watery cells and their concomitant problems. Leaves may brown around edges, or they may yellow and fall.

From : Considera -The Plant Not the Pest

Protecting Plants from Maggot Fly

A single application of potentized (6x) Couchtip maggot fly (Delia) protects against the devastating effects of this peston any lawn during the whole season.

Homeopathy for Farm and Garden – Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj

Remedies for Electricians

Electric shock -(Place remedy between the lips and teeth)
Arnica for electric shock with or without stoppage of the heart. Give the highest potency you have.
Phosphorus – Pale face, weak pulse.
Burns from Electricity – Cantharis

Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler

Camphor’s Paradoxes

Coldness, frenzy and heat often intermingle.
Great coldness of surface with A DESIRE TO UNCOVER
Great heat or sweat with AVERSION TO UNCOVER

Lectures on Homeopathic M.M. – Dr. J.T. Kent | Thanks to Louise Heller – US.

Thuja for Psychic Healers

Thuja can assist healers who work on the psychic plane to relate more easily with the spirit world; and equally significant , to remain grounded when dealing with energies from different dimensions of reality.

Homeopathic Education – Catherine R. Coulter

The Sepia Dog

“The female Sepia will consistently bite and drive away any male during the fertile period… In these cases, Sepia 6x, needs to be given for about for three weeks (3x/day) before the animal is due to come on heat. Sepia is not exactly pleasant company.. This type will not tolerate children or small puppies.”

Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs – H.G.Wolff MVSC

Phosphorus Ulcers

Ulcers bleed easily at the slightest touch and large ulcers are surrounded by smaller ones.

Clinical Tips in Homeopathy – Dr. P. Rajagopalarao

If you think it’s Belladonna or Glonoine…

Melilotus alba :The congestion to the brain is equal to that of Belladonna and Glonoine. Intense redness of the face, with throbbing carotids, which is often ameliorated by profuse epitaxis. Violent throbbing congestive headache, better by epitaxis, lying and profuse urination .

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – E.B. Nash

Low Down Skinny

Abrotanum :Marasmus most pronounced in lower extremeties. Emaciates from below upwards (opposite of Nat. mur, Sanicula, Lycopodium). Marasmus most noticeable in the legs, whereas in Nat . mur it’s the neck. Skin is flabby and hangs loose. Ravenous hunger, losing flesh while eating. Diarrhea alternates with rheumatism.

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures – M. L. Tyler

The Eyes Have It

For insect stings of the eyes, give Aconite and Arnica alternately; Aconite for one hour and let the Arnica act from three to four hours.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics S. Lilienthal,M.D.

Water Water Everywhere

Lyssin : The sight or sound of running or pouring water aggravates all complaints. Wounds bluish. Cannot bear heat of sun. Convulsions from light, from slightest touch or current of air. Desire to urinate on seeing running water. Difficulty swallowing. Violent temper. Defends against imaginary insults, imagines he is abused.

Keynotes of Leading Remedies -H.C.Allen / M.M. of the Mind – H.L.Chitkara | Thanks to Wm. McCabe – Ireland
Warts on Fingers

(i) Index finger – right : Causticum, Lycopodium / Index finger – left : Thuja /

(ii) Little finger : Causticum, Lac-c.

(iii) Middle finger : Berberis, Lach/

(iv) Back of finger : Lachesis /

(v) Ring finger : Nat Mur, Sulphur

(vi) Back of ring finger : Dulcamara, Lachesis /

(vii) Side of finger : Calc-c., Sepia, Thuja

(viii) Tips of finger : Causticum, Thuja /

(ix) Around joints of finger : Sarsaparilla/

(x) Thumb : Lachesis, Ran-b., Thuja

(xi) Left hand : Psorinum

Homeopatic Quick Bed-Side Prescriber- J.N. Shinghal | Thanks to Denise O’Dwyer, Hertforshire, UK

Rooting Out a Problem

Abscess at roots of filled teeth- Hepar sulph. – Pulford materia medica
Teeth- Pain – Desire to bite teeth together – Complete Repertory
Total Drugs : 1 Mercurius iodatus flavus

Thanks to Sajjad – India

Keep Arms at Arm’s Length

Lies on his back, arms wide apart, thrown across the bed, to relieve the breathing, in asthma, etc. Worse the nearer the arms are brought to the body — Psorinum

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures by M.L.Tyler | Thanks to Beverly Aiken – UK

Handling genitals, cough during — Zincum Metallicum

Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica – William Boericke

Thanks to Dr. Firuzi Mehta – India
A Pressing Problem

Mouth, bleeding, gums, pressing with finger, large quantity oozes : Baptisia, Graphites.
Grade 1 only in Kent. Baptisia may be indicated when the patient is down and worn out with severe complaints like typhoid. In normal circumstances Graphites may be of service.

Don’t get Sore

Nat.mur – Mouth, pain, sore, gums, cold, and warmth aggravate. Only medicine of grade 3…Kent’s repertory.

Thanks to Murthy – India
Stomach Stuff

Asafoetida – Flatus all passing upward, none downward.
Antimonium tart – Vomiting followed by coldness, prostration and drowsiness
Crocus – Sensation as if something alive was hopping about in the stomach.
Chelidonium – All complaints lessen after dinner
Causticum – Sensation as if lime were being slaked in stomach

Regional Leaders- E.B. Nash – Theresa Quinn – Canada
A Bad Night

Robinia : Heartburn worse at night. Intensely sour eructions and vomiting which set teeth on edge. Dread of everything somber and black. Dreams of disputes, scolding, anger and cruelty. Fears disgrace. Worse from motion, touch, lying down, rising from horizontal.

Pointers to the Common Remedies – Dr.M.L.. Tyler | Thanks to Glenda Miles – U.S.



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