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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

These are the tips of our readers and do not necessarily express the views of or ‘Homeopathy 4 Everyone’.

Incompatible Foods

Vinegar : Patients on Belladonna or Borax should avoid vinegar, as it retards the action of those remedies.

Wine : Patients on Arnica, Benzoicum acidum, Borax,  Zincum, Selenium, Rannunculus and Angophora should avoid wine.

Coffee : Patients on Lacticum  Acidum should avoid coffee, as it aggravates the symptoms.

J.H. Clark – A Clinical Rep.- Dictionary of M.M.  Thanks to Carole Shepard – Canada

Fluoric Acid and Silica

Fluoric Acid and Silica are complementary and you will frequently find in bone disease that you will have to give one after the other. Fluoric acid has relief from cold, but Silica can’t bear cold.

E.A. Farrington -Lectures on Clinical M.M.

Sexual Excess or Celibacy

Conium is of great utility in treating the effects of sexual excess. It has melancholy, averse to society, yet fears to be alone. May also be given when this mental condition arises from celibacy.

E.A. Farrington -Lectures on Clinical M.M.

Get Out of the Rain!

Dulcamara – Ailments from wet weather, change of weather from warm to cold. Worse before storms, cold air, perspiration, suppressed discharges. Better moving about, warm dry weather. Cough after exertion. Burning thirst for cold drinks. Domineering, strong minded, possessive and quarrelsome.

Synoptic M.M. F. Vermuellen  -Thanks to Michael Harvey – UK
Skimmed Cow’s Milk

Lac Vaccinum Defloratum – Fear of narrow places, aversion to company, sadness ameliorated by conversation, delusion that her friends are dead and she will have to go to a convent, suicidal and meditates on easiest way, aversion to and aggravation from milk, Chilly, worse cold, draft, loss of sleep, noise, motion.
Cows’s Milk

Lac Vaccinum – Nervous and depressed . Symptoms appear on both sides simultaneously (in Lac caninum sides alternate).  Frequent discharge of large quantities of clear urine. Blindness comes and goes. Rheumatic pains in knee, Flat white ulcers on tongue, also slimy mucus. Sharp pain on each side of sternum.

Cat’s Milk

Lac Felinum -Fear of pins, pointed things, illusion that pointed objects will run into her eyes. Morbidly conscientious with every little fault judged a crime. Sharp pain through center of left eyeball. Headache with pain in left eyeball extending to vertex. Desire to eat paper. Worse lying on left side.
Human Breast Milk

Lac Humanum – Tinus Smits sees the basic problem as lack of incarnation, homesickness for the astral world and anxiety about the responsibilities of physicality.  Detached feeling, not centered, his energy is easily disturbed by the energy of other persons or the surroundings. There is no real clarity of mind. Indifference to suffering.

Helpful to others in order to be accepted and not alone.  Having two wills. Alternating sides. Sadness during menses, craves sweets and starches, chocolate, salt,  bacon, ginger (eating disorders).  Thirstless. Cracks in corners of mouth, nausea from odor of food, chilly. Pain in chest from sternum to back.

Healing with Homeopathy-  J.R. & R. Ullman, Tinus Smits- Lac Maternum proving, Rajan Sankaran -Lac Humanum Proving. Classical Homeopathy – M.Blackie.  Lotus M.M. R. Murphy.

Thanks to Sheila McCarty – Ireland


Urine smells of violets. Burning sensation in mouth, throat, kidneys, rectum, bladder , urethra, testicles, uterus. Sleepy, can’t think, weary of life, suicidal. Two recorded cases of suicides from persons who washed their faces with oil of turpentine.  Albuminuria, bloody urine, violent pain in kidneys, retention of urine, painful urge to urinate, pain in small of back on urinating. Seems intoxicated, pupils contracted.

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures – Dr. M. L. Tyler -Thanks to D. Gupta – India

The Tin Man

Stannum – Great weakness in chest, almost can’t talk. Exhaustion of mind and body. Pains increase and decrease gradually. Worse from warm drinks, talking, in daytime, going down stairs (up okay). Sad before menses and better when flow starts.  Feels like crying all the time but worse from weeping. Sleepiness from music.

– Dr. H.C. -Allen’s Keynotes of Leading Remedies. Thanks to R. Howard – Australia

Lilium Tigrinum

Produces a condition which is not true angina, but resembles it. Stabbing, radiating pain, constriction and tightness of chest. Sensitive to heat and worse  motion. Depressed, frightened, hurried, easily offended, better from exertion. Angina like symptoms accompanied by history of pelvic lesion suggest Lilium t.

Dr. D. Borland – Homeopathy in Practice -Thanks to C. Braun – Germany

Credit to Phosphorus and Dr. Clarke

It was an icy cold night in December when I closed my clinic an hour before the scheduled timings. I was relaxing in the TV lounge with my wife and children when the bell rang, at about 2300 hrs. As I opened the door, two men wrapped up with heavy shawls requested medical help. The ailing man started narrating his illness in a very feeble and agonizing tone. After attending a marriage feast, he had developed some problem in his throat. He further explained with the help of his visiting brother that swallowing of even liquids has become very difficult and that there was burning and severe pain in the oesophagus. Belladonna and Gelsemium sparked into my mind, which I dispensed for the patient and advised him to report to clinic next day.

Next morning, I made exhaustive consultations of the homeopathic literature for the right remedy and finally I was able to find Phosphorus which had been recommended by Dr. Clarke in his famous book “A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica” for oesophagus pain. The patient returned and reported that the condition was slightly better, but no relief from pain. I gave him 2 doses Phosphorus in 1M to be taken on alternate days.  Phosphorus worked incredibly as the patient walked into my clinic smilingly after two days with a pain free oesophagus. Credit should go to Phosphorus and Dr. Clarke for this success.

Thanks to H/Dr. Sultan Mahmood, -Rawalpindi (Pakistan

Were’s Does It Hurt?

Have you ever wondered where these body parts are located?


Below are locations on the abdomen, some pathologies associated with them and a sample of remedies for those problems.

Abdominal pain – Location of Pathologies and Remedies.


Right Upper Quadrant

Cholecystitis – Inflammation of Gallbladder -Cholesterinum, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Pyrogenum (septic).

Gall Bladder Colic – Ars, Bapt, Bell, Berb, Bry, Calc, Card m., Cham, Chel, China, Chion, Chlf, Cholesterinum, Coloc, Dios, Hep, Hydr, Ip, Iris, Kali bi, Kali c, Lach, Lept, Lith, Lyc, Nat s, Nux v, Phos, Sep, Ter, Veratrum

With jaundice- Bell, Card m, Merc, Nux vomica, , Podophyllum

Radiating pain – Berberis / Clay colored stools & vomiting -Chel

Hepatitis – Aconite, Bell, Cardus, Chelid, Cinchona, Lyc, Natrum s., Nux v., Phosphorus

Perforated Duodenal ulcer – Arg n., Kali bi, Uran n., Calen, Aloe.


Right Lower Quadrant

Appendicitis – Bell, Bry, Lach, Rhus t., Iris tenax,  Pyrogen, Ignatia, Merc, Dioscorea, Colocynth, Echinacea.

Diverticulitis – Bell, Bry, Lach, Chamomilla, Coloc, Mag p., Aloe, Ars, Podo, Cinchona

Mesenteric Adenitis -Apis, Bell, Bism, Carc, Dulc, Hep, Iodof, Kali i., Merc, Merc i.r., Phytolacca, Sil- mar., Phos, Bary m., Calc, Nux v., Aconite

Left Upper Quadrant


Ant t. Ars, Bell, Bry, Hydr, Ip, Kali bi, Ox ac, Hyos Lyc, Nux v., Phos, Verat, , Arg n, Bar m, Bism, Canth,  Ip.

Spleen Disorders

Cean, Chin, Apis, Arn, Bry, Nat m., Nit ac, Nux v., Carbo vegetabilis, Chel, Ran b., Sul ac, Ign, Asaf, Sul ac, Iod,  Stann.


Left Lower Quadrant

Sigmoid Diverticulitis -Ant c., Ars, Carbo vegetabilis, Rhus t., Cham, Cina, Bell, Bry, Lach, Chamomilla, Coloc, Mag p., Aloe, Ars, Podo,Cinch .

Right or Left upper quadrant

Pancreatitis -Bell, Spong, Iris v., Phos, Con, Colocyn.

Herpes Zoster -Ars, Iris, Merc, Mez, Nat m., Ran b., Rhus t., Sep, Caust, Vario, Canth, Cist, Clem, Lach, Kali bichromicum, Sul, Thuja

Lower Lobe Pneumonia -Chel, Nat s., Sul.

Myocardial Ischemia – Aconite, Cactus, Ars, Latrodectus m., Iod, Spong

Radiculitis -Aconite, Ars, Bell, Coloc, Hyper, Ign, Mag p., Spig, Bry, Caust, Cham, Iris, Kali bi, Lyc, Mag c, Merc, Nux v, Rhus t, Sang, Sulph, Veratrum

Right or Left Lower Quadrant

Abdominal Abscess –Hep, Sil, Merc, Rhus t, Crot h., Sul.

Hematoma -Arn, Calc fl, Merc, Sil

Cystitis –Acon, APis, Canth, Equis, Lach, Lyc, Med, Puls, Sep, Staph, Sars, Ter, Thlasp, Caust, Hep, Mercurius

Endometriosis –Acon, Apis, Ars, Bell, Bry, Gels, Iod, Mel-c-s, Merc c, Puls, Sab, Sec, Sep, Silicea,

Renal Stone –Berb, Dios, Acon, Bell, Mag p, Coloc, Nux v, Ocim can, Caust, Calc, Sars, Ip, Benz ac.

Incarcerated/Strangulated Hernia – Bell, Nux v, Op, Plb, Mill, Carbo v, Cocc, Coff, Dig, Sul, Sul ac, Tab, All C.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease -Acet, Acon, Ant t, Apis, Bell, Bry, Ter, Cact, Cham, Colch, Lach, Merc, Ox ac,

Mittelshmerz –Lach, Apis, Bell, Cimic, Coloc, Lil t.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease –Acon, Apis, Ars, Bell, Bry, Gels, Iod, Merc c,  Puls, Sab, Sec, Sep, Sil, Verat v.

Ruptured abdom.  aortic aneurysm – Immediate Surgery

Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy -Surgery

Torsion of ovarian cyst or teste –Surgery



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