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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Veratrum Album In Acute Gastroenteritis

Veratrum Album in acute gastroenteritis such as the one “….which sometimes afflicts world travelers, in which we find abundant diarrhea with profuse and sudden vomiting. The notable characteristic is that the stool does not smell bad ( opposite of Arsenicum album). The vomiting is followed by intense hiccoughing.”

The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines – Didier Grandgeorge, MD.

Thanks to Veronique Bouan U.S.
Homeopathic Suppression

The suppression of individual symptoms maybe done quite as effectively by the use of homeopathic remedies as by conventional drugs. It will mask the true fundamental picture of the disease ….to the point where it will be incurable. Suppression drives diseases in, masks symptoms, makes protein changes in the form of the disease and blocks the natural exit of the disease.

Homeopathy as Art and Science – Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard

Got a Headache?

Headache worse from hot drinks – Phos 3 , Puls 3, Sul 3, Arum t 2
Headache after cutting hair – Bell 3, Sep 2, glon, led, puls sabad 1
Headache during inspiration – Anac 2, Cact 2, brom, carbo v. ,rat, 1
Headache with sleepiness – Ail 2, Gels 2, ant t, chel, dub, ind, lept, stel 1

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Dr. Robin Murphy
Thanks to G. Saairnen – Sweden

Not so Yielding

Silica – The typical impression of Silica is of rather gentle yielding persons. But it is an entirely false impression. They are gentle and polite to a point, but beyond that they are obstinate, irritable, peevish and most persistent. Silica dislikes being touched unexpectedly and hate being jarred. Look for roughness and and deep fissures on finger tips.

Homeopathy in Practice – Dr. Douglas Boreland
Healing the Heart

Fatty Degeneration of the heart : Ars, Aur, Baryta c, Kali carb, Phos,Phyto, Vanad.
Rheumatic Carditis top remedies : Bry,Colch, Kalm, Rhus t, Spig (also acon, aur, benz ac, cact,caust, cimic, ign, led, lith, lyc, naja, phyt, verat a.)

Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Diseases of the cardio vascular system- Dr. Prakash Vakil

Soak Away the Fatigue

Bodily exhaustion form over-exertion : In addition to Arnica in potency, a hot bath in which Arnica tincture has been mixed ( a teaspoon to the gallon).

The Prescriber – Dr. J.H. Clarke Thanks to A. Halpern – Australia

Analogus Vegetable/ Mineral Remedies

Mineral Vegetable
Kali iodatum Phytolacca
Sulphur Aloes
Phosphorus Cepa
Magnesia Carb. Chamomilla
Ferrum met. Cinchona
Calcarea carb. Belladonna
Cuprum met. Ipecacuahna
Alumina Bryonia
Mercurius Mezereum
Kali sulph Pulsatilla

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash

Uterine Hemmorhage with bright red blood with clots, sharp pain from back to front (sacrum to pubis.) Hemorrhage after abortion or surgery.
Endometriosis with cramps and bleeding. Pelvic inflammatory disease – throbbing and burning sensation in whole uterus.
Retained placenta with bright red blood. Worse from stuffy rooms, being overheated.

Fundamentals of Materia Medica – Dr. Robin Murphy


Every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea and vertigo. Sound penetrates to teeth. Vertigo on closing eyes. Bites tip of tongue during sleep. Pain in bones as if they were broken. Craves oranges, bananas, wine,brandy , tobacco and acid fruit and drinks. Useful in angina pectoris, rickets, caries, necrosis, cancer of liver and lungs, TB, seasickness etc.

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures – Dr. Margaret L. Tyler – Thanks to G. Hurst – UK
Cobaltum Keynote

Cobaltum :To be thought of whenever we see the combination of back trouble and nocturnal emissions. Better lying, worse sitting, weakness or pain in legs. Also a remedy for impotence.

Desktop Guide – Dr. Roger Morrison
Fear of Losing Security

The main feeling of Calcarea fluoricum is that he may suddenly find himself with a broken relationship (fluorine) , on which he is dependent (Calc). These people secure their position so they can stand independently ( eg. good bank balance etc.) Dreams of death of relatives. If the relatives provided love (rather than money or protection) then the remedy is more likely a Magnesium salt.

The Substance of Homeopathy – Rajan Sankaran

In cases of dropsy we usually use Apis mel which gives much relief but is slow in action and does not cure. Another remedy from Indian medicines, namely Boerhavia Diffusa Q, cures even chronic cases.

Thanks to Dr. Jaswant Singh Matharu – Delhi, India
Bypass the Bypass

I will unhesitatingly say that I owe my life to homeopathy. In November 1999, I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and asked to undergo immediate bypass surgery. One artery was 100% blocked and another was 75% blocked. Instead of bypass surgery, I went to Dr. Sukumaran of Mumbai. Dr.Sukumaran, never mentioned what medicines he was giving me, but one day I heard him ask his assistant to mix Crategus – Q with Arjuna – Q and give it to me. Dr. Sukumaran has treated nearly 2000 patients who were previously asked to undergo bypass surgery.

Thanks to VG – India

(Editor’s note: Indications for Crategus are are cardiac weakness, dropsy, dyspnea, irregular, intermittent, feeble pulse. Lowers pulse. In arteriosclerosis, it is said to dissolve deposits in arteries. )



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