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Aurum for Survivors

Another situation in which Aurum has great value is when one of the two partners in a longtime marriage dies: the surviving partner feels that life is not worth living anymore. “I have lost the sunshine of my life,” they say. Not uncommonly, they die shortly after the death of their partner. Many people in nursing homes could use this remedy, as they are often in a state of “abandonment”: no more spouse or husband, few friends left in their life, and often few visits from family members. These people could truly say that the sunshine has gone from their lives.

Thanks to Denise O’Dwyer BA(Hons) MLCHom MARH – UK

The Mind of Anacardium

The Anacardium patient imagines he hears voices talking to him. He has a sensation as though he had two wills, one commanding him to do what the other forbids. Anacardium has the propensity to swear. I treated a minister with a penchant for profanity ; try as he would he could not help it. Anacardium made a complete cure.

Clinical Materia Medica – Dr. E.A. Farrington

Calcarea Silicata

Lacks vital heat, aversion to and worse from bathing. Extreme sensitveness to drafts. Emaciation. Better lying on back in bed. Great weakness on least exertion. Bones sore to touch. Confusion on waking, after eating, after exertion. Worse consolation. Delusions about dead people, hears their voices and answers them.
Offensive cold sweat of feet. It has cured epitheloma, lupus, cataract, hydrocele. It greatly mitigates patients suffering from epilepsy, making the fits lighter and farther apart.

Lectures on Homeopathic M.M. – Dr. J.T. Kent -Thanks to Robin Delanely US

Eupatorium Keynotes

These three symptoms are a sure guide to Eupatorium perfoliatum: Chill 7- 9 A.M.; intense aching in the bones before the chill; vomiting bile between chill and heat.
Eupatorium is especially adapted to worn out constitutions of old people or inebriates.

Leader’s in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash Thanks to R. Tatchell – UK

Tissue Salts for the Heart

Aneurysm – Calc phos, Ferrum phos

Angina – Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Mag phos

Dilatation of heart with enlargement of the organ – Calcarea fluor

Twelve Tissue Salts of Shussler – from OpenRep Repertory program


Tuberculinum’s insomnia is often ameliorated by food, the symptom “Cannot get to sleep from hunger” being well known ( also Phos, Ignatia and Lyc, any of whom may be driven to midnight snacks). This miasmatic type has a capricious appetite, or can eat much but remain thin.

Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicines – Catherine R. Coulter

Thuja has Oral Problems

Thuja affects the teeth profoundly; the roots become carius, while the crown remains relatively sound. The gums are swollen and inflamed. Pyorrhoea alveolaris is often helped by this remedy. Thuja has also helped epulis ( gum boil).

An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy – Dr. C.E. Wheeler
Thanks to Ellen Blackwell – Canada

Cyst in right kidney

Woman 40 years of age with cyst in right kidney. When she was treated with Terebinthina 6C the cyst disappeared, but later it her uterus was affected and there was heavy bleeding. The second remedy prescribed was Apocynum 6C. The cyst in uterus also disappeared. The patient is very happy and has had no more complications. “Apocynum is a remedy possessing alternating conditions, one of which usually involves the kidney ….hemorrhages from the uterus.” says George Vithoulkas in his Materia Medica Viva.

Thanks to Ramana – UK

Some Indications for Pulsatilla

Dilatation of the right side of the heart. Pain in test-icle extending to spermatic cord and groin. varicocele, hydrocele, orchitis. Constipation with much ineffectual urging ( Nux) and sensation of inadequate emptying of rectum. Easy vomiting from emotional upset. Vicarious nosebleed. Hayfever, usually accompanied by amelioration of all other symptoms.

Studies of Homeopathic Remedies – Dr. Douglas Gibson – Thanks to R. Mcleod -Ireland.

How Common Symptoms Become Important

Vomiting and diarrhea by themselves are common complaints, but when found together at the onset, suggest Arsenicum album. Headache, fever and vomiting, considered separately, have little value in prescribing; but when considered together very often lead to Veratrum viride.

Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy – Dr. L.D. Dhawale
Effects of Scorn

In one year at least ten school boys in Japan took their lives due to being teased, tormented or ostracized by other children. It is fascinating that one of the primary medicines for suicidal depression, Natrum sulph, is also given to people who are extremely sensitive to scorn. Some of these boys lives might have been spared had they been treated homeopathically.

Ritalin Free Kids – Judyth Reichenberg- Ullman – Thanks to Susan Kline – US
Tuberculinum in Arthritis

Tuberculinum is one of the common remedies for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms may seem similar to Rhus tox: Pain and stiffness from damp weather, change of weather, sitting for too long, rest, standing too long and first motion after rest.
One differentiating point is that Tuberculinum is worse from all types of weather change.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children – Paul Herscu
Brain Fatigue

From nervous prostration – Phos ac
From loss of sleep – Zinc acet.
After worry or illness – Calc Phos
From overwork- worse from cold, better warmth- Silica
From much mental work – Aethusa cynap.

The Prescriber – Dr. J.H. Clarke – Thanks to Cynthia Ellison – Australia


I wish to share my experience in the cure of an Anemic female, aged 40 yrs.
I started with Ferrum Phos 12X. The hemoglobin increased from 7 to 9 in two weeks, but fell to 7 after a month. I then tried Calcarea phos 30. The hemogobin remained 9 for 3 months, bit after that it started declining. Then I tried Calcium supplements 600 mg daily with Calcarea phos 30c, one dose a day. In a 2 months , hemoglobin increased from 7 to 10. I continued the same and in another 3 months it increased to 13. I continued giving Calcium supplement on alternate days with Calcarea phos 30c once a month . For the past 10 yrs the hemoglobin remained 13.

Thanks to -Shanmukham Bhaskara

Trigger Finger

Restricted motion or awkward motion from shrinking membrane around tendon.

When caused by injury, many people have been helped by Arnica 30 followed by Ruta 6. When hot and swollen with stinging pain, Apis 30 has helped. When finger is swollen, worse after rest or in damp weather, and better by warmth and continued movement, then Rhus tox has been helpful.

Family Guide to Homeopathy – Dr. Andrew Lockie

Brahmi for the Mind

I have used Brahmi – Q (Bacopa monnieri), an Indian herb, to improve memory and learning ability. I studied for the graduate level examination in chemical engineering and this medicine was very useful to me throughout my studies. A government research institute in India carried out extensive research and obtained very positive results. In all disorders of the brain and nervous system, Brahmi plays a positive healing role.

– Thanks to VG – India


I had intense hiccups continuing for many days. It felt like the opening between my stomach and intestines was narrowed. I remembered this in Phosphorus. I took Phos and within ten minutes the hiccups were gone. So fast!

Thanks to Medmidas

Business minded, fears poverty, worse any motion. Better from pressure, even on painful parts. Dryness of mucus membranes, great thirst for large quantities of water. Craves sweets, coffee, cold, sour drinks. Aversion to milk, rich fatty foods, warm drinks, vegetables.

The Genius of Homoepathic Remedies -Gunavante
Thanks to Dr.Bilal Hamza Minhas – Pakistan



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