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Fear of Suffocation at Night

In Digitalis, when he goes to sleep, the breath seems to fade away, then he wakes with a gasp. Lachesis, Phosphorus, Carbo veg and some other remedies have that; remedies that affect the cerebellum particularly.

The cerebellum presides over respiration during sleep and the cerebrum presides when the patient is awake. When the patient goes to sleep, the cerebrum says to the cerebellum: “Now you carry on this breathing awhile, I’m getting tired”. But the cerebellum is congested and not equal to the task. As soon as the cerebrum begins to rest, the cerebellum goes to sleep too, and lets the patient suffer; and in that way we get suffocation. Every time he drops off to sleep he suffocates, and hence he fears to go to sleep.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – Dr. James T. Kent
The Colon and Some Colon Remedies

Colon – Inflammation, colon, cecum (colitis) : APIS, Ars, BELL, BRY Calad, Carc, Card-m, Chin, Colch, Crot-h, Gins, LACH, Lyc, MERC, Nat-s, OP, Phos, Plb, RHUS-T, Samb, Sep, Sil, Stram, Sulph, THUJ
Colon – Pain the whole length of the colon : Ferrum m.
Colon – Burning pain : Carcinosin
Appendicitis – BELL, BRY, calc s, chin, cocc, coloc,crot c, echi, hep, IRIS T, lach, lyc, ,merc, MERC C, nit ac, PHOS, plb, SIL
Cecum -Inflamed : BELL, calad,card m, COLCH, crot h, lach, merc, nat s, OP, plb, RHUS T, samb, THUJ
Cecum region painful : colch, lac d, merc, stram, hydr, nit ac.
Cecum sensitive : Lach
Ascending colon : Colic pain in : Rhus tox.
Hepatic flexure – In his book Colon Health, Dr. Norman Walker PhD, associated problems in the hepatic flexure with the following tissue salts: Kali mur, Calc sulph, Kali sulph, Mag phos, Kali phos.
Splenic flexure – Accumulation of gas in : Momordica
Transverser colon – Pain in: Bell, Cham, Colch, Merc-c Raph, Podo
Transverse colon – gnawing pain: Gels
Transverse colon – as if a long worm were writhing in : Calad, Euph
Descending colon – flatus obstructed, with constipation : Aur, Iod, Lyc, rhod, Sul
Sigmoid flexure – Pain: Colch
Rectum – Impaction : BELL, OP, PLB, Caust, Lach, alum, gels, lac d
Rectum – Inactivity : ALUM, Op, phys, aeth
Saves Years on the Couch

The psychologist would find it difficult to believe that symptoms of “guilt complex” as seen in compulsions could be controlled by a remedy. The following symptom is recorded of Syphilinum : “Always washing her hands” (also Ars, Carc, Lac c, med, nat m, psor, sep, sulph, thuj). Our experience is that Syphilinum has benefitted a “washing neurosis” and other compulsive acts, in young adults.

An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy – Dr. Charles E. Wheeler – Thanks to R. Thorkild – France

An Odd Symptom
Staphysagria-Direct quote, E. B. Nash; “This remedy has a very peculiar symptom, which appeared in provings, and which I have verified, viz.; ‘ burning in urethra when not urinating .’ We have many remedies for burning before, during, and after micturition, but Staphysagria is the only one having this burning all the time between the acts of urinating.”

Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics – E. B. Nash – Thanks to William Vennard

Acetic Acidum

Emaciation, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, burning thirst and copious pale urine are a combination calling for Acetic Acidum. Also : bad effects from stings; diabetes with great thirst, weakness, pallor and loss of flesh; hemorrhage after labor with pale skin and milk impoverished.

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies – J.N. Shinghal – Thanks to A. Vernon U.S.

Some Remedies for Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Apis – Burning , stinging pain, large vesicles, ulcerates, starts in cold weather, worse warmth, better cold application.

Arsenicum album – Intense burning blisters, nausea , prostration, worse cold, better warmth. Aggr after midnight.

Mezereum – With severe neuralgic pains, itches after scratching, brown scab forms, worse from touch.

Ranunculus bulbosis – Vessicles filled with thin acrid fluid. Neuralgic pain, esp intercostals. Worse touch, motion, after eating.

Rhus tox – Probably no remedy more often found useful. Especially after getting wet.

Variolinum – Burnett said Varolinum has wiped out the condition, pain and all.

Pointers to the Common Remedies – Dr. M.L. Tyler – Thanks to A. Carmack – Canada

Drug Overdose

If the patient is not breathing, make sure the airway is clear and begin mouth to mouth respiration. If there is no heartbeat, begin Cariopulmonary Resuscitation.

Gelsemium – Listless, eyelids droop, limbs heavy, pupils dilated, jaw dropped, eyes glassy.

Nux vomica – Twitching, spasms, seizures, irritability. Worse from noise.

Opium – Stupor, labored breathing, pupils contracted, dry mouth.

(If patient is unconscious, place remedy between lips and teeth)

Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler

Lycopodium Boys

I have found that Lycopodium is the most frequently prescribed remedy for boys born with undescended testicles. Lycopodium boys also develop right-sided inguinal hernias.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children – Paul Herscu – Thanks to J.Thorrold – U.S.

Coffea for Toothache

Neuralgic toothache relieved by holding cold water in mouth. The pain returning when the water becomes warm. This symptom, by itself, because it seems unusual, should lead to an investigation of Coffea.

Homeopathic Drug Pictures – Margaret L. Tyler – Thanks to William Vennard
Two Small Remedies

Itch without rash across shoulders – Dolichos
Cough at night while asleep without waking, especialy in chidren – Cyclamen

Materia Medica – William Boericke -Thanks to Anthony Le Vannais – Australia

Iris Tenax in Appendicitis

A few years back my wife suffered from appendicitis. She was experiencing acute pain on her right side near the navel. She was rushed to a GI specialist who advised immediate removal of the appendix. My wife didn’t agree to this, so I took her home and administered a dose of Iris Tenax 1M. The pain was relieved within half an hour. To my great surprise that pain never occurred again.


(Editor’s note: Homeopathic treatment of appendicitis requires vigilance. The patient may seem better after a remedy, but then relapse. It can easily turn into a surgical problem.)
Bismuth in Cholera Infantum

Bismuth is one of our best remedies for cholera infantum; guenune infantum, where the disease is sudden in onset and rapid in course. Such cases die in a night or even a few hours, unless Bismuth, Veratrum, Kreosote or other remedy of rapid action saves them. Bismuth: Watery stools, profuse painless and offensive; Vomiting of large quantities and intense thirst, accompanied with vomiting of water the moment it touches the stomach. Water only is vomited, food is retained a little longer. Prostration equal to Ars or Verat, but the surface is warm and covered with warm sweat. Pale face, rings around eyes.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash



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