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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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To Bee or Not to Bee

Dogs who, due to the proximity of beehives, risk being stung every summer, should be given a dose of Apis mellifica 200x at the beginning of the season to immunize them against bee stings. Such stings will then never be life-threatening, even if a whole swarm of bees were to attack the animal.

Homeopathic Medicine for Dogs – H.G. Wolff MVSC

The Eyes Have It

After operations on the eye, Hypericum for pain. Allium cepa is also useful for pain after operations, especially after removal of cataracts.

Homeopathic Therapeutics in Opthalmology

Fascinating Research

Homeopathically prepared solutions of thyroxin at 10-30 , when placed in a culture of tree frog larvae, inhibited the metamorphosis from larvae to tadpole.. Okay, we know homeopathic remedies affect physiology. But here it gets more interesting. In the next study, the homeopathic thyroxin was placed in a glass vial, which was then placed in the culture water. Even though the thyroxin was separated from the culture by glass, the thyroxin still inhibited metamorphosis! The effect of the remedy was transmissible through glass.

Endler et al. 1998 -Fundamental research in Ultra High Dilution and Homeopathy. Reported in: Homeopathy Science or Myth? – Bill Gray, MD

Why So Sour?

People who need Magnesia muriatica have a dissatisfaction which shows vividly in the sour facial expression. Sensitive to confrontation and always trying to make peace. They want others to be happy and satisfied. Strong sense of duty and take on too many tasks. Restless, unable to relax and suffer tremendously with sleep difficulties. Aggravaton from lying down applies to all symptoms, physical and mental. Chilly, but likes open air. Craves sweets and veggies.

The Essence of Materia Medica – George Vithoulkas -Thanks to Janet Longo-US

Fear of Sudden Impulse

Argentum Nitricum dreads that he might suddenly, without premeditation, succumb to a self-destructive impulse. For this reason he fears approaching the edge of a cliff or leaning out of a high window- not only from fear of heights, but also that he might give in to some mad suicidal urge and throw himself from the height.

Homeopathic Education -Catherine R. Coulter

The Humble Hawthorn Berry- Crataegus

Crataegus is the nearest approach to a positive heart tonic I know of. Hypertrophy with failing power, dilatation, alcoholic heart, all have been relieved by Crataegus. Heart failure and valvular disease, angina pectoris, cardiac dropsy. Pulse strong and forcible. Irritable, cross, melancholy. Aggravation from exertion, rush of blood to head with confused feeling. Dyspepsia and nervous prostration with heart failure. Tincture in 5 drop doses 4- 5 times daily. Also, 3x every 3-4 hours for several weeks.

Dictionary of Practical M.M. – J.H.Clarke – Homeopathy in Practice – D. Borland

Kali mur in Burns

Kali mur is useful in burns of all degrees and can also be used externally. The 3x dissolved in water will frequently give instant relief of the pain of severe burns.

The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler – Wm. Boericke and W.A. Dewey -Thanks to William Hines -UK

Warning on Aconite

In hypertrophy of the heart, Aconite is indicated by numbness and tingling in the fingers. It is in uncomplicated hypertrophy of the heart only that you should give this remedy. In hypertrophy from valvular disease it may do great harm.

Clinical Materia Medica E.A. Farrington, MD

Some Characteristic Symptoms

Lycopodium – Deep furrows in forehead; old misers with wrinkled faces; flapping nostrils in pneumonia/bronchitis
Camphor- Vomiting and purging with cold, blue, dry, skin.
Stramonium – Eyes fixed upon the dark side of the room, away from the light; violent speech with wrinkled face.
Arnica – He goes into a rage on seeing the doctor, saying “Go home, I am not sick, I did not send for you!” (Apis)
Arsenicum – Cannot go to sleep because things in room are out of place, untidy.

Lectures on Homeopathic M.M. – J.T.Kent
Dictionary of Practical M.M. – J.H. Clarke / Homeopathy in Practice- D. Boreland Tthanks to Victoria Zborowski – Canada

Carbo veg. vs Strontia carb. in Shock

Carbo veg Strontia carbonicum
Hot patient Chilly patient
Wants to be fanned Flushes of heat but won’t be uncovered
Eructions ameliorate Amelioration from heat & light

Homeopathic Therapeutics -Diseases of the Cardiovascular system -P. Vakil
Incompatible with Incompatibles

“I do not believe in incompatibles as some do. I should give Causticum after Phosphorus, Silicea after Mercurius and Rhus tox after Apis , if I found it indicated.” E.B.Nash – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics.

Thanks to Dr. Aparna, New Delhi, India
Wild Strawberries

I have recently learned that Frageria (Wild Strawberry) can be used to soften and aid the removal of tartar on encrusted teeth and prevent the formation of new deposits. It is used in a 3c potency. It can also be used to treat the allergic reactions some people suffer from after eating strawberries. The remedy can be given to animals as well as humans.

Thanks to Barbara Camelford -Homeopath
Ouch, My Ankle!

Here is a tip I found whilst doing some research for a case. For sprained ankles, when Rhus tox., Arnica and Ruta have failed, Strontium carb may serve well.

Ian Watson – Musculo-Skeletal Problems | Thanks to Denise O’Dwyer – Homeopath – Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK



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