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We invite you to send in your favorite Tips and Secrets on homeopathy. We will publish a select group each month, acknowledging the sender. They may be based on your own experience or taken from homeopathic literature. Please identify the source of your information and your name and country. Send your tips to us at [email protected]

Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

These are the tips of our readers and do not necessarily express the views of or ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’.


In eczematous eruption after fright, study Stramonium

Dr. J. H. Clarke


In deafness due to suppressed discharges, study Lobelia inflata

Dr. K.N Mathur

Aesculus Hippocastanum

In hemorrhoids, blind or bleeding, where bleeding gives relief. Aching in lumbar area, stiffness of back, almost impossible to walk. Explore Aesculus hip.   – Dr. J. H. Clarke

Arsenicum Iodatum

In cases of weekend heart when associated with chronic lung conditions, explore Arsenicum iodatum.

J. H. Clarke


When epileptic attacks occur at night during sleep, investigate Bufo.

Dr. Lippe


In cancer of lip with painful cracks in the corners of the mouth, explore Condurango.

Dr. Burnett

Lactic Acid

When there is concomitance of rheumatic pains with diabetes, explore Lactic Acid.

Dr. E. B. Nash

Mental disorders after injuries

For mental disorders after injuries study Cicuta vir., Glonoine, Hypericum, Mag c, Nat sulph. Synopsis and Homeopathic Etiology by Dr. Eswara Das.

Opium Poisoning

Ipecac is the antidote to Opium poisoning and has been of great value in weaning the system of Morphine habit. Hahnemann Materia Medica of Dasgrupta p. p473

When symptoms correspond, the potencies of Opium may antidote bad effects of opium drugging. Dr. H. C. Allen -Keynotes to M. M.p.214

Bad Effects of Vaccination

Antimonium tart, when Thuja fails and Silica is not indicated. Worse warmth, lying, damp cold weather. Thirst for cold water little and often, craves apples fruit and acids. Tongue has thick white coating. Dr. H. C. Allen Keynotes to Hom. M. M.p. 38.

Side effects of smallpox vaccine

Where acute and violent symptoms of blood poison come on soon after vaccination, no remedy can compete with Malandrinum. For chronic problems, Thuja. Dr. Grimmer Hom. Recorder Oct 1947 p 113.

Side effects of tetanus vaccine

Shock followed by severe pain in head and nape with fever often comes after tetanus shots. Mag Phos will bring comfort. Dr. Grimmer –Hom. Recorder: LXV March 9, 1951, p.262

Bad Effects of Novacaine

Tired and cannot work after Novocain: Cocaine in potency. Dr. Fred Morgan Hom. Recorder LXII Oct 4 1946 pp108

Radiation Burns

Cadmium iodide is the most effective antidote to X-ray and radium burns, competing with Phos, for radium poisons and Fluoric acid and Silica for X-ray abuses. Dr. Grimmer- Hom. Recorder Sept 1931 p.675

Phosphorus is by far the first antidote to all forms of radiation, be it radium, X-ray or atomic radiations -Dr. Grimmer –Hom. War Remedies: Hom. Recorder LXVI: March 1951 p.263

Fumes and Gases

Carbo veg is the best single antidote to fumes and gases which reduce the power of the blood cells to exchange carbonic acid (CO2) and Oxygen- Dr. Grimmer –

Acetic acid antidotes fumes of charcoal and gas – Dr. H. C. Allen – Keynotes to Hom. M. M.p. 13.

Coal Tar Derivative Drugs

As antidote to coal-tar derivatives (e.g. Aspirin) which have been used to suppress headaches, Carbo veg is effective or Mag phos if the suppression has brought on neuralgia. J. T. Kent –Hom. Recorder Nov. 1929

Digitalis in potency is the best antidote to the depressant effects of coal tar drugs on the heart.  Dr. Grimmer Hom. Recorder Nov. 1929.

Effects of Sulpha Drugs

Sulphapyridine in potency antidotes the bad effects of the Sulphonamide group of drugs. Dr. Foubister -Constitutional Effects of Anesthesia- Brit. Hom Journal – April 1959.

Thanks to P. Fordham, California.


Consider Alnus rubra for chronic herpes (tincture to 3C) if accompanied by ulcerated mucus membranes of mouth and throat and indigestion from insufficient gastric secretion.  Clinical Tips in Homeopathy -Dr. P. Rajagopalarao, Boericke, Clarke


Alstonia Constricta – Debility due to lack of digestive power after exhausting fevers accompanied by gone sensation in stomach, sinking in abdomen, dirty white tongue at base, nausea worse in morning, food remains long in stomach. 3rd and 6th potencies. Clinical Tips in Homeopathy -Dr. P. Rajagopalarao, Boericke, Clarke

Coffee Habit

Coffee Habit – Angustura Vera. 6c in beginning. Irresistable desire to drink coffee, desire to eat meat. Clinical Tips in Homeopathy -Dr. P. Rajagopalarao

Chronic Ulceration of Mouth

Cornus circinata for chronic ulceration of mouth and throat, when accompanied by disturbed sleep, aching eyeballs. Better from coffee, worse from cold, night, waking. Burning in mouth, throat and stomach, acid heartburn. Drowsiness, depression of spirits. Dr. Hale, Boericke, Clarke, Phatak

Old Remedies Never Die

Homeopathic remedies have no expiration. I have in my possession Medicines of 30-40 years old. Even then they are working as before.

Thanks to: Prof.  P. Guha

(Editor’s note: Beth Rotondo, 4th generation homeopath and great grand-daughter of E. A. Farrington, has remedies over 100 yrs old, which she affirms still work).

Colds That Settle in Eyes

Dulcamara – colds that settle in the eyes. – from dampness, cold, checked eruptions, worse being chilled while hot, sudden change in temperature. Boericke, Clarke, Phatak.

On the Use of Magnets in Healing

“Both magnetic poles are equally powerful, but they are opposite …in therapeutic action. The doses can be regulated by increasing or reducing the duration of application…… If the effect is too violent, the application of a plate of polished zinc will serve as an antidote. Aphorism 288 S. Hahnemann –

Thanks to H. Robbins – Sydney Australia

Comparison of Miasms

Psora is relived by perspiration, syphilis aggravated by it.

Dread of labor, of being alone, of the dark, is psora. Dread of the night is syphilis.

Timidity is necessarily psoric, just as ostentation is sycotic and desire to kill syphilitic.

The pains of psora are better from warmth, those of syphilis are better from cooling and those of sycosis are better from dryness.

Syphilitic pain dreads the coming of the night and the summer; psora, the coming of the winter and the cold; sycosis, the falling barometer and the coming storm. Falling barometer however, makes the syphilitic patient’s bones ache.

In sycosis, the nails are ribbed or ridged, but tubercular nails are thin as paper.

A dry unhealthy skin will be of psoric nature, while an oily skin with copious perspiration and tendency to form excrescences will be sycotic. Skin which is ulcerated with a tendency towards degeneration will present the syphilitic condition.

From “A comparative Study of Chronic Miasms” Dr. Y. R.Agrawal

Blatta Orientalis – Indian Cockroach

In the acute attack it acts better in low potencies; the higher being given in the more chronic states. Especially suited to corpulent people and to malarial cases; cases worse in rainy weather. Has saved cases in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucus. In cases of bronchitis and phthisis where there is much dyspnoea. – Dictionary of Practical M.M J. H. Clarke

Euphrasia for Trauma to Eye

One of my patients is an avid gardener. Last year a blackberry branch got into her eye and the laceration was so bad that it took her almost two months to recover. Last week this happened again. She rushed to the ER and was put on ABX and painkillers. When she called me the next day she could hardly open her eye due to excruciating pain and burning tears that made her eyelids and the whole area around the eye swollen and red. It took just 3 doses of Euphrasia 30 to completely cure the eye in one day. I’ve used Euphrasia for acute eye irritation due to allergies or colds, but never before for a mechanical injury. Profuse acrid lachrymation led me to Euphrasia.

Thanks to: Valerie Sadovsky RC, CCH, RSHOM (NA) USA

The Buzz About Ledum

For mosquito bites, LEDUM. I’ve had the dubious opportunity to try this out twice now, in just the past month. In fact, just tonight, I was outside with no shoes on. When I came in I realized my toes were itching. I looked down and there was a big, noticeable bite on my big toe, and I suspected there might be bites on the other toes as well. I wanted to scratch but I got the Ledum instead. The itching has stopped. Well, really, a fresh mosquito bite that stops itching in minutes? That’s unheard of!

Thanks to: Elaine Lewis USA

The Natrum Mur Snob

The Natrum Mur snob may come from a wealthy, cultured background and does not try hard to impress, since his breeding and his money are impressive enough. He looks down on other people who are less sophisticated than himself.  Homeopathic Psychology – Philip M. Bailey, MD Thanks to : J. Zalewski USA

Reminder: Tips are meant to be used as part of a totality of symptoms. Used in isolation, then can lead to suppression.

In aphonia, if Aconite, Phosphorous and Spongia fail, explore Cina.

In plica ponica, after Borax and Psorinum, investigate Tuberculinum.

In cholera, if Veratrum alb fails, investigate Carbolic acid (sensitive to odors, vomiting dark green, urine black).

In whooping cough, after Drosera, consider Cina, if symptoms fit.

In lasciviousness, after Hyoscyamus, reflect on Phosphorous.

In colic, if Colocynth fails, explore Magnesia phos.

In bearing down sensation, after Sepia, Natrum carb may follow (worse sitting, summer heat, draft, change of weather. Better moving).

In fainting after a meal, after Nux vom, explore Phosphoric ac. (worse exertion, loss of fluids, listless, confused).

In joint problems, after Arnica explore Ruta (restlessness, desires for cold drinks, better from warmth).

In bone injuries, after Symphytum, investigate Ruta.

– from Allen’s key notes.

Thanks to Dr. V. Ramyadevi B.H.M.S.-India

Infant Problems

For infant Jaundice – China 30 repeated doses for a few days have worked best for me. If Jaundice is due to drop of temperature between womb and room – Aconite has helped.

After circumcision – Arn 30 1 dose – gives best results for me.

For mal position of fetus – take the case and especially the mother’s state, relating mothering, fears, and relations with her parents etc. The right remedy will do wonders and the fetus will turn to physiological position.

Thanks to: Dafna Levanon RCHom, Israel

Veterinary Tips

1. Dosing animals: I find success in letting animals decide to take a remedy. Ouch – I can hear the screams now. When using LM or dilutions, I have the clients offer a small amount of the remedy on a saucer to the cat or dog. If they drink it readily, we respect their choice when giving repetitions. I have a houseful of St. Bernards who have tried this method. When we have a remedy that is producing curative effects, the dog the remedy is intended for, will come from across the house to the kitchen and wait till the remedy is offered. Pretty amazing. They will refuse the remedy at times as well. Of course, I am using all the standard evaluations to judge cure, palliation, suppression and timing of next dose. This adds an additional input from some animals.

2. Dosing animals. Since remedies are put onto milk sugar granules, I find cream cheese and cream to be good foods in which to administer remedies to animals if they will not take the remedy directly.

3. Obstacles to cure in animals: poor nutrition will often prevent a remedy from working. Dr. Ward, an equine veterinarian, often had the experience of administering a dry remedy (years ago) to a horse and seeing no effect, then adding a blue green algae supplement and seeing the effect of the remedy manifest. The ideal diet for dogs and cats is a wide variety of fresh ingredients, preferably locally grown (for the planet’s health) and organic or close to organic. Raw meaty bones and pureed vegetables is my preference. Many do well on cooked, lightly seared portions, only meat, raw meat and calcium supplement, mostly bones and vegetables – just like people, they have individual needs and tolerances. I agree with Dr. Pitcairn, in his newest edition of Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, that for the sake of our planet it would be good to feed grains to dogs and cats who are ALREADY HEALTHY. I encourage people to also be tracking the early warning signs of ill health in animals (goo in the corner of the eye, vomiting hairballs, doggy odor, etc) to determine if this diet is best for this individual animal. Avoiding dry food for cats is critical for their health. VACCINES can be a huge obstacle to cure. The emotional state of the family and toxins in the environment, the house, the foods, the vaccines can be important in susceptible animals.

Thanks to: Christina Chambreau, DVM, CVH
(Christina Chambreau is founder of the
Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy ).


I agree with Diane Fuller’s view that keeping remedies just near to your body, gives less aggravation. The same with Bach Flower remedies. They can be extremely strong. In your pocket or handbag they still work on the human energy field or ‘aura’, then gently taking oral doses later. I have experimented personally with all Bach flower remedies and had some hair-raising results.

Thanks to: Cora Batty – bio-pract. Rome

Cassia Sophera

Cassia Sophera: From plant commonly known as KASUNDA.
Pain in knee joints, worse by movement, better initial movements, continuous pain in joints worse while rising from seat, pain in heels also worse by movements. Asthma and Bronchitis also.

Source Encyclopedia Homepathica (RADAR). Provings conducted
at Central Research Council for Homeopathy, INDIA..

Thanks to Dr. Wequar Ali Khan – Miami Florida


Never use any salts of Potash when there is fever — TF Allen

Homeopathic aggravation should not be medicinal i.e. there should not be any new symptoms — it should be only the existing symptoms to be aggravated –Dr. P. N.Banerjee. “The first principle is to be sure not to damage the patient” — Floater

Blatta orientalis is one of the prominent remedies for certain kind of asthma. But caution is necessary. Boericke says: lower potency during an attack. After spasm, for the remaining cough, use the higher. Stop with improvement to prevent return of aggravation.

Phosphorus is one of the many remedies which should be very carefully prescribed on indications. It should not be given too low or in too continuous doses, especially in tuberculous cases. It may act as a euthanasic. Dr. Nash says: in incipient tuberculosis, it should be given very high and in single dose and not to be repeated. If given too low and repeated, it will fearfully aggravate.

Silicea has a wide therapeutic use. It is a deep acting remedy. In phthisis it must be used with care. It may cause the absorption of scar-tissue; liberate the disease walled-in to new activities (J. Weir). It is also called the Biochemic “knife”. For this, the lower potency should be used. Such is the case with Mercurius. But they do not follow each other well.

Thyroidinum – a medicine prepared from the dried gland of the sheep—is a therapeutic agent of some value in a number of diseases, such as goiter, mammary tumour, vomiting of pregnancy, arrested development in children etc. Crude Thyroid as well as the sixth and the thirtieth potencies are used. But do not use it in routine manner. Here is caution: if the crude Thyroid is taken (two to three grains or more daily) the pulse should be watched. It must not be given in physiological doses where with feeble heart, there is high blood pressure and not in tubercular patients – Boericke.

Arsenic is a dangerous remedy in irritable heart, especially if organic, as it is apt to cause parenchymatous nephritis (Kent).

Inimical cycle of medicines is to be noted. There are medicines which are not to be repeated. Caution: In alternating states (as in intermittent fever) a moderate dose of Opium given during the cold stage quickly deprives the patient of life — Hahnemann.

Thanks to: Dr. V Vasavan

I’ve used Drosera for growing pains in children. I’ve also had great success with this remedy when treating the spasms of multiple sclerosis.

Thanks to: Pam Foreman, East Sussex.

Fine Tuning “Dictatorial”

dictatorial to prove he is useful and effective,  ARN

dictatorial to prove he is always right,    FERR

dictatorial to prove he is great, like a father ,  LYC

dictatorial to prove he is an aristocrat,  CAPS

From – Repertory of Themes by Guy Loutan

Thanks to: Adiel Caspi, Israel

Iris versicolor

Iris Versicolor has use in gastritis when the symptoms are: Heartburn and eructation with a feeling like sea-sickness, nausea and dull, frontal headache, with much burning along the whole alimentary tract, profuse secretions from salivary, pancreatic and intestinal glands.

Thanks to: Dr. R. K. Saha

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