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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Oral Surgery

Pyrogen 30, To prevent infection after oral surgery. Twice daily post operatively for one week.
Opium 30, (drops) ¼ hourly to arouse the patient after general anesthesia.
Antimonium tart 6c, to prevent chest complications from general anesthesia in chesty patients. Thrice daily for several days before and one week after procedure.

The Dental Prescriber – Dr.Colin Lessell

Inherited Alcoholism

One of the general qualities of Syphilinum is its frequent suitability for inveterate alcoholics, particularly if the tendency is inherited. The drug is more confidently given when other Syphilinum symptoms are present, but if the case be not clear, and no other remedy is obviously similar, Syphilinum should have preference.

An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy – Charles Wheeler MD – Thanks to Philip Yoder – U.S.

A Bowel Nosode for Vomiting

‘There is one remedy which is invaluable in many cases of cyclical vomiting, and that is Dysentery Co. I found Dysentery Co. 30c to CM, usually the 200th potency, so useful both in attacks and between attacks that I almost came to regard it as a specific. ‘Nervous tension’, which Dr. Paterson stresses as the characteristic mental state of Dysentery Co., is frequently found among these highly-strung children who get an attack on excitement.

In an old paper by Dishington, Dysentery Co. is noted as having a clinical record in recurrent bilious vomiting.’ Tutorials on Homoeopathy – Dr. Donald Foubister
Thanks to Dr. Firuzi Mehta – India

An Herbal Tincture for the Big Stones

I learned this from one of my teachers and have seen it work:
If renal calculus is large (>8mm), Bryophyllum MT helps to flush it out.
I understand very well that its homeopathicity can be debated but it does help the patient!

Thanks to Dr. Manish Bhatia – India

Interpreting Symptoms Correctly

If a patient is complaining of occipital headache, make sure you check the blood pressure. Occipital headaches are common in early hypertension. If patient is hypertensive, don’t treat it as an isolated event with just the symptoms of headache – look for the underlying stress factors for hypertension.

Headache on vertex is very common in females who are anemic. Get the Hb and CBC of such patients done and if found anemic, give appropriate supplements along with the indicated medicine.

Calf pain and recurring cramps is also often indicative of nutritional deficiency (Na, Ca or Mg). Keep this in mind if a patient (usually female) comes to you with such one sided complaints. Treating them for the symptoms alone won’t give curative results in such cases. You might need to add appropriate supplements to their diet.

Thanks to Dr. Manish Bhatia – India

Shortcuts to Prescribing

Knowledge of a patient’s constitutional remedy is one of the quickest aids to acute prescribing. Thus, the sore throats of Sepia will often call for Sabadilla. In the Sepia patient with cold and sinusitis, Nux followed by Pulsatilla will be indicated. The Argentum nitricum patient often presents symptoms of Gelsemium in acutes. During acutes, the Lycopodium patient is often helped by Pulsatilla.

Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy – M.L. Dhawale, MD.

Electric Shock

If the patient is not breathing, begin mouth to mouth resuscitation. If there is no heartbeat, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The following remedies may help.
Arnica – For electric shock with or without stoppage of the heart. Give the highest potency you have. Place the remedy between the lips and teeth.
Phosphorus – Pale face, weak pulse. Place the remedy between lips and teeth.
Cantharis – For burns from electricity

Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler

Co-dependent Carcinosin

A remedy arising from childhood neglect or abuse. Originally found in families of cancer patients, now found in families with alcoholism and drug addiction. Rather than having a playful childhood, Carcinosin develops an adult level of responsibility. Carcinosin becomes a classic co-dependent, placing the needs of others over her own. The interview is taken up by problems of family members and friends rather than the patient’s concerns. Fastidious, punctual, hurried, compulsive about exercise. Love to dance, love of nature and animals.

Homeopathy Science or Myth – Bill Gray, MD

Silica Surprises

Silica patients give the impression that they would give up easily, but this is entirely false. They have enormous courage and capacity for work. Weakness is in their physique, which leads to lack of confidence. They dread that they may not be able to perform. However they do a job well, to the point of over conscientiousness. A chilly patient who likes ice cream and cold foods – warm food upsets.

Classical Homeopathy – Dr. Margery Blackie
Thanks to William Pecheux – Canada

Psychic Symptoms of Animals

Dogs that bite without barking – Belladonna
Dogs that bark and bite – Stram, Veratrum a, Bell, Cantharis
Horses that bite – Belladonna, Chamomilla
Horses that are afraid – Puls, Sulph, Lycop, Natrum m.
Cows that do not let themselves be milked -Nux vomica, Calc c, Puls, Silic, Caust

Repertory of Psychic Medicines – Dr. Jean-Pierre Gallavardin
Thanks to Ollivia Zelling – Australia

Dog’s Milk

Lac Caninum is one of the main remedies for ovarian cysts; for pain that alternates sides. Another use is in arthritis- an often ignored remedy. There are three big remedies ; Puls, Led, and Lac Caninum and all have arthritis that is better for ice on the joints. Puls and Lac have wandering pains. Worse motion and heat. Also sciatica, that moves from side to side.

Fundamentals of M.M. Robin Murpy, ND

Sick From Java?

A number of remedies have aggravation from coffee, but these have
ailments from Coffee :
Chamomilla (3), Ignatia (2) Nux vomica (2) Thuj, Gratiola off. Oxalic ac. (1)

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy ND

A Whale of a Remedy

Ambra Grisea may be used in sleeplessness arising from worriment of mind. The patient may retire to bed feeling tolerably tired, yet as soon as his head touches the pillow, he becomes wakeful. Particularly indicated in thin, spare men who have a nervous temperament. In nervous complaints of old people, when they are forgetful and cannot remember the simplest fact.

Clinical Materia Medica – E. A. Farrington, MD – Thanks to M. Leahy- UK

Save the Doggie!

For dog’s poisoned by insecticides, sprays containing DDT, paint and lacquer mist as well as draining off toxic agents following severe illness, administer Okoubaka 2x. For toxicity after vaccinations Thuja 12x. For convulsions after vaccination, Silica 12x. For hemorrhagic rat poisons, Lachesis 30x with Vitamin K injections.

Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs – H.G.Wolff MVSC

Laurocerasus for the Newborn

The main remedy for strangulation from a wrapped umbilical cord is Laurocerasus (also Carbo veg). Laurocerasus has blue face and extremeties (sometimes from heart problems), but may also be normal color or pale and cold, with slow, feeble pulse. Better lying down and worse sitting up, which causes them to gasp. Worse from slightest exertion.

The Homeopoathic Childbirth Manual – Betty Idarius C. Hom

Want of Reaction Remedies

When the patient does not seem to respond, consider these remedies:
Psorinum , Sulphur – Psoric complications
Carbo veg – Cold breath and knees
Opium – Painlessness, Drowsiness
Capsicum – In persons of lax fiber
Valerian, Ambra g. – In nervous affections

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr. E.B. Nash
Thanks to Amit Bhatt – India

Near Specifics

Carbuncles with burning pain – Anthracinum -30-200
Atrophy of testicles in boys – Aurum metallicum
Brain fog of businessmen – Zincum phos – lower potencies
Hookworms – Thymol 6x
Sleeplesness due to nervousness – Sticta pulmonaria Tincture to 2x

Principles of Prescribing- Dr.K.N. Mathur

Sepia’s Dilemma

Sepias are here to learn to “draw the line”. They snap at their family members because they are not good at drawing the line. They are independent, but not independent enough. They care too much about what everyone is expecting from them, and always put their own desires on the back burner. Eventually, they get really irritable because they never get to do what they want. After they have done everything for everyone else, they are too tired to do anything for themselves, and that is when they get snappy. If they knew how to draw the line, they wouldn’t find themselves in such a dilemma.
Eventually, Sepia goes beyond snapping and irritability – they just want to be left alone, and withdraw from everyone. Even though it looks like indifference to the rest of the world, it is actually just a complete exhaustion of their energy.

Mati Fuller, DIHom – Thanks to Elaine Lewis – U.S.

Rescued by Remedies!

My dad was a prolific “cusser”, and was pretty crazy/abusive my whole childhood and finally he had a mental/emotional breakdown. Since I was the only one to care for him, he directed the cussing at me. He also gave me awful looks that had me feeling crushed down. One day I saw that Anacardium had the symptom of cussing profusely. My dad fit a number of the other symptoms as well, so I gave him 30x 3 – 4x/ day. It started working right away. I quit dosing when he would stop. When he would start cussing again I would give another dose or two. Now he does not cuss at all! Well, maybe in a week he’ll say maybe 2 or 3 words, and he doesn’t give me those horrible looks any more.

I also saw that I was pretty symptomatic of Staphysagria. I was the “caregiver” type, long suffering and “pleasing others”, believing I had no rights and swallowing my anger. I also felt guilty most all of the time. So, I started taking Staphysagria. Well, when I take it, I stand up like I’m Wonder Woman on acid! I just won’t take any nonsense from anybody. I just stand up like I matter! I might say “Hey, you owe me money, don’t you?” or things like that. I am now feeling far less resentful and blaming.

Thanks to Gena – U.S.

Abies Nigra for the “Stuck” Sensation

Abies nigra is known as a small remedy. I have used with success in a few cases. For people who, after a coronary stent or bypass, continue to complain about some chest discomfort. Cardiologists throw it back to gastro-enterologists and vice versa. Differential diagnosis: esophagal spasm, esophagitis versus ” residual angor”.Patients complain that there is something “stuck” in the chest, which they want to cough out or eructate. Sometimes after supper, where they eat quite a lot. Arrythmia’s and dyspepsia are often concomittants. Do not expect that patients talk about the “hard boiled egg” in the cardia. It can be any “stuck” sensation. I use it in 6CH, a few times a day, until relief. A good organotropic, which we often need!

Thanks to – Eddy Thielens M.D. – Belgium

Gunpowder, Cadmium and Avena

Gunpowder: Septic suppuration. I think this remedy should be in every first aid kit. Its cardinal constituents are sulphur, carbon, and nitre or saltpetre. The Indians of North America and Canada have found in it a remedy for snake – bites. The shepherds of East Anglia, use it extensively in treating their flocks and themselves for wounds and blood – poisoning of many kinds, and for protecting themselves against wound infection. From – Clarke’s Gunpowder-Reference works

Cadmium oxydatum : Indispensable and unequalled as an antidote to the alumina toxins which stem from the use of aluminum cooking utensils, as well as from the toxins resulting from water softeners in which aluminum chloride is used. Dr. A.H. Grimmer

Avena sativa : Drug addictions. Bad effects of morphine or heroin addiction. Addicted to cocaine, marijuana, nervines, tranquilizers or sedatives.

Robin Murphy, ND – Thanks to Nadlya Bakir -Assoc. Prof of Homeopathic Medicine – Canadian College of Natruopathic Medicine

Walking on His Knees

A peculiar mental symptom of Baryta Carb which I give you on the authority of Dr.Talcott,of Middletown, N.Y., is this: The patient thinks his legs are cut off and he is walking on his knees.

Clinical Materia Medica – E.A.Farrington,MD
Thanks to Dr. Raj Kumar Kamboj,India.


Rheumatic heart fever and Tonsilitis -With this condition I have had excellent success with Baryta carb 1M, 2 doses. I have followed with propylaminum 6,12, 30.

Thanks to – Sandeep Dhaka

Comparitive M.M for Albuminuria

APIS – Scanty urine, which is dark from decomposed blood and dyspnoea. Pale, waxen skin and an eruption here and there resembling nettle-rash.

ARS – Scanty urine and albuminous without blood.with its usual mental restlessness.

COLCH – The urine is dark, turbid, albuminous, bloody and as dark as ink. After urination, irritation of the sphincter vesicae with tenesmus of the bladder.

EQUIS – The urine contains blood and albumen. Excess of mucus in the urine. There is constant desire to urinate.

LACH – Respiratory symptoms, < after sleep and blue surface are more characteristic than the urinary symptoms. Scanty urine, which is dark from decomposed blood and dyspnoea.

Thanks to Ganesan

Bleeding Piles

My daughter now aged 35 years, suffered from bleeding piles for the last six years. She consulted a homoeopath, who after trying some medicines, declared that there is no homoeopathy medicine for her piles. I am a novice in homoeopathy and developed interest in it about 27 years ago when my son, was cured of a respiratory problem at Sai Shakti Homoeopathic Dispensary. I prescribed Sulphur 30 (one dose in the morning), Aeseculus Hipp 30 and Collinsonia 30 (two days each daily) and Nux Vomica 30 (one dose in the evening) and she is having remarkable improvement. According to her, the medicines have worked like a rocket.

Thanks to Suresh Jhaamb
Editors’s note: I’m glad she is feeling better, but we don’t know which remedy is working! Homeopathy teaches us to use one remedy at a time.



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