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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Suppression of Urine with Abdominal Edema

Apis is the top remedy for this symptom. Thirstless, worse from heat, from touch, after sleep, from pressure. Better cold air and cold application, sitting erect. Burning stinging pain. Right sided problems. Swelling under eyes.

Select Your Remedy-Dr. Bishambar Das


Cellulitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue and appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender. It may be superficial or affect underlying tissues and may spread to lymph nodes or become systemic. It can occur after any break in the skin, including puncture wounds.

Important remedies for cellulitis:
Apis , Arnica, Hepar, Lachesis, Merc-i-r, Rhus tox, Silica , ars, baptisia, bell, bry, crot-h, gad, mang, merc, myristica, sul i, tarent-c.

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy


Chikungunya (CHIKV) is an insect borne virus transmitted to humans by Aedes mosquitoes. There have been recent outbreaks associated with severe illness, with symptoms similar to dengue fever. The homoeopathic remedy Poly Pinicola 10,000x is almost a specific for Chikungunya, with this remedy given in one single dose. My students have cured many Chikungunya victims during the years 2006 to 2008 with a rate of success greater than 97%.

Dr.V.Krishnamurthy reports in Interhomeopathy Dec 2009

Tuberculinum Aviare in Pulmonary Congestion

Last year I had under my care, at the Hôpital St. Jacques, a truly extraordinary case. It was followed by Dr. Jousset, Dr. Cesar, head of the hospital laboratory, and by the house-physicians.

A woman entered the hospital suffering from influenza. A few days after a slight amelioration of her symptoms, she developed pulmonary congestion, clearly localized in the top of the left lung, and accompanied by all the clinical symptoms of tuberculosis : rales and moist crepitation, dullness, exaggeration of the thoracic vibration, nummular expectoration, fever, perspiration, spitting of blood etc.

Examination of the sputa revealed Koch’s bacilli. Everyone at the hospital diagnosed tuberculosis. I gave her Avian tuberculin and in three weeks all the symptoms disappeared. That woman left the hospital completely cured, and a year afterwards her health was still perfect.

In my opinion this patient never had consumption (in spite of Koch’s bacillus), but was attacked with pseudo-phymic bronchitis – a complication which is very often found with influenza, and which may very easily be mistaken for tuberculosis.
I would not register it as a case of tuberculosis, because, in contradistinction to that single case, I could mention twenty cases of tuberculosis whose symptoms neither Avian tuberculin nor any other such drug has cured.

Thanks to – Veronique Bouan

Warning on Arsenicum

In Pneumonia, in hepatization period, when the symptoms point to Arsenicum, the patient will die if Arsenicum is prescribed, for this remedy is not deep enough to include that infiltration. Sulphur, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Calcarea etc. must take up the work. One of these will clear out the lungs in a few hours with disappearance of all symptoms dependent on the infiltration.

Dr. J.T. Kent – From : OpenRep Professional Repertory Program

Indications for use of Bowel Nosodes

By symptom similarity. When the apparently indicated remedy fails to act. When several drugs seem indicated, but none is clearly the simillimum. In an old case where several remedies have helped but none has cured.

The selection of potency is guided by the same principles as other remedies. When the patient has received a homeopathic remedy within the preceding month, it is safer to give a low potency. In advanced pathology the 6th potency can be given daily. When used in high potency, it is wise not to repeat a bowel nosode within three months.

Principles of Prescribing -Dr. K.N. Mathur -Thanks to Bill Spence – U.S.

Menses Flow

At night – Ammonium Carbonicum, Bovista
Only on lying down – ceases when sitting or walking : Kreosotum
Only when moving about – ceases when she stops walking: Lilium tigrinum

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr.E.B.Nash

Some Clinical Anecdotes

Swelling, burning, stinging on the site of chemotherapy IV needle insertion: Apis 30, tid. Swelling and burning went away within 10 minutes after the 1st dose. 80% overall improvement after 2 days. Also Ipecac 30 was the only remedy required for nausea after chemotherapy.

Kidney stone attack. Belladonna 30, prn, for pain (the PT was able to do without pain killers). The stone was moving, but got stuck at the end of the ureter. The PT was advised an ureteroscopic procedure, which she refused. Calculus renalis 30 in 1 oz of H2O, 10 drops, tid. 2 weeks later – the stone didn’t show on X-rays and overall condition was very good (no pain or tenderness).

Weak joints in an older dog (hind legs wouldn’t support) The dog’s weight is 75 lbs. Calc-p, Calc-fl, Sil all as 6X. 2 tablets each, qd, crushed and poured into the mouth. Noticeable improvement after 1 week.

A proven tip from Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies by N. Lennon & L. Rolfe: When you feel like you’re coming down with a cold/flu, dissolve Ferr-p, Nat-s, Kali-m, 6X, 4 tablets each in 1 cup of hot water and sip until starting feeling better (usually 2 cups will suffice).

Thanks to Valerie – U.S.

Do not go against the modalities!

Do not go against the modalities in a case! Modalities are the things that make the complaint better or worse. If a person’s itchy rash isn’t better for hot applications, don’t give Rhus tox! If a person’s rash isn’t aggravated by hot bathing, don’t give Sulphur! If a person is better for a good night’s sleep, don’t give Lachesis! If a person says, “I love warm, stuffy rooms,” don’t make Pulsatilla your first choice! It’s hard to imagine what could be more important in a case than the modalities (except, of course, for finding the cause)! Be sure and ask for them. When someone tells you their complaint–and I don’t care what it is–first try to find out the cause, what caused it, because you may be able to use an “ailments from” rubric to solve the case, which might make the symptoms, themselves, irrelevant; then, if discovering the cause does not open up the case for you, ask them, “What makes it better or worse?” I don’t care what they say is wrong with them. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed when we hear a case! So much is wrong! It sounds so serious! Just remember to say, “What caused it?” Then, “What makes it better? What makes it worse?” Give examples: heat, cold, motion, cold drinks, hot drinks, lying down, hot or cold applications, sympathy/company, massage, pressure, sleep, etc. There’s almost nothing you can do if all you have is the name of the illness! But for example, if someone says, “I have a headache that’s better for hard pressure,” that could be Bryonia! Now, try to think of a remedy that’s WORSE for hard pressure–that’s the remedy NOT to give!

Thanks to – Elaine Lewis – DHom – U.S.

A Kreosote Dream

A lady of 40 was suffering from painful and profuse menses. A small fibroid had been diangnosed and operation advised. For five months I tried various remedies with little result. One day she told me of a constant dream she had, of a man pursuing her. “Did he look like a robber?” “No, but he was trying to molest me”, she said. Kreosote, which has a similar dream, has almost cured her.

Koppikar’s Clinical Exeriences – Dr. S.P. Koppikar

Acute Case Taking in a Nutshell

Here are the basics questions to be answered:
What changed since you got sick?
When did it start?
Do you know what caused the problem?
What are the symptoms? (physical and mental)
Do they extend from one place?
What are the sensations? (burning, aching, stinging, itching etc.)
What are the locations of the symptoms?
What are the modalities? (What makes it better or worse?)
What are the concomittments? (What symptoms occur together?)

Prescribing on Causation

Some remedies are associated with specific causes. For example, Colocynth is effective for internal spasms caused by anger. Dr. Koppikar tells us that many cures have been brought about by prescribing on causality alone. Here are more examples of causes associated with particular remedies:

Dehydration- Cinchona, Carbo veg ; Grief or loss – Ignatia, Natrum mur, Causticum ; Vaccination – Thuja, Silica; Head injuries – Arnica, Natrum sulph, Hypericum; Humiliation – Staph, Ignatia, Lycopodium ; Sexual abstinence -Conium.

Homoeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler

Three Remedies in Erisipelas

Apis is particularly useful in Erisipelas* when the eruption commences under the right eye and spreads across the face to the left side. The parts become edematous with severe soreness and burning stinging pain. High fever, dry skin, no thirst. Belladonna is required when the face is bright red, streaked red or deep dark red, not much edema and there is throbbing. Under Rhus tox, the face is dusky red and there are blisters which burn, sting and itch. Under Rhus the disease travels from left to right. (Note- Apis and Rhus are inimical and must not follow each other)
*Acute streptococcus infection of the dermis.

Clinical M.M. – Dr. E.A. Farrington



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