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Sulphur in Diphtheritic Croup!

There is a stage in the progress of diphtheria when the dangerous symptoms seem to have disappeared – the coating gone from the throat, the child cheerful and even playful, and the family rejoicing in the hope of a speedy recovery. But within twenty-four, or possibly forty-eight or more hours, a little cough is heard, and it is decided that somehow the ” child has taken cold,” and the doctor gives some simple remedy with the hope ” it will soon be all right again.” Night comes on, with the child more restless, until about midnight when the clarion notes of croup ring out, proclaiming the citadel of life again attacked. What shall be done? Is there any pain?  Generally none.  Is there any coating in the throat? None, but the throat is more or less dry and shiny. The little patient says it is “well,” though obstructed respiration with its accompanying symptoms tell a different story.

“What thou doest do quickly,” for already valuable time has been lost while treating the case for a simple cough. Put the little one on Sulphur high, and you will witness the victory of the infinitesimals.

John A. Gann, M. D .   – From- The Medical Advance – 1887  –  Thanks to Peter Frye

A New Aspect of Kali Iodatum?

Here is something I noticed on myself during an acute disease and later with my daughter. During an acute disease, if the physical symptoms seem to be minor, but the pain is unbearable, think of Kali-iodatum.  I had a throat inflammation. The doctor said it didn’t look serious, a bit of redness in the throat, a bit fluid in the ear. But I couldn’t sleep at night, crying and lamenting about the pain.

Later, during the delivery, when I came to the hospital, people thought I was in labor already, because it was so painful and intense. When they checked me I had only 1.5 cm.

My daughter had a throat inflammation with the same diagnosis and it didn’t look serious. But when the night came, she whined.and cried. My experience with the remedy is that there is great soreness and sensitiveness to pain, like in the remedy Chamomilla, but the physical evidence is not correlated to it.

Thanks to Adi Brumer R.C.Hom – Israel


(Serous fluid in the abdominal cavity)

Ascites from the loss of blood, from venesections, etc., yields to

Cinchona as by a miracle.   – Homeopathic Therapeutics,   Samuel Lilienthal , MD

Alternating Remedies

More than once it has happened to me that two related remedies competed so closely that a choice was difficult, and each had some concomitant symptoms of the case that the other did not possess. In these I saw the best results when I continuously alternated with both and with not too long intervals, so that always the one was given before the other had fully exhausted its action. The improvement increased and often no other medicines were necessary to complete the cure.

The Relationship of  the Remedies – C. V. Boenninghausen
Thanks to Sheila Stein U.S.

Severe Apoplectic Attacks (Stroke)

Severe apoplectic attacks are fatal in a short time. If the patient lives till the homoeopathic physician can reach him, then Opium will be the remedy if pupils are contracted, the pulse slow and full, and the face red; or Lachesis when the pulse is weak and small, and the face purplish-pale. Other remedies may be indicated by a carefully taken anamnesis and by the symptoms present.

From The Homoeopathic Recorder, Vol. LVIII – 1943

Better from Spirits

“Patients requiring Conium often improve from wine or stimulants, though persons susceptible to Conium cannot take alcoholic stimulants when in health.” (Allen)

“Alcoholic stimulants relieve all complaints where Gelsemium. is useful.” (Boericke) .  General – Weakness – Stimulants amel.:  Phosporus   (Radar). Of the 24 remedies in Radar Generals -Alcohol amel:  GELS (3), Conium (2) Granit.m (2)

Thanks to Veronique Bouan

Lac caninum, Arnica, Rhus t.

A case of diphtheria was relieved, but not cured by other remedies. The symptom “Ulcers shine like silver gloss” pointed to Lac caninum. A few doses of Lac caninum 30 cured.

Arnica Montana is the best remedy in many cases of Pleurodynia. I have cured many cases with one dose of the 200th and pain would often cease in a few minutes. My first remedy, nearly always.

Arnica is also a good choice in mental shock where the patient has had a violent shock and can’t get over it.

Prof. Walter M. Williamson says: When rheumatism begins low down and works up, Arnica will cure.

Rbus tox: When a part is stretched or strained, as over-distension of the perinaeum, give one dose of 200th, and wait. One case of uterine hemorrhage, threatening abortion, consequent upon over-lifting, controlled by a few doses.

J. A. Wakeman M.D. – Thanks to Michelle Prieur – Canada

Therapeutic Hints on Gelsemium

When called to a person who feels he has cold chills running up the spine, yet to the touch is hot, there is no remedy equal to Gelsemium.

If called to a person whose head is hot, extremities cold, no particular pain, stupor, dull, desires to be let alone, Gelseminm.

Many persons have a headache for months, just enough to be annoying, top and back of head, Gelsemium three times a day will relieve in a short time.

When you find a person subject to spasms of glottis, no remedy equals Gelsemium.

Persons will come stating that they wake up in the night with a nervous feeling in fleshy part of the legs and arms; cannot go to sleep; muscles in continuous commotion—not a cramp, but a nervous feeling of unrest—not troubled during the day. Gelsemium upon retiring and upon awakening will soon relieve.

In a large per cent of cases of insomnia from mental overwork, feel as though could not get themselves together, or remain still long enough to quiet down, want of nervous control, Gelsemium.

In eclampsia either before, during or after delivery in nervous temperaments of a hysterical make-up, and when the convulsion is severe but assumes normal after each attack, Gelsemium is almost a specific.

Therapeutic Hints, Taken from My Notebook of Over Forty Years’ Practical Observation –   J. E. King, M. D.   –  The Hahnemannian Advocate – 1902           Thanks to J. Savoye – Belgium

A Gelsemium Case with Dread of Downward Motion

Mrs. H. P. C., pregnant five months. Sick headache, pains ascend from neck, accompanied by profuse urination. Sleepy faintness, sometimes fainting, better from motion in open air.  Constipated; much flatulency.  Deep yellow, acrid, adhesive leucorrhoea. Formerly had  diarrhoea from emotions. Has lately returned from the tropics; Gelsemiun cured.

After delivery the child showed severe brain symptoms, rubbing the head, screaming constantly and vomiting hard curds of milk. Aethusa helped for a little while.  I now found great dread of downward motion present, sleeplessness also appeared, part of the mother’s Gelsemium state seemed to show in the infant. For this it received Gelsemium with prompt relief.

We are accustomed to look upon the symptom as distinctive of Borax, but from several late experiences, I am persuaded that it is equally characteristic of Gelsemium, provided of course that the other symptoms confirmed the choice.

C. M. Boger- 1902

Calendula in Burns

After burns, Calendula hinders and prevents gangrene, promotes granulations and prevents disfiguring scars. Favors cicatrization with the least possible suppuration; prevents exhaustion from loss of blood and excessive pain with delirium.

Apparent Death – Asphyxia

Put a few pellets of the specific remedy on the tongue of the patient, or administer the medicine by the rectum; not omitting the required mechanical means of cure. If the asphyxia should have been caused by a blow, fall, etc., give Arnica. If the patient lost much blood in consequence of the injury, give first China (according to Hering), and then Arnica.  If arising from suffocation, Hering recommends:  for those who tried to kill themselves by suspension, Opium; by drowning: Lachesis.

For asphyxia by stroke of lightning, give Nux vomica.  For asphyxia of newborn infants we use: Antimonium tart., Opium, China, and Aconite.

Homoeopathic therapeutics – Dr. Samuel Lilienthal -Thanks to- E. Zeinoun

An Old Gonorrhea Cured

A young lady had, through a sexual indiscretion, acquired gonorrhoea.  Not knowing the real nature of the trouble, she thought it only leucorrhoea and was treated for it by the “scientific” school. After four years of this treatment, with no result except a partial suppression of this discharge, she applied to me and although prescribing carefully, I only made a partial success.

Thinking there was some ancient history, untold, by persistent effort I gleaned the truth, and then proceeded to get at the bottom of the trouble as can only be done with homoeopathic remedies. First, I antidoted the gonorrhoeal poison by Medorrhinum. Allowing two weeks to intervene, I then antidoted nitrate of silver—which had been used locally—with the 1m potency. Again waiting two weeks, I antidoted Kali permanganate – which also had been used locally—with the effect of nearly suppressing the discharge, or at least holding it down to a then slight, irritating, excoriating, offensiye, muco- purulent flow. The antidotal potency here used was cm. In two weeks I restored the discharge to its original profuse condition. Then I followed with Thuja30, and Natrum sulph completed the cure.

How often we are puzzled by just such conditions. Careful prescribing only palliates, and we wonder why is not the cure made when the accuracy of the indication and the application of the remedy is used. This serves to illustrate the why. We do not get down deep enough under the cause of the original disease. Yet how many do not believe in antidotal prescribing. For myself, my best work has been done by first clearing out the drugs; then, after having secured the therapeutic right of way, it is easy enough for the indicated remedy to do the work.

A. G. Downer, Princeton, IL 1902 (Author – Drugs that Serve Me Well)

The First Homeopathic Medical College

What was the first homeopathic medical college in the world?  It was The North American Academy of the Homeopathic Healing Art in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.  It started in 1836 and was presided over by Dr. Constantine Hering.

Elaine’s Tips

The Magnifying Glass Cure – (from Robin Murphy’s lectures).  Using a small magnifying glass, concentrate the sun’s rays on: melanoma, birthmark, warts, cysts ulcers or varicose veins until a burning sensation is felt, then stop.  Do this once or twice a day.  Give it about two weeks.

Casetaking and Prescribing Hints for Chronic Ailments

Look for:

Excesses, Deficiencies, Blockages, Loss of vital fluid. Also, sensitivities to noise, weather, etc.  What do they over-react to?

Motivation – What’s their motivation for doing whatever it is they say they’re doing?  For example, Nux v. is ambitious.  Arsenicum feels vulnerable and insecure so he is motivated to accumulate more money than he actually needs and to cultivate a support network of people who are dependent on him so they can never leave.  Phosphorus is motivated to make friends in order to counter the delusion that he is alone, isolated on some distant island.

What is the focus of their time/energy/attention? What is dissipating their energy?  Is there suffering?  Treat any suffering first. Look for keynotes of remedies.

See if there is a compelling etiology. For example if everything happened after a head injury, that fact is more important than the totality of symptoms.  The rubric would be, “Head: injuries, ailments from”.

The top layer is a chronic disease with X or Y acutes.  You’ll need a remedy for the disease and an intercurrent remedy for the acute/s.

Determine the “essence” remedy underneath the disease.  Finally, determine the constitutional remedy–the healthy state the person was born with. It  could be calc-carb, sulphur, etc.  For example:  Disease: cancer- remedy–conium.  Essence remedy underneath:nat-mur.  Constitutional remedy under nat-m.: Phosphorus.  How would you know?  The cancerous tumor is hard/indurated with a concomitant of vertigo on turning the head -conium.  The Patient began her life as an out-going, sociable person, extroverted, tall and thin; then was put into foster care after losing her parents and became nat-mur.  (Nat-mur has a relationship with conium according to Robin Murphy.)

Regarding  Aggravations:   If a remedy aggravates with no amelioration, it could mean: right remedy, but out of order.  You may be overlooking a recent layer; you may have prescribed “too deep”.  Look for suffering in the case which needs to be cleared first; such as, pain or infection or disease/pathology.  Try the remedy again after you have cleared the top layer and it might work then.

Thanks to Elaine Lewis, CHom

Ferrum Phos or Belladonna?

“Ferrum Phos may present a very similar picture to Belladonna, including intense heat of the skin, but differs chiefly in that Ferrum Phos has the mental alertness of Phosphorus and responsiveness to every environmental influence, in marked contrast to the lack of interest in the environment of Belladonna. The face of Ferrum Phos tends to flush up, alternating with pallor. Circumscribed redness of the cheeks is found in Ferrum Phos; the face of Belladonna is uniformly red, except sometimes there is a circumoral pallor.”

“The pulse of Belladonna is full and bounding, that of Ferrum Phos is nearly always soft. Finally, if there is still a doubt, it is worthwhile to remember that Ferrum Phos covers a later pathological stage, as for example in Otitis Media, when pus has definitely formed.”

Tutorials on Homeopathy – Dr. Donald Foubister  – Thanks to Firuzi Mehta
Comparative M.M. – Clergyman’s sore throat

ALUM. – Sore throat, which is < in the evening and at night, but which is > on taking anything warm, and which is less painful in the morning.

ALUMN. – Sore throat with relaxed uvula.

ARG_N.  – Sensation as if a splinter were stuck in when swallowing, breathing, or moving the neck.

IP. – Sore throat, during deglutition, as from swelling of the pharynx.

KALI BI.— Much tenacious mucus, sometime thick, gelatinous, hawked in morning.

Clarke’s M.M.  – Thanks to  ganesan.m



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