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Tips and Secrets 35 – March 2010

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Hungry Headaches

The Sanguinaria headache is of the hungry kind, and is relieved by eating; while, as a rule, the Iris headache is made worse by indulgence in food.


Canker Sores

Natrum phosphoricum  has few equals for ulcerations of the buccal raucous membrane. “Canker sores” of the lips and cheeks yield to this remedy in the 3x or 6x attenuation, where Borax, Antimonium Crud., Baptisia, Kali Chlorum, etc., have failed to cure.


Kalmia for the Heart

Kalmia is of superior value in rheumatic affections of the heart, especially when associated with albuminaria. Ascites occurring in a rheumatic subject, when the heart has been impaired and a large percentage of albumen is transuded through the tubuli of the kidneys, would be benefited and probably occasionally cured by Kalmia.



Asphyxia Neonatorum

Aconite: The child is hot, purple hued, pulseless and breathless, or nearly so.

Antimonium- Tart: There is much rattling of mucus; pale, with gasping, pulseless.

Belladonna: The face is very red and the eyeballs are greatly injected.

Laurocerasus: There is blueness of face, twitching of muscles of face and gasping, with rattling breathing.

Opium: The child is pale and breathless, but the cord still pulsates.

Last 4 tips– The Southern Journal of Homeopathy – C.E. Fisher M.D. Editor -1888.




Pulsatilla is usually the first remedy thought of in suppression of milk. The breasts are swollen and painful and the flow of milk is absent or scanty. The patient is apt to be depressed and tearful. When no cause is discernible for the non-appearance of milk, Urtica urens has been found useful, and if suppressed from a fit of anger Chamomilla is the remedy. Causticum too, has been used successfully in rheumatic women.


After Pains

Cimicifuga comes to mind at once for after pains when they are very intense, when they are worse about the region of the groin, and the patient is sensitive and cannot tolerate them. This intolerance of the pains suggests Chamomilla which is also a remedy to be thought of here; also Pulsatilla ; the temperament of these two remedies will distinguish  them.

Gelsemium acts best in very sensitive women who cannot compel quiet or sleep.

Caulophyllum is another remedy which is useful for after pains. They are spasmodic in character and fly across the lower part of the abdomen. It comes in especially after a prolonged and exhausting labor. It is also a specific for false labor pains.

Arnica is a remedy usually prescribed in a routine way after labor for the soreness of the parts, and it is a very useful remedy in after pains.

If the pains are intestinal rather than uterine, Cocculus will be found useful; and if they press on the rectum and bladder Nux is the remedy.

Sabina and Sepia may also be indicated by their peculiar pains, those of Sabina shooting from behind forwards, and those of Sepia shooting upwards and accompanied by weight in the lower bowel.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D.



Potency Selection in Acute Prescribing

People wanted to know, in conjunction with my article on acute prescribing, ( what potency to use?  Generally, nothing less than a 30C, three times a day for three days. Usually if you’ve seen no progress by then, it’s the wrong remedy. Or, one dose of a 200C or 1M.  The more severe the complaint, the higher the potency should be.

If an acute has just started, you should see results almost immediately if you’ve used the right potency.  If the acute has been around for a few days or a week or two, you may not see results for two or three days.  As soon as you see a striking improvement, stop dosing.  Resume dosing if the case stalls or relapses.

If you see an aggravation, stop dosing.  An improvement may follow shortly if the remedy was correct. Generally, the rule in acute dosing is “as needed”.  You were improving, then you started to relapse, now it’s time to redose.

Your first dose can be “dry”, but if there is to be subsequent dosing, put the remedy in water!  Use disposable cups or bottles.  If you use a bottle, always shake or succuss the bottle before each dose.  If you use a cup, stir the cup before each dose with a straw or other disposable implement.  If you think you can get away with taking multiple doses dry, you will be in for a big surprise!  You may prove the remedy or you may antidote all the progress you’ve made to that point!  (See aph. 247 of the Organon).

Elaine Lewis, C.Hom.

(See the Quiz section for more of Elaine’s tips on acute prescribing)



Migraine Cured

Mrs. O., aged fifty-two years; has been subject to headache since she was seventeen, which has become more severe during the past two years. It starts in the right temple and spreads all over the head. Bright lights aggravate and are attended by a sensation of nausea and sometimes vomiting. She is relieved by lying quiet in a darkened room. One week later she reported better and the remedy was continued in a higher potency at lengthened intervals. At the end of one month she believed herself cured.

Sanguinaria is indicated when the pain increases and decreases with the sun; has a periodicity; is worse on right side; aggravated by the least movement; and relieved by being in a dark room, and especially by sleep. It has never disappointed me in this class of cases.

A.L. Blackwood, M.D.



Cuprum Arsenicosum in Cholera Infantum

This remedy is indicated when in the course of an attack the stools become watery and serous and prostration sets in. It is particularly called for when the symptoms are intense thirst, great restlessness, violent vomiting, cramps and tendency to convulsions. In treating these cases it is well to give the little patients water as hot as can be borne, even if it is shortly afterward ejected. No food of any kind should be given until the danger symptoms are passed.                                                Pacific Coast Journal of Homeopathy  -1899



Blindness with Headache

Blindness, accompanying or as a precursor of headache, is found under several drugs. Gelsemium has it quite marked. Kali bich. has the peculiar symptom of blindness preceding headache, but, as the headache grows worse, the blindness disappears. Causticum has blindness, with headache differing from kali bi. in that the blindness does not diminish as the headache increases. The blindness of silicea comes on after the headaches. There are some others, Natrum Mur., Iris Versicolor, and Psorinum having blinding headaches. These six drugs will be most often indicated in blinding headaches.

Dr. M. E. Douglas – The  American Homeopathist



Which Mercurius in Diphtheria?

Mercurius vivus and mercurius corrosivus are best adapted to those incipient, incomplete, or doubtful cases of diphtheria in which the prostration is not great, the exudate small, and all the symptoms indicating a mild form of disease. The iodides of mercury are most applicable to those forms of diphtheria in which the lymphatic glands are early involved while other symptoms are of mild type. With the development of severe sore throat, a large amount of exudate, and marked general symptoms, I would look to cyanide of mercury as offering the surest, quickest, and best means of cure.  Dr. Tooker  The American Homeopathist


Testimonial to Argentum nitricum

The greatest service that Argentum nitricum performs is in purulent ophthalmia. In both hospital and private practice, we have not lost a single eye from this disease, most of them treated with 30th or 200th. We have witnessed the most intense chemosis, with strangulated vessels, most profuse purulent discharge, even the cornea beginning to get hazy and looking as though it would slough, subside rapidly under Argentum nitricum. The subjective symptoms are almost none.

Dr. Norton /W. A. Smith, M. D The American Homeopathist


Mezereum in Skin Diseases

A girl twelve years old complained of a dirty looking eruption on, behind and around the left ear. It consisted of brown, yellow scabs, mostly dry, at some spots moist, oozing a yellow matter, and itching violently. The skin felt like a piece of old parchment—no life in it. The same thing was noticed on the neck and some places on the abdomen.  I prescribed Mez. 6, two weeks later Mez. 30, after another week a few doses of Mez. 200, and then she was kept on sac. lac. The eruption was cured; abdomen first, then cheek and neck, and lastly, the ear.  The general conditions of Mezereum :  It mostly affects one side of the body, principally the left, the eruption may be dry in one spot and moist in another, it is especially adapted for persons of phelegmatic temperament.                                                                                                                                  Dr. Cordozo -North American Journal of Homeopathy-1899.



Cough aggravated as soon as he lies down. Violent spasmodic sneezing and lachrymation on going into the open air; the throat also is affected, giving you a perfect picture of tonsillitis. The difficulty begins on the left side, and extends to the right; the pain is worse on empty swallowing. Sometimes there is a sensation as of a thread or a string in the throat, or else a sense of constriction in the throat, as if it was tied with a string. Aggravated 4 to 8 p. m.

B. H. Lawson, M. D. – American Homeopathist




Petroleum Delusion


“Imagined someone was lying near him”. ” Irritable; quarrelsome; violent; offended at trifles.” This particular symptom of the Petroleum patient that someone is lying in bed with him is marked. It has been verified many times in both typhoid and puerperal fever.
Text book of Homoeopathic Materia Medica – George Royal M.D.

Thanks to Dr.Raj Kumar – Kamboj,India.



Aurum muriaticum

Aurum muriaticum in the second decimal trituration, is a better and safer remedy than Kali iodatum in degenerative conditions of the nervous system due to syphilis.


Chionanthus simulates the symptoms of Chelidonium in hepatic disorders when diarrhea is a constant factor.                                                                                                                                The Clinique of the Clinical Society of the Hahnemann Hospital of Chicago  – Jan, 15, 1899.




Remedies with Aggravation After Midnight


Aconite AM-M. Ant-t. Arsenicum AUR. BRY. CALC-C. CANN-S. Cantharis Caps. Carb-an. CAUST. CHEL.

Coc-c. Coffea Croc. CUP. DROS. DULC. Ferrum GELS. Graphites Hepar IGN. Iodium KALI-M. KALI-N.

MAG-C. MANG. Mercurius MEZER. Mur-ac. NAT-S. NUX-V. Par. Phosphorus PHOS-AC. PHYT. Platina

PODO. PULS. RAN-S. Rhododendron RHUS-T. RUMX. Sambucus Scilla. Sepia SIL. Staphysagria Sulph. Sulph-ac.

Tarax. THUJ. Viol-o.       –   C.M. Boger


Aethusa Ant-c. Aranea Belladonna Bryonia Carb-v. KALI-B. Nat-c. Natrum mur. Nux-v. Pulsatilla Sarsaparilla

Remedies for Aggravations in Winter

ACON. Alumina Am-c. Arg-m. Arsenicum AUR. Bryonia CAMPH. Carb-v. CAUST. Chamomilla Dulcamara Helleborus HEP. Ipecac.Kali-p. nitricum acidum Nux moschata NUX-V. PETR. Psorinum Rhus-t. Sabad SEP. Stront. Verb.





Time of Aggravation

Ars —– 1-2 a. m. and 1-2 p. m.

Kali Carb —– 2-4 a. m.

Calcarea —– 3 a. m.

Sulphur —– 3-5 a. m.

Lycopodium  4- 8 pm

Nux Vom. —– 4-5 a. m.

Arnica, Hepar, Nux Vom. —– 6 a. m.

Bovista, Bryonia, Eupat., Podophyllum —– 7 a. m.

Eupat., Podophyllum — 7-9 a. m. (Fever)

Nat. Mur., Stann. —– 9-10-11 a. m.

China S., Nat. Mur. —– 10-11 a. m.

Cactus, Baptisia, Nat. Mur., Nux vomica, Sulphur — 11 a. m.

Sulph. : Weak Faint —– 11 a. m.

Lachesis —– 12 Noon regularly.

Angust., Ant-t., Apis.Ced. —– 3 p. m.

Belladonna — 3-4 p. m.

Apis, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla —– 4 p. m.

Kali Carb., Pulsatilla, Rhus, Thuja. —– 5 p. m.

Hepar, Rhus., Silicea —– 6 p. m.

Lycopodium, Rhus. —– 7 p. m.

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