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We invite you to send in your favorite Tips and Secrets on homeopathy. We will publish a select group each month, acknowledging the sender. They may be based on your own experience or taken from homeopathic literature. Please identify the source of your information and your name and country. Send your tips to us at [email protected]

Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

These are the tips of our readers and do not necessarily express the views of or ‘Homeopathy for Everyone’.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

A [remedy] state will create around it, the very situation for which it is appropriate. The Silica child will make us adopt the stance of an examiner, the very person Silica is afraid of. The Arsenicum man, by his carefulness and thriftiness, will provoke others to steal from him, thus making real the delusion that he is surrounded by thieves.
from: Rajan Sankaran -The Substance of Homeopathy p 271

The Snake

“The serpent pathology… is the rebellion or paralysis of the life urge or libido; you can say Lachesis is the penalty of unlived life”
Edward Whitmont – Psyche and Substance

Prophylaxis with Diptherinum

The author [Dr. H.C. Allen] has used it for twenty-five years as a prophylactic and has never known a second case of diptheria to occur in a family after it had been administered. It need not and should not be repeated too frequently.
From: H.C Allen – Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons.

Diagnosis of Cancer

“The blood will show marked increase in leucocytes, deficient red cell oxyhaemoglobin, marked excess of carbonates, corresonding deficiency of chlorides and phosphates, deficiency of potassium ions, excessive increase in sodium ions. The urine will show excess carbonates and absence of phosphate and chloride.”
From: Homeopathic Insight into Cancer -Dr. Sultan Alam M. Bihari

Naturm Muriaticum – keynote and single symptoms

Dreams of being thirsty, Refuses help, Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences, Presence of people intolerable during urination, Rage from consolation, Searches for thieves after having dreamt of them, Despair during pregnancy, Delusion – Pitied on account of his misfortune, Postpones work, Morose when questioned, Sadness with canine hunger, Despair about the future.
-from H.L. Chitkara – Materia Medica of the Mind

Give me more work!

“In conversation, Nux vomica is crisp, terse, nervous, spirited, able to make his point pithily, and with a tendency to play with words and ideas. Highly career and work oriented, Nux deals with stress and anxiety by taking on more work.”
– From: Catherine Coulter -Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines Vol.2

Can’t talk right now

“The exhaustion of Stannum is so great that the slightest exertion becomes a great source of aggravation. Whenever a patient tells you that he becomes short of breath after talking for a few minutes on the phone, think of Stannum”
– from: George Vithoulkas – The Essence of Materia Medica

Bowel Nosodes

” If I find a percentage of non-lactose fermenting organaism in a stool greater than 50%, the administration of a bowel nosode is contraindicated… and produces a …vital depression of the patient. Do not repeat a bowel nosode within three months.”
From : The Bowel Nosodes – John Patterson -(In Allen’s Keynotes)

Worse from heat and cold

“The pains of Chamomilla are oftener aggravated by heat than otherwise, but are not, like Pulsaitlla, ameliorated by cold. In fact, the cold air often brings on troubles, for which this remedy is specific.”
from : E.B Nash -Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics
Some Cures from Clinical Practice

1. Blindness due to nervous weakness – SANTONINUM – 30.

2. Capillary Haemangioma in Lateral Orbit Area -ACIDUM FLUORICUM – 200.

3. Haemorrhage in both left and right eyes- CROTALUS HORRIDUS 200.

4. Congenital Cataract in Both Eyes.- BARYTA CARBONICA 200.

5. Glalucoma in early stage -GELSEMIUM – 200.

Thanks to : Prof Dr S S Rahman, (DUBAI).

Smoke Signal

Caladium can help in cases where smoking has brought about deterioration in health, ie in lungs, memory, vascular system and sexual ability. Caladium should not be prescribed for excessive desire, but rather where there is aggravation from smoking.
George Vithoulkas – Materia Medica Viva

Acid Diathesis

Natrum Phosphoricum is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid. Any deficiency of Natrum phos prevents the breakdown of lactic acid . Creamy or golden yellow coating at back of tongue and on soft palate.
From – Boericke and Dewey – The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler

A Contraindication

Aconite Nappellus is contraindicated in fevers which bring out eruptions or are otherwise salutary unless there is agonizing tossing about and dry skin.
From Constantine Hering – Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica

A Warning on Allium

Allium Cepa -in Coryza : Although it quickly stops the nasal catarrh, it frequently seems to drive the trouble to the chest. Phosphorus appears to stop this action of Allium cepa.
-from Dr. EA Farrington – Lesser Writings with Therapeutic Hints.

A Warning on Digitalis

In ORGANIC diseases of the heart, digitalis must be used with extreme caution, because it may hasten the period when nature is no longer able to compensate by hypertrophy of the heat muscle, for the interference in the circulation.
From E.A. Farrington -Clinical Materia Medica

Some Near Specifics from the Masters

Causticum is the routine remedy for retention of urine after operation.
= Dr. D.M. Foubiser =

Nothing equals Hypericum in cases of smashed fingers.
= Dr. E.A. Farrington =

Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for hiccough occurring after operations on the abdomen.
= Dr. E.A. Farrington =

Hypericum is the main remedy for spinal injuries.
= Dr. D.M. Foubister =

Berberis Vul. is an excellent remedy for renal colic.
= Dr. E. A. Farrington =

Cholesterinum is said to be almost specific for gallstone colic.
= Dr. Pulford =

Colocynthis cures colics again and again.
= Dr. T.K. Moore =

In biliary colic, Calcarea Carb. has never failed me.
= Dr. R. Hughes =

One’s chief use for Mag phos. has been in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea.
= Dr. M.L.Tyler =

Any haemorrhage seeming to be in sympathy with heart trouble, think of Cactus.
= Dr. E.B. Nash =

In cramps of the calves, I have never known Cuprum to fail.
= Dr. Jousett =

In habitual vomiting in babies, one should think of Iris.
= Dr. C.G. Raue =

For the excessively obstinate child, Tuberculinum is most often indicated.
= Dr. D.M. Foubister =

I have cured probably 100 cases of Adenoids with Tuberculinium alone.
= Dr. J.T. Kent =

Persons suffering from ulceration of the lungs can scarcely get well without Kali Carb.
=Dr. Hahnemann =

There is one remedy in regard to enlarged prostate and that is Hydrangea.
= Dr. A.H. Grimmer =

For the terrible falling out of hair after Typhoid, Fluoric Acid is well indicated.
= Dr. C.M. Boger =

I recommend Arnica Mont. as preventive and curative of boils.
= Dr. Hahnemann =

Nitric Acid is almost specific for diarrhea after antibiotics, especially the mycins.
= Dr. E.W. Hubbard =

I know of no remedy of such universal usefulness in cases of simple acne as Kali Brom 30.
= Dr. J.H. Clarke =

Lycopodium is master remedy in infantile Eczema.
= Dr. Leon Renard =

We have found Bacillinum almost specific for ulceration of cornea in children.
= Dr. M.L. Tyler =

Several cases of cataract have been arrested in their progress by Causticum and the sight even improved, where before its administration they were rapidly going on to complete blindness.
= Drs. Allen and Norton =

The more Benzoic Acid is used in Gout the more it will be prized.
= Dr. C. Hering =

Arthritis deformans responds to Antim Crud. a near specific.
= Dr. Schwartz =

In Diabetes, 2 or 3 grains of the 3rd trituration of Uran. Nit. Administered morning and night, will in a short time reduce the quantity of urine passed to nearly a normal standard, and after a continual use, the proportion of sugar is materially lessened.
= Dr. Bradford =

Some of the worst cases of chronic rheumatism have been cured by Ant. Crud., guided by the extreme tenderness of the soles of the feet.
= Dr. E.B. Nash =

Ipecac. is especially the infant’s friend and is commonly indicated in the bronchitis of infancy.
Dr. J.T. Kent

Thanks to: Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

Gems from C M Boger

Pain causes patient to sweat. The more intense the pain, the more the patient sweats. A keynote of Tilea Europea
(Note: Some other remedies with perspiration from pain include Ant. tart, Bry, Cham, Chel, Coloc, Hep, Lach, Merc, Nat c., Podo, Rhus t, Sep, Sul, Tub etc)

Eryngium aquaticum is a remedy deserving the highest rank in all inflammatory conditions of the bladder. Especially when this is due to mechanical injuries inflicted by prolonged labor or the use of forceps. It has to be carefully differentiated from Cantharis; given in too low a potency it has caused debilitating sweats.

Dioscorea follows Bryonia with the happiest results when the latter seems insufficient. This is particularly true in sciatica. (Note: Alumina, Rhus, Kali c and Nat. m are other complements of Bryonia)

Pyrogen: All of us have cases coming for treatment in which a comparatively small cut or injury has produced great swelling, sometimes with discoloration. The patients are usually alarmed about themselves and fear blood poisoning. Pyrogen will dissipate the entire trouble in 24 hours; the wound usually returns to a normal color and the patients are relieved, be their fears well grounded or otherwise.

Cadmium Sulph: The power of this salt over gastric inflammations or irritation is very great indeed. All it’s guiding symptoms were present in a case recently treated. Faintness on rising or sitting up, nausea and vomiting compelling the patient to keep very quiet. The patient craves cold water which is immediately vomited. These were present in a case of gastritis, which had assumed a very threatening aspect. In twenty-four hours convalescence was well under way.

Bryonia: Has several times lately been useful in unusual conditions, two cases of gall-stone colic and a like number of abortions. The symptoms were ones familiar to all of us and are simply cited to show that it is very important indeed to disabuse our minds of the idea that certain remedies are of necessity called for in certain diseases.

From C.M. Bogers Collected Writings. Thanks to : Robert Bannan, Phoenix, AZ

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