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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Good Works and Denial of Comfort

Manganum aceticum -They like to be of service, to help those who have a hard time. Inclined to deny themselves basic comforts, e.g. Mother Theresa. Pain extends to ears, every part of body feels sore when touched, cough better lying down, ascending paralysis, deafness in damp weather. Wants to lie down in bed which improves all troubles. Better lying down, open air, sad music. Worse – cold wet weather, touch, night, motion, bending backward.

Homeopathy and the Elements – Jan Sholten / Lotus Materia Medica – R. Murphy.


Sepia – The contradiction of will in Sepia is between desiring relationship, or seeing relationships as hopeless and preferring to give herself totally to career and independence. Indifferent to those loved best. Better: exercise, pressure, warmth, after sleep. Worse: dampness, left side, after sweat, before thunderstorm. Craves acid foods.

The Substance of Homeopathy – R. Sankaran, Materia Medica – Wm. Boericke

Other Remedies for Vaccination Effects

Apis – Sudden puffing up of whole body

Malandrinum – Dry rough skin remaining for years after vaccination.

Silica – Abscesses or convulsions (also Thuja). Abscess in axilla, whole arm swollen, backache, nausea.

Mezereum – Eczema and itching

Sarsaparilla – Blood purifier after vaccination. Itching eruptions on face and skin.

Antimonium tartaricum – When Thuja fails and Silica is not indicated.

Sulphur – When Sulphur symptoms prevail.

Sepia – When Sepia symptoms prevail

To prevent side effects Hypericum / Ledum :

Principles of Prescribing – K.N. Mathur / Homeopathic Medical Repertory – R. Murphy

I Ching

For the last fifty years I have used the I Ching for advice in clinically ambiguous or difficult situations. In all instances in which it was possible to verify its verdict, the I Ching has proven itself uncannily accurate.

Psyche and Substance – Edward Whitmont, M.D.


Veratrum Album- They either have been born into the upper crust of society, or imagine they have. Often they find themselves in menial occupations, dreaming with envy of what they think they should have attained. Delusions: He is a prince, is rich, is talking with God.

Homeopathy -Science or Myth – Bill Gray, M.D./ M.M of Mind- H.L. Chitkara


In measles, Pulsatilla is not the remedy if there is any high fever. So do not give it in the beginning when the fever is high. Begin with Aconite or Gelsemium, as indicated by the symptoms.

E. A. Farrington – Clinical Materia Medica

Homeopathy in Atrial Fibrillation

In a study using homeopathy for atrial fibrillation, (Vinnitsa Medical University, Ukraine), all the patients reported “a stable normalization of cardiac rhythm”, “a stable improvement in their ability to work, a reduction of cardialgia frequency and intensity and a significant decrease of the number of concomitant pathology symptoms” The authors (L. Hutsol, M. Hutsol, I. Tsymbal) conclude that homeopathy is an ideal choice for therapeutic intervention in atrial fibrillation.

Bismuth Subnitricum

Bismuth Subnitricum – Solitude is unbearable. Children cling desperately to their parent’s hand out of terror of being alone, even for a few minutes. Inflammation of alimentary canal. Acute stomach pains in which even water is vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach. Craves cold drinks. Gums swollen, tongue white, metallic or sweetish taste. Slow digestion with fetid belching.

Ritalin Free Kids- J.R. Ullman, Wm. Boericke – M.M.

Karwinskia in Paralysis

Karwinskia, a plant found in Mexico (Rhamnacae family), presents as flaccid paralysis which increases ending in quadriplegia. Ascending progressive paralysis, painless, mostly left sided. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea followed by intestinal paralysis, dyspnea ending in respiratory paralysis. Buzzing in both ears. Bedsores. Proved Luis de Legarreta 1961.

Lotus M.M. – R. Murphy

Homeopathy for Carpenters

Arnica – Top remedy for any bruising injury, ragged cut, head injury, broken bones.

Hypericum – For banged-up fingers and toes that are very painful. Follows Arnica in head or spine injuries.

Ledum – For puncture wounds. May help prevent tetanus. Follow with Hypericum if much pain.

Silica – For splinters that are too deep to reach. Causes the body to expel them, even if they’ve been there for years. Note: Do not use Silica if you have any kind of surgical implant.

Homeopathy- An A to Z Home Handbook – A. Schmukler

Can’t Let it Go

Anxiety with palpitation, about things that happened long ago- SEPIA.

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – R. Murphy

Lapis Albus (Silico-fluoride of Calcium)

Grauvogl treated five cases of uterine carcinoma, pronounced true and incurable by allopaths, and cured them all. Lapis Albus has burning stinging pain in breast, stomach uterus. Persistent pains in mammary region. Glandular hardening. Fibroid tumors with intense burning pains through the part with profuse hemorrhage. Ravenous appetite. Grauvogl found it did harm in cases that had previously suffered from Malaria. Pre-ulcerative stage of carcinoma. First to sixth potency.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – E.B. Nash

Gems from the Masters

When a nosode comes out in repertorizing use it with a care. It invariably proves to be the similimum — EW Hubbard

For hypersensitive patients use low or medium potencies — S. Close

An anti-psoric medicine should not be taken immediately before or during menses. It may be taken on the 4th day — M. Tyler.

Thyroidinum – a medicine prepared from the dried gland of the sheep—is a therapeutic agent of some value in a number of disease, such as goiter, mammary tumor, vomiting of pregnancy, arrested development in children etc. But a precaution is necessary in using this remedy. Crude Thyroid as well as the sixth and the thirtieth potencies are used. But do not use it in routine manner. Here is caution: if the crude Thyroid is taken (two to three grains or more daily) the pulse should be watched. It must not be given in physiological doses where with feeble heart, there is high blood pressure and not in tubercular patients — Boericke.

Silicea has a wide therapeutic use. It is a deep acting remedy. In phthisis it must be used with care. It may cause the absorption of scar-tissue, liberate the disease walled-in to new activities (J. Weir). It is also called the Biochemic “knife”. For this, the lower potency should be used. Such is the case with Mercurius. But they do not follow each other well.

Phosphorus is one of the many remedies which should be very carefully prescribed on indications. It should not be given too low or in too continuous doses specially in tuberculous cases. It may act as an euthanasia. Dr. Nash says: in incipient tuberculosis, it should be given very high and in single dose and not to be repeated. If given too low and repeated, it will fearfully aggravate.

Arsenic (album) is a dangerous remedy in irritable heart, especially if organic, as it is apt to cause parenchymatous nephritis (Kent). Similarly inimical cycle of medicines is to be taken care of.

There are medicines which are not to be repeated. Again, in alternating states (as in intermittent fever) a moderate dose of Opium given during the cold stage quickly deprives the patient of life —

S. Hahnemann.

Stellaria Media

The modalities fall halfway between Bryonia and Rhus Tox. Marked pain from slight motion like Bryonia and yet may be better from continued motion. When Bryonia fails in a rheumatic case. Pains migrate as in Berberis or Pulsatilla.

Desktop Guide – Roger Morrison, MD

To Move or Not to Move – That is the Question

Feels if she moves, her heart will stop – Digitalis

Feels she must keep on moving or heart will stop – Gelsemium

On Doing Safe and Effective Provings

Never repeat the dose in a proving while symptoms are manifest from the dose already taken. If the natural cycle of symptom development is interfered with, we gain no knowledge of the true nature of the substance being proved.

The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy – H.A. Roberts


during digestion -Lycopodium (3) Sepia (2) Morg.g (1)

bending chest forward -Spigelia(3), Kalmia (1)

after drinking – Conium (3), Benzoic acid, Senec (1) /cold water, Thuj (1)

after coffee – Nux (3), Bart (1)

during deep inspiration Spig (3), Asaf (1), Cactus (1), Kalmia (10)

from sudden mental exertion – Chel (2)

while talking – Naja (3), Puls (2), Plat (1), Rumx (1)

Insomnia from Excessive Mental and Physical Fatigue

Carcinosin (2)

Chloralum hydratum (2)

Cholesterinum (1)

Cocculus (1)

Gelsemium (1)
Spigelia and the Heart

Angina, dyspnea – must lie on right side with head high, pericarditis with sharp sticking pains, worse on motion, pulse weak and irregular. Palpitations worse from deep inspiration, stooping forward, lying on left side, motion. Murmurs, valvular disease.

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