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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

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Some “other” Remedies for the Flu

Tubercuinum Bovinum – In relapsing, unsatisfactory cases. Great changeabilitly, restless weakness, pungent sweat and breathlessness. After two or three doses, another remedy should be watched for. A family background of TB would be a pointer.

Pyrogenium – Serious septic cases. Restlessness is intense and there are icy chills and the pulse is out of proportion to the fever (high fever/ low pulse or the reverse).

Opium – Cures some grave cases like Baptisia, but more chesty. Hot sweaty, sleepy, very ill but strangely uncomplaining. Imagines he is away from home (Bryonia) and that there is nothing wrong with him (Arnica). Acuteness of hearing in spite of semi-stupor. Especially in elderly patients with obstinate constipation.

Cuprum Metallicum – Grave cases. Violent cramping colic and cramps in hands and feet with bluish face and thin bloody discharge from nose and lungs. Violent sulffocating spasms in chest; cough better from cold drinks.

Veratrum Viride -Faintness and sweatng similar to Veratrum Album, but much greater congestion to the head and a dark red face. Often a red streak down center of the tongue and bad, sweetish taste. Thirst similar to Phosphorus.

Ipecacuahna – Has rattling in chest and wheezing (Ant.tart), and nausea in early bronchitis, but not so ill as when Ant.tart is needed, and the condition comes earlier in the disease.

Dr.T.D.Ross -Homeopathy The Rational Art of Medicine, London, Vol 7, No.9, Sept. 1957 -Thanks to R. Edelman – London

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Common Dreams of Well Known Remedies

Belladonna – Battles, fire, quarrels, running, pursued by giants, monsters, gymnastics, flying, water.

Lachesis – Snakes, death, vengeance, being murdered, accusations, knives, exertion, journey, remorse.

Thuja – Falling from grace or from a high place, teeth breaking off, misfortune, dying, dead people, conscience acquits him of a crime.

Arsenicum – Anxious, frightful, full of cares, danger, accidents, dead people, exertion, unable to scream, thunder storms, water, embarassment, sad dreams.

Iodium – Eating, hunger, that he didn’t get anything to eat, all the food had been eaten before he arrived, misfortune, danger.

Bryonia – Business, excelling, busy, exertion, persistent dreams, unimportant dreams, vivid dreams of the transactions of the day.

Phosphorus – Bleeding, blood, lightning, persistent dreams, fire, vivid dreams, stinging insects, historic, money, anxious, can’t accomplish business.

Pulsatilla – Animals, black beasts, disgusting, voluptuous, confused, amorous, anxious, pleasant, sad.

Calcarea carbonica – business, death, disease, household affairs, amorous, pleasant, unsuccessful efforts to do something.

Kali sulph – Ghosts, death, misfortune, robbers, murder

Staphysagria – Humiliation, anger, exasperation, fights, quarrels, murder, vexations, rape, amorous.

Natrum mur – Robbers, grief, remorse, humiliation, anger, reproaching herself, murder, being thirsty, confused.

Lycopodium – Flying, giants, drowning, misfortune, hiding from danger, being murdered, amorous, exhausting, of an accident and a boat is foundering.

Nux Vomica – Excelling, great exertion, visionary dreams, quarrels, business, accidents, mutiliation, teeth falling out, amorous.

Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica -J.H.Clarke -/ R. Murphy – Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Thanks to A. Schmukler – U.S.

Arsenicum Caution

Arsenicum is not pathologically indicated for more serious states like pneumonia and no sooner the restlessnes is controlled, Lyc, Phos, or Sulph must be administered (by indications) if the life of the patient is to be saved.

V.R.Bhatia – Influenza and Its Homeopathic treatement.

Carbolic Acid -Ouch!

Terrible pains that come on suddenly, last a short time and disapper suddenly. Frontal headache as if a rubber band stretched tightly over forehead. Burns that ulcerate with ichorous discharge. Putrid discharges. Constipation with horribly offensive breath. Marked acuteness of smell.

H.C. Allen – Allen’s Keynotes

Thanks to Melissa Gonski – U.S.

Hold the Pulstilla!

I warn you not to use Pulsatilla for a loose cough unless you are sure that all the symptoms of the case call for it. It often tightens such a cough, without curing it.

Dr. E.A. Farrington -Clinical Materia Medica

Thanks to Beatrice Joelle – France

A Glowing Report

Melilotus – “Glowing redness of the face” No remedy has it more strongly. Head symptoms often relieved by a profuse epistaxis. Headaches better by urination and lying down.

E.B. Nash – Expanded Work

Thanks to Elie Khoury – Lebanon

Prevent Mastoid Operation

Capsicum – Otitis media with rupture of membrana tympani and great soreness of mastoid portion of temporal bone. Chronic suppurations of ear with bursting headache and chilliness. Ear is hot, pain goes to throat, purulent discharge. Differentiated from hepar in that the area of sensitiveness is greater. Dr. Weaver has seen cases needing mastoid operation, which were relieved by Capsicum.

Dr. W.A. Dewey – Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics

Thanks to B. Hauser – Germany

Bleach Headache

Yet another example of how knowing the etiology can solve your case. One of my clients told me about a headache she got after taking a remedy I prescribed: a sharp pain in the forehead, left side, over the eye, worse pulling the hair back even slightly.

I checked the MM to see if she was proving the remedy but no such headache description appeared. It was then that she mentioned, “I got the headache after cleaning mold with a solution of bleach.” I said, “Oh my God! Make a remedy from the bleach!”

It was a first time for her–making a remedy–but I have directions on my website (“How to Make Your Own Remedy”: and half an hour after taking one sip of “Bleach 12X”, and following a slight aggravation, the headache was gone!

When you know what the cause is, very often that’s the remedy–especially when the remedy picture falls short of matching an established remedy in some key way.

Thanks to -Elaine Lewis U.S

A Bean for the Heart – Phaseolus

Case: Clergyman 69, many years invalid on account of heart disease. After unusual exertion he was greatly exhausted and became entirely pulseless. Phaseolus 9x given and in a few hours pulse returned. In thirty six hours it was regular and strong.

Case: Lady 50, weak, badly acting heart for some years. Phaseolus 9x was given and in forty-eight hours her heart wheeled into line and and remained so.

Case: Mr. T. seized with distress in heart region; respiration labored; pulse 51. Phaseolus 6x every half hour at first, then every hour. Next day patient nearly well and said he could feel every dose working.

Fearful palpitation and feeling that death is approaching. Sick feeling about the heart with weak pulse. Dropsical effusion into pleura or pericardium. Pupils dilated, insensitive to light. Aching in forehead, worse movement.

P.S. Rawat – Dose and Potency, Wm. Boericke – M.M.

Kitty’s Loose Teeth

Healthy but loose teeth that cause no pain can be treated with Symphytum 3. Symphytum 3 must be added to the food at least twice a day for three weeks. This will make the teeth holdfast again. (Loose painful teeth are caused by damaged roots and therefore have no chance.)

H.G. Wolff D.V.M. – Your Healthy Cat

The Magical Onion

Allium Cepa – Symptoms begin on the left side and go over to the right (Lachesis). Very sensitive to odor of flowers . Doubles up with colic pain (Mag phos, Colocynth) Amputation pain -A wonderful remedy for traumatic neuritis, often met with in a stump after amputation.

Strong craving for onions, cannot take any other nourishment. Chilly crawls down the back; especially at night, with frequent urination. Fear that pains will become unbearable….pain in temples aggravated by winking. Sore and raw spots on feet, especially heel, from friction. Worse evening, warm room. Beter open air, cold room.

H.C.Allen, Keynotes, J.N. Shingal, Graphic Pictures of Selected remedies

Arnica Caution

Be careful giving Arnica in an accident with internal hemorrhage, because when Arnice is not indicated, everything aggravates.

A. Geukens – Homeopathic Practice Vol. 5

Need to be Appreciated

Natrium Causticum -They want to feel appreciated even in the most everyday conversation. Tendency to make contacts with others on a sudden impulse. Fear of being alone. They like to have one single person who shows that he or she cares. Sensitive to corruption, lies, dirty tricks.

Jan Sholten – Homeopathy and the Elements

Comparing Mentalities

The Natrum person does not need too many (people) and is very much dependent on only one relationship.

Magnesium needs one mother for nourishment. It is the feeling of a nursing child or that of a fetus….

Kali needs a family and feels tremendous anxiety without a group, Calc needs a home.

R. Sankaran -The Substance of Homeopathy


Unbearable Pain – Aconite, Arsenicum, Chamomilla, Coffea, Hepar, Hypericuim, Phytolacca, PiperMethysticum, Ignatia

Violent Behavior from Pain – Aurum, Chamomilla, Hepar

R. Murphy – Homeopathic Medical Repertory


(Calculi or bilestones in gallbladder or gall duct)

Belladonna is useful in Cholelithiasis, but the remedy to cure the condition permanently is Cinchona. Unless some symptoms call specifically for another drug, put your patient on a course of Cinchona. – E.A. Farrington

From – Pointers to Common Remedies – M.L. Tyler

Sulphuric Acid -Chemical Sensitivity

Tremendous sensitivity to fumes and smoke. Chemical sensitivity syndrome and environmental illness can be cured with this remedy.

R.Morrison – Desktop Guide

Picric Acid

Burning in spine from mental exertion. The least study causes burning in spine. Only Picric Acid has this.

M.L. Tyler -Homeopathic Drug Pictures
You’re Always Late!

This rubric contains only four remedies :

Calc (2) Platina (1) Puls (1) Silica (1)

R. Murphy – Homeopathic Medical Repertory


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  • In today’s news, the case of a young woman who had suffered from hiccups for over five months who now it seems has murdered someone. A homeopathic lay student and user for over 30 years I looked up “hiccups” and was very interested to see that this ‘picture’ of CUPRUM MET can have a very violent side. Has anyone heard of a homeopathic condition being used in court as a defence?
    Very interesting.

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