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Tips and Secrets – August 2011

Alan gives us something more for our files.

Beware the Sleep Environment

Nothing that has a strong odor ought to be suffered in sleeping rooms…for in sleep, man is more easily affected by noxious influences. Things which he would hardly notice when awake, or the injurious effects of which he would easily overcome, may affect him seriously, and even kill him when asleep.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.

Iberis Amara in Tachycardia

Violent palpitation induced by slightest exertion – laughing or coughing. Darting pain through heart. Wakes with palpitation 2 am. Worse least motion or warm room. Fullness and heat in head and neck, vertigo, nausea. Cold hands and feet.

Robin Murphy ND – Lotus Materia Medica

Dr. Ramakrishnan’s Cancer Protocol

The first week the patient takes 3 globules of the prescribed remedy and dissolves them in eleven teaspoons of water. He takes a spoonful of this mixture every 15 minutes for ten doses. One spoonful of the mixture is saved for the next day. The next day, add another ten spoonfuls of water and proceed as before. Save a spoonful of the dilution for the next day and repeat this procedure for the whole week.

During the approximately 2.5 hours of the administration of the remedy, no solid food should be taken, only water and fruit juices.

Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan – A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer

Some Eczema Remedies

Sulphur: Eczema on scalp from hair dye. (200C)

Influenzium: Eczema of new born with mother’s history of influenza. (200C)

Thuja Occidentalis : Eczema aggravates after vaccination. (30C 200C)

Anagallis : Eczema – after long standing wounds heal. Itching esp. on hands and fingers. Palms. (Topical Q also internally 30C)

Anantherum Muricatum : Painful swelling of various parts going on to suppuration. Deformed nails, offensive foot – sweat, Herpes ulcers & tumors on scalp. Boils and tumors on tip of nose. Erysipelas, pruritus, herpes. (30C)

Petroleum : Eruptions and cracks, on scalp, behinds ears, scrotum, arms, hands, feet, legs, hands chap and bleed. Crusts thick, all < in winter , > warmth. (30C, 200C)

Standstill Cases – Scope of Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Babesia bigemina

Babesiose also called Piroplasmose, is caused by Babesia bigeminba, a blood parasite transmitted by ticks. The acute form is easy to recognise: high temperature, apathy, yellow eyes and urine with coffee colour. For this deadly sickness, there is a vaccine that doesn’t protect completely and often results in a chronic form, more difficult to recognise. The vaccine contains Babesia bigemina.

The parasite destroys the red blood-cells, and haemoglobin is set free, making the kidneys and liver toxic and damaging the spleen. I have often achieved considerable success after the sickness or after the vaccination, with Helianthus annus 5 CH for a week, which cleanses the liver, kidneys and spleen.

Jacques Millemann DVM

Natrum sulph Protected the Liver

Researchers at India’s University of Kalyani found that Natrum sulph 200C reduced carcinogenic effects as well as liver tumor formation caused by hepatocarcinogens. The remedy also increased in-vivo levels of glutathione.

Evid Based Complement Alternat Medorrhinum 2009, 6, 1, 65-75.

Chelidonium Protected the Liver

After being given a chemical to induce liver cancer, selected groups of mice were given either homeopathic Chelidonium in 30C or 200C potencies, or a placebo control. Both potencies of Chelidonium provided a significant protection against the formation of liver cancers as well as hepatotoxicity.

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. 2004, Jul, 42, 7, 698-714.

Potentized Interferon Boosted the Immune System

Mice given potentized Interferon alpha, beta 10X, produced a statistically significant increase in immune responses related to the cytotoxic activity of allospecific T-cells and natural killer (NK) cells.

Biomed Pharmacother. 1988;42(3):197-206

Lycopodium Offered Protection from Carcinogens

Lycopodium 30C administered to mice offered some protection from the carcinogens p-dimethyl amino azo benzene and phenobarbital.

Mol Cell Biochem. 2006 Apr;285(1-2):121-31

Ruta and Calc Phos in Brain Cancer

In an uncontrolled study, 15 people suffering from various intracranial tumors were treated with a combination of Ruta 6C and homoeopathic calcium phosphate. All forms of tumors, particularly gliomas, were found to regress under the treatment.

Int J Oncol. 2003 Oct;23(4):975-82

Hospital Admission More Dangerous Than Flying

A report from the World Health Organization shows that a person admitted to a hospital has a one in 300 chance of dying from a health care error. The report says the chance of dying in an air crash is about one in ten-million passengers.


Constantine Hering’s great masterpiece was Lachesis, the poison of one of the largest and most poisonous serpents of South America, the first specimen of which

he obtained on July 28th, 1828. This gave him world renowned fame. It comprises eighty-eight pages in the Guiding Symptoms, recording three thousand and eight hundred symptoms.

Hahnemannian Monthly Vol II – G. Harlan Wells, M.D.

Beware the New Couch

In the U.S., items manufactured with foam pillows, such as couches and soft chairs, often contain PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ether) fire retardants. The EU banned most of these in 2004, because they can disrupt endocrine glands and cause developmental, reproductive and neurological damage, as well as cancer. The particles of PBDE migrate out of the furniture for years and are inhaled by people and animals. Dogs and cats which lie on the furniture are liable to develop hyperthyroidism, since the chemical has a special affinity for the thyroid. The chemical companies which profit from PBDE, have spent millions of dollars to defeat all attempts to ban it.

Grief with Insomnia

Sleeplessness, after depressing events, sorrow or losses of friends, when night after night passes without any sleep, one dose of Sulphur will often give relief.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.

Chronic Chill

A lady came to see me with these symptoms: In bed at night she began to shudder and shiver, and on getting into bed and lying down, she would shiver to such a degree that her teeth chattered, and the movements of her body shook the bed. She had suffered for years. Dynamized Natrum Muriaticum cured these cold shakes promptly and permanently.

Fifty Reasons for Being a Homeopath: J. Compton Burnett, M.D.

Carbo Veg in Pneumonia

Carbo Veg holds a high place in the therapeutics of the third stage of pneumonia. Great prostration accompanying the suppurative process is its chief and constant symptom. Listless, covered with cold perspiration, pulse feeble and rapid, tongue dry, no thirst and the distressing cough is without expectoration, although much rattling is heard in the chest. The distinction made between the chest symptoms of Carbo veg. and Antim tart is that Carbo vegetabilis has very slight expectoration which affords no relief, while the Antim tart. has the ability to raise sputa, and feels the better for it.

A System of Medicine Based Upon The Law Of Homeopathy -Ed.- H. R.Arndt, M.D.


In Hydrophobia, Belladonna has been repeatedly proved to be equally and powerfully efficacious, both as a preventive and curative medicine. Hyoscyamus is indicated when convulsions are severe and long, not much inclination to bite or spit, but a desire to injure those round. Threatening of suffocation on attempting to satisfy the thirst. Stramonium – severe convulsions whenever the eye becomes fixed on bright objects, or whatever reminds the patient of water, Gelseminum. – Rigidity of the muscles, spasm and clutching at the throat.

An Epitome of the Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine – Joseph D. Laurie

Dr. John Temple

Dr. John Temple was the pioneer homoeopath in the state of Missouri (US). In St. Louis in 1844, he far outdid the allopaths during the cholera epidemic, and the allopaths did not take kindly to this. The professor of theory and practice in the St. Louis Medical College denounced homoeopathy. Dr. Temple prepared an answer, but neither of the two medical journals would receive his defense for publication, nor would the city newspapers. He then published his answer in a pamphlet and distributed it throughout the city. In speaking of the event in later years. Dr. Temple said : ” I consider that publication the first grand impulse to the progress of homoeopathy in St. Louis; all classes then tried it.”

History of Homoeopathy and Its Institutions in America -W.H.King MD


In 7 patients suffering from Chickungunia who were treated by allopaths without any improvement, a cure rate of 100% was achieved, relieving the patients of the joint pains, fever and other symptoms. The remedies used were Polyporus pinicola 200c and Arnica 30 .

M. M. Das – Mumbai

Keratitis – Inflammation of the Cornea

Hepar sulphur will undoubtedly, cure more cases of keratitis than any other remedy. In the suppurative form it is invaluable, and combined with the indicated local treatment, will speedily and promptly cure. Abscesses of the cornea usually require no other internal remedy.

Calcarea carbonica has proven one of the most useful of all remedies .It is especially adapted to fat, unhealthy children, with potbelly, who are extremely liable to colds. The scrofulous diathesis is well met by it, and a speedy cure often effected when other remedies fail.

Conium maculatum has one decided value, that of relieving the marked photophobia in superficial ulceration of the cornea. This photophobia is one of the commonest and severest in apparently slight ulceration.

Graphites – Corneal ulcerations occurring in scrofulous children with eczematous eruptions, especially behind the ears.. An acrid discharge from the nose, which is often covered with scabs, is frequently present. Bleeding and cracking of the external canthus are often seen, and in themselves are a characteristic symptom.

Euphrasia has enjoyed a reputation in these corneal troubles apparently little warranted by the results attained. Its sphere of action is in another class of troubles, those of the conjunctiva, and there it deserves its reputed value.

A System of Medicine Based upon the Law of Homeopathy -H.R. Arndt MD

Beware Camphor in Treating Cholera

Be cautioned against using Camphor without a clear indication of its necessity. Where too much has been taken, it produces terrible anguish and burning at the pit of the stomach, so great as to drive the sufferer almost to despair. A few globules of Phosphorus will promptly antidote the Camphor and relieve the patient.

CholeraCarroll Dunham, M.D.

Marum Verum Teucrium in Ascarides

I have found this remedy one of the best for ascarides. Have cured many cases who had “tried everything” without avail. People troubled with ascarides often have a great deal of tickling, tingling, etc., in the nose, which they are frequently rubbing. Teucrium is one of the best remedies for polypus of the nose; will cure it and it will never to return.

E. B.NASH, M. D. – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Ailanthus Glandulosa

This medicine acts finely in desperate cases of scarlet fever, when there is a purplish rash, or a purple miliary rash, and the skin is also purple.

H.N. GUERNSEY, M.D. Notes of Lectures on Materia Medica : Delivered in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia

Alumina Keynote

Voids urine only while straining at stool. A very prominent characteristic of this drug is that a person must strain at stool, in order to urinate.

H.N. GUERNSEY, M.D. Notes of Lectures on Materia Medica : Delivered in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia

Nasal Discharge in Horse

On 14th of October 1861, I admitted a bay carriage-horse. It had been under allopathic treatment for two months, and daily getting worse. The veterinary surgeon recommended him to be killed as incurable.

Copious discharge from nostrils, adhering like glue. The whole nasal mucous membrane was vascular. Submaxillary glands enlarged, rough, harsh, unhealthy coat; low in condition and feeble; bowels costive; urine high-coloured, pulse 44, and feeble, bad appetite. Treatment – Hydrastis, 10 drops first dilution, three times a day, and the nostrils to be fumigated with a solution of the same drug.

I5th. – Discharge not so copious, and membrane not so vascular. pulse 40, and strong, appetite better. 16th – No discharge from L. nostril, slight watery discharge from right. Pulse normal, nasal membrane nearly of its natural colour. I8th – The watery discharge from nose ceased. To all appearance quite well. 19th- Cured.

Horses Ill And Well: Homoeopathic Treatment of Diseases and Injuries – James Moore, M.E.C.V.S.


My experience with goitre has been considerable. Upon no case have I operated. Medicine at my hands has ameliorated every persevering case. Others have become impatient and resorted to extirpation of the tumor. The most startling case of goitre I ever saw was the most quickly cured. The subject was a friend of my family, fifty two years of age, nearly past the climacteric, liable to bronchitis and for some years aware of the existence of a small goitre, to which she paid little attention.

My first act was to relieve the strangulation caused by the sudden enlargement of the neck. Ignatia two hundredth in water did the required work in a few hours. Meanwhile the deep-acting remedy for the entire case was sought. A large wart on the face led to the discovery of many broad, fiat, smooth, dark, verrucous formations all over the body, which had existed during life; and knowledge of them led to the discovery of cold, clammy feet. Calcarea ost. was the similar medicine. It was given, in the two hundredth potency in water, every two hours when awake until improvement was seen and then tapered off. The cure was speedy.

Edmund Carleton, M. D. – Homoeopathy in Medicine and Surgery -1913

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