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Tips and Secrets – February 2011

Nux After Catheterization

Nux 30th is the best remedy I know for irritability of bladder or urethra caused by the use of the catheter. You may have any of the Nux symptoms plus inability to void, or inability alone.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica- George Royal, M.D.

Agaricus in Late Development

Remember Agaricus for children late in learning to talk and walk and late in mental development. They make mistakes and cannot remember things. Lack of coordination. Convulsions from being scolded and from excitement. Chilly. Twitching and jerkings, which subside during sleep. Itching without eruption.

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies – J.N.Shinghal

Valvular Obstruction

Kali chloricum or Kali nit. is the best calculated to relieve valvular obstruction, used in the 1′ trit., and given every three hours, giving preference to the Kali nit. if the urine is scanty. Digitalis may also be required when there is severe palpitation.

Eaton’s Domestic Practice for Parents and Nurses. Morton M. Eaton-MD

Hahnemann’s Method of Conducting Provings

After he had lectured to his fellow-workers on the rules of proving, he handed them the bottles with the tincture; and when they afterwards brought him their day books, he examined every prover carefully about every particular symptom, continually calling attention to the necessary accuracy in expressing the kind of feeling, the pain or the locality, the observation and mentioning of everything that influenced their feelings, the time of day, etc. When handing their papers to him, after they had been cross-examined, they had to affirm that it was the truth, and nothing but the truth, to the best of their knowledge, by offering their hands to him, the customary pledge at the universities of Germany. This was the way in which our master built up his Materia Medica.”

Constantine Hering MD

Dreams of Being Thirsty

Natrum m. -3, Viola o. -3, aids-1, dros-1, lamp c -1

Complete Repertory – Dr.Roger van Zandvoort


In Chorea (spasmodic movements of voluntary muscles), Ignatia amara is indicated when the disorder is caused by fright or some violent mental agitation. The attacks are worse after eating, and abate when the patient lies on the back. The patient is very irritable and peevish.

The Science of Therapeutics – Bernhard Baehr

Berberis vs Pareira brava

Berberis is to be studied alongside of Pareira brava. The difference between the two drugs is this : In Pareira the pains go tearing down the thighs, while in Berberis they seldom go further than the hips.

A Clinical Materia Medica – Lectures delivered at the Hahnemann Medical College E. E.A.Farington, M.D. , Clarence Bartlett, M.D., S.Lilienthal, M.D.

A New Sarcode

Medulla ossium ( a homeopathic preparation of bone marrow) in C4 potency, 10 drops twice a day, greatly stimulates the manufacture of red and white blood cells and eliminates the anemia or leucopenia. Even given preventively during chemotherapy it works nicely.

Autism – Beyond Despair – Tinus Smits MD

Hepar in Bronchitis

When the cough begins to loosen and becomes rattling, fatiguing and choking, with moist rales, Hepar will be the remedy. “Coughing into a choke ” is a valuable indication for this remedy. It corresponds more closely to sub-acute cases.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D. (1901)

Aethusa Cynapium

Gastro-intestinal diseases of children, with great nervous involvement, violence of all the symptoms and intolerance of milk. Thirstless. Profuse sweating and desires to be covered while sweating. Drowsiness after vomiting or stool. Face expresses great anguish. Better in the open air.

First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies- H. R. Arndt, M. D.


Bromium, when the parotids became involved, especially the left, did better than any other remedy.

W. Payne – from Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints C G. Raue, M.D.

Did Hahnemann Alternate Remedies?

The manner of alternation employed by Hahnemann was that which is in conformity with the change of symptoms, the remedy being changed only when the symptomatic indications called for it. Confirmation of this statement maybe found in footnote to § 40, and in §§ 169, 171, 248, 272, etc.

Augustus Korndoerfer, M. D. –The Single Remedy and The Minimum Dose

Thuja in Smallpox

In Smallpox, Thuja is recommended by Boenninghausen as a preventive as well as a curative agent. He states that it shortened the epidemic of 1840 in his neighborhood and prevented all scars.

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C G. Raue, M.D.

Dyspnea in Cardiac Disease

A word for quebracho. My wife suffered from valvular disease of the heart for ten years. She became so prostrated that she had not left her room for more than six months. I concluded to try quebracho tincture and administered it in doses of a half teaspoonful three times a day. The result has been almost entire relief of the dyspnea, she has gained in flesh and reports herself as feeling like a new being. I need not say that in this case all the old remedies had been tried in vain.

The Clinque of the Clinical Society of the Hahnemann Hospital of Chicago – Jan, 15, 1899.

Some Cravings

For salt things – Calc, c. For cold raw food- Silicea For vinegar, Sepia For beer- Pulsatilla For sour, highly-flavored, pungent things- Hepar For sour refreshing things- Carb. Anim. Longing for unknown things, Chi.

The Prescriber – J.H.Clarke MD

Hahnemann on Polypharmacy

Know that two, not to speak of three or more substances, when mingled together do not produce the same result that might be expected from them if given singly and at different times.

Samuel Hahnemann – Lesser Writings

The Nosode in Streptococcus Infection

Streptococcinum is indicated in strep infections when these symptoms are present: Sensitive to noise, light, drafts, but amel. from fresh air. Can’t bear pressure on abdomen while lying. Sensation as if his spine is vibrating. Infected, pus-filled tonsils. Swelling of glands in neck. Tongue coated white with red tip. Migraine with vomiting of bile.

Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler

Ocimum Canum

Kidney stone pain especially of the right side, with violent vomiting. Wrings hands and moans. Red urine with brickdust sediment after the attack. Urine smells of musk. Worse cold and right side.

Lotus Materia Medica – Robin Murphy ND


It has strange odors of fish-brine, garlic, honey. The Thuja patient has too much hair. Women with moustaches and coarse black hair on the limbs. It is waxy and greasy looking and pallid, like the buds of the cedar. Children with irregular teeth which decay early. Dreams of falling, the dead and levitation.

Homoeopathy as Art and Science – Dr. E.W. Hubbard

Some Delusions

Anacardium – Loss of will power. Possessed of two wills.

Thuja – Body is delicate , body is brittle.

Lachesis – Body is disintegrating. She is charmed and cannot break the spell.

Arsenicum a. – Body will putrify.

Pyrogenum – As if crowded with arms and legs.

Belladonna – Sees laughing masks.

Calc c. – Feels rats running up legs.

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy ND

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