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Tips and Secrets – March 2011

Another round of interesting homeopathic tips!

Homeopathy in the U.S. Circa 1917

In 1917, the Metropolitan Hospital, of New York City, was the largest general hospital in the United States, and was entirely under homoeopathic management, having over two thousand patients, seven hundred and sixty-nine employees, a house staff of thirty-one physicians, a medical board of twenty-four physicians, and an assistant visiting staff of forty-four physicians, and having some forty buildings valued at $6,250,000.00.

From Hahnemann Monthly – August 1917

Prescribe on the Valuable Symptoms

After an organic disease has become established, secondary modifications of health take place, which do not offer valuable symptoms for purposes of prescribing the curative remedy. Really valuable guiding symptoms…will be in the earlier state of the patient, before the organic changes have taken place; thus, in the treatment of an organic kidney disease, a curative remedy would more likely be found in the earlier symptoms that preceded the development of the dropsy, anemia, etc.

Wm. Boericke, MD – A Compendium of the Principles of Homoeopathy

The Totality of Symptoms

We take a case and find fourteen symptoms. Only three of these symptoms appear under Colocynth, but they are all of the highest rank, the first one because it is peculiar, the second because it is a modality, and the third because it has been verified a thousand times. All of the fourteen symptoms are found under Nux vomica, but all of them in the lowest rank. We say Colocynth has the “totality of symptoms”.

George Royal, M.D. – Text-Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica

Sepia and Cancer of Lip

Sepia produces on the lower lip a swelling with a soreness, burning pain and a pricking as from a splinter of wood. This symptom, together with the constitutional symptoms, has led to the use of Sepia in the treatment of epithelial cancer of the lower lip, two cases of which, cured by Sepia , have come within my personal knowledge.

Carroll Dunham, M. D. – Lectures on Materia Medica

Earings Painful?

In the Materia Medica Pura, under Stannum, symptom 119 reads : “The ring hole in the lobe of the ear becomes ulcerated”. I have been able to cure many children who had suffered so much from this trouble that they could not wear any earings.

Koppikar’s Clinical Experiences – Dr. S.P. Koppikar

Autism – Answering Questions

Over the last 3 years working with about 300 autistic children, I have discovered, with the help of Isotherpy, the factors involved in the genesis of autism. Many questions can now be answered:

Yes – All autistic children can be healed.

No- autism is not just a vaccination problem or a heavy metal problem or leaky gut syndrome.

Yes- Autism can be healed during adolescence or adulthood.

Tinus Smits MD – Autism – Beyond Despair – Cease Therapy

Affinities for Body Parts

Certain remedies have an affinity for certain parts of the body. A soldier who had been marching a great deal had two ulcers, one on the heel, the other on the instep. Natrum carb cured the one on the heel, but not the one on the instep, which was afterwards cured by Lycopodium. Lycopodium acts on the instep and Natrum carb on the heel.

E.A. Farrington MD – Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica

Save that Gall Bladder!

A couple of months ago a lady phoned me that she had gall bladder pain and her family physician was insisting on cholecystectomy. She was afraid of the operation and wanted me to help her. I advised her to take Carduus Marianus q.i.d. and when pain subsided she should take Berberis Vulgaris Q, t.d.s for at least a week. It was a sort of miracle for her. Her pain vanished immediately after the first dose of Cardus, but she continued it for two days and then took advised.

Last week she called to thank me once more for the invaluable help.

Dr. Avinash Agnihotri

Crataegus Oxycantha -Hawthorn Berries

Apprehension, despondency, extreme dyspnoea on least exertion. Heart usually more or less dilated, first sound absent or weak. Pulse rate very much accelerated, irregular, intermittent. Mitral regurgitant murmur. Edema of hands and feet, with great weakness. Worse from exercise, in a warm room and from mental exertion. Better from fresh air, quiet, and rest, mental and physical. Tincture – 5-20 drops 3-4 times a day.

Dr. W. E. Reilly – The American Homeopathist – 1901

Hahnemann’s Free Clinic

The arrival of Hahnemann in Paris was announced in all the journals and was an event in the scientific world. Patients flocked to him in troops and he soon had one of the most crowded clinics in Paris. His rich clientage did not prevent his devoting his treatment and counsel also to the poor without remuneration.

The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – Thomas Lindsey Bradford

Uncommon Symptoms

Which are the uncommon symptoms of the patient? The symptoms of the patient minus those common to the disease he is suffering from.

James T. Kent, MD

Cloned Remedies

Dr. Samuel Swan, who deals in homoeopathic remedies in high potencies in New York, says in his catalogue : 2

” In order that all should have the benefit of high potencies, the plan of sending grafts has been adopted ; if a graft is put in a vial of any size and the vial filled with unmedicated pellets and corked, the whole mass will be medicated in half an hour.” He indicates on the same page of this catalogue that when a vial of medicine is nearly emptied the physician can fill it up with unmedicated pellets which will become medicated by being in company with the pellets previously contained in it, thus presumably acting in a manner similar to the grafts spoken of in the paragraph quoted above. He says : ” You will not have to purchase the remedy a second time.”

Modern Medicine and Homoeopathy -John B. Roberts, M.D. – 1895

Differentiating Remedies in Carbuncle


Carbuncle, where there are lancinating and burning pains; worse after midnight; relieved by heat.


Where the symptoms are the same as under Arsenicum, only more intense; pains cutting and lancinating, and Arsenicum has failed to relieve.


When there is great sensitiveness of the surface, bluish appearance and perhaps the central sore surrounded by many small pimples; carbuncles which slough and are very offensive.

Rhus tox

There is formation of pus, intense pain and dark red swelling, with the general prostration of the remedy.

Tarentula Cubensis

It produces a perfect picture of sloughing carbuncle with great prostration, and it relieves the atrocious pains accompanying it.

Carbo veg.

When the affected parts are bluish; when the discharge is offensive, tends to become gangrenous. It lacks the restlessness of Arsenic, though burning pains are present.

Essentials of Homoeopathic TherapeuticsW. A. Dewey, M. D.

A Note to the Vivisectionists

Experiments on animals, vivisection and autopsy can never reveal the inherent power of medicine; the healthy human body alone is the fit subject for such experiments. Organon of Medicine – Samuel. Hahnemann

Hahnemann on Treating Burns

….The exact opposite of cold water is the best remedy for severe burns . Thus the experienced cook… has learned by experience the remedy for burns. He holds the burnt spot so near to the hot glow of the incandescent coals, that the burning pain is thereby at first increased, and he holds it for some time in this situation, until the burning pain becomes considerably diminished and almost entirely removed in this high temperature. He knows, if he does so, that the epidermis will not even rise and form a blister, not to speak of the skin suppurating. On the contrary, after thus bringing his hand near the fire, the redness of the burnt spot, together with the pain, will often disappear in a quarter of an hour. It is healed all at once.

Hahnemann – Lesser Writings

Bufo Rana -Toad Poison

Its greatest use has been in epilepsy with seizures that occur at night during sleep or during menses. Falls down with a blood curdling scream. Epileptic attacks followed by headache. Also used in panaritium (infected finger) with red line running from inflammation. Breast Cancer.

Lotus Materia Medica – Robin Murphy ND

Nosebleed in Horses

Where nose-bleed is symptomatic of disease, the latter must be treated ; but in all cases when the bleeding is excessive, it demands exclusive attention at the time. Aconite is required when the horse is in high condition, as the result of over-exertion, and when the pulse is full and quick, the breathing laboured, the membrane of the eye injected. Arnica is more suitable when the bleeding is the result of local injury. The injection of Arnica Lotion may be resorted to, in addition, in bad cases.

James Moore, M.E.C.V.S.- Horses Ill And Well: Homoeopathic Treatment of Diseases and Injuries And Hints On Feeding, Grooming, Conditioning, Nursing, Horse-Buying,

Confused About the Symptoms?

Patients come into the office and we find, in trying to take their case, no ” head or tail ” to it. It is mixed. The suffering and pain is now here, now there. The symptoms are contradictory, as we term them. This condition should always call attention to Pulsatilla and it will often clear up and cure the case. Ignatia also has these ever-changing, hysterical and contradictory symptoms.

E.B.Nash – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Bleeding Everywhere

Regarding haemorrhages, China has bleeding from any or every outlet or orifice of the body. Carbo veg, Ferrum, Crot. horridus, Phosphorus and Sulphuric acid also claim attention here.

E.B.Nash – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Millefolium (Yarrow)

The haemorrhage is painless, and the blood very light colored and fluid. In painless drainings from the uterus (or nose or lungs) after labor, after abortion, or when an abortion threatens, if the blood be bright and there are no pains in the joints, Millefolium does good.

Carroll Dunham, M. D. – Lectures on Materia Medica

Cataract at Menopause

Cataract in women at and after the change of life is, probably, the least difficult of any to cure with medicines. My plan is to subject patients to, say, a given constitutional course of treatment by high dilutions, and when this seems to have done all that can be achieved, I put patients on small material doses of uterine remedies, principally Pulsatilla Ø, in from five to ten-drop doses once or twice a day. The result is often very satisfactory.

James Compton Burnett MDChange of Life in Women

Canker Sores

The so-called “canker” is essentially a tiny ulcer, primarily; after which it spreads and deepens, giving it the appearance of an “open sore.”

Remedies which prove most useful are Nux Vom., Hepar Sul or Merc, also Hydrastis, which may be used internally and locally, by directly touching the canker with a drop of the tincture.

Myron H. Adams, M. D. – Practical Guide To Homeopathic Treatment ( 1913)

Case of Synovitis

In August, 1891, a middle-aged woman came to my office, bearing a letter from Dr. J. T. O’Connor, asking if anything of a surgical character should be done to her knee. The doctor had diagnosed rheumatism and given Ledum pal., followed by Rhus tox. The joint had attained great size, partly due to synovial effusion, which led to the consultation. The selection was half made at the first glance at the pa- tient. The weather being stifling hot, she wore heavy clothing and thick flannels and complained of being cold, especially at the neck and shoulders, and, most of all, in the affected knee. It developed that she had offensive foot-sweat and rawness between the toes. She received a single dose of Silica, high. Nothing else was done. In a few weeks she was entirely and permanently well.

Edmund Carleton, M. D. -Homoeopathy In Medicine And Surgery

Three Remedies for Insomnia

Ambra grisea – A remedy for sleeplessness from worry and business troubles. The patient goes to bed tired, but immediately becomes wakeful. It is especially suited to thin, spare men who are nervous and subject to nervous chills.

Camphora bromata – Useful for sleeplessness due to the continued use of tea.

Coca – Sleeplessness from mental exhaustion or anemia ; a useful remedy in worn out brain workers, night watchers and those who have lost much sleep.

W. A. Dewey, M. D. editor: – Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics

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