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Tips and Secrets – March 2013

Tips and Secrets from the Masters

The Hpathy International Short Story Contest – Deadline Extended

We received very many excellent stories that require much time to study. For this reason, and because many of you have busy practices – and writing is so time consuming, we are extending the deadline for submissions to May 30, 2013. Thank you for all the hard work and passion that went into writing these lovely stories.

Dr. Constantine Hering on Isopathy

Dr. Hering asserts that all morbid products of whatever kind exert a powerful in fluence on the diseases that produce them. He mentions leucorrhoeal matter as being curative of leucorrhoea, gleet matter of gleet, phthisine of phthisis, syphiline of syphilis. He admits that all these isopathic preparations cannot be regarded as absolute specifics, but only as chronic intermediate remedies, which serve as it were, to stir up the disease and render the reaction to the homoeopathic remedy, subsequently  administered, more permanent and effective.

Life and Reminiscences of Constantine Hering. By Arthur M. Eastman, M. D.   – Hahnemannian  Monthly -Volume-Two January To December I917.

Plumbum in Interstitial Nephritis

No remedy has been as often used for chronic, interstitial nephritis as Plumbum. It has arrested progress in many cases after other remedies had failed and has permanently cured not a few cases.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.

Baptisia in Bed Sores

You should take special pains to guard your Baptisia patients against bed sores, as I know of no remedy except Arnica which has such a tendency to develop them. Use the tincture and 3x internally and a solution of 20 minims to the ounce locally for the bed sores and for a mouth wash.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.

Three Tips from Dr. J.T. Kent

Carbo Veg

Carbo veg. is indicated after surgical shock, when the patient goes into collapse, and is in danger of dying from the shock of the operation. This is before inflammation sets in, for there is not vitality enough to arouse an inflammation.

Carboneum Sulphuratum

It is our most useful remedy in patients broken down from the long use of alcoholic stimulants. Weakness and suffocation from ascending stairs. Bathing brings on many symptoms. Many symptoms are worse after breakfast. It is a most useful remedy to restrain the growth of cancer (like Graphites) and it has cured lupus.

The Mind of Causticum

Causticum has cured insanity; not acute mania with violent delirium, but mental aberration of the passive kind, where the brain has become tired. The constitution has been broken down with long suffering and much trouble, and finally the mind is in confusion.  He is unable to think, and consequently unable to carry on his business. He is going into imbecility. Full of timorous fancies.  Overwhelmed with fearful fancies.

James Tyler Kent, MD Lectures on Homœopathic Materia Medica

Important Keynote of Ignatia

Ignatia also cures real serious affections of the throat like tonsillitis and diphtheria. In these cases the characteristic symptom, is that the pain and suffering in the throat is relieved by swallowing, or is worse between the acts of deglutition (Capsicum).  I in addition to the aggravation when not swallowing, there is sometimes aggravation when swallowing liquids and relief from swallowing solids (Lach).

E. B. Nash, M. D. – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Sore Eyes in Infants

Aconite should be given first, especially if the inflammation arises from exposure of the eyes to too much light and the entire eye becomes red, and runs a good deal.

Belladonna after or alternately with Aconite when the whites of the eyes are very red with bleeding from the eye-lids and intolerance of light.

Ignatia, in cases similar to Aconite, after that remedy has been given without much benefit.

Chamomilla, when the eye-lids are swollen, bleed, and are glued together in the morning with a yellowish secretion.

Mercurius, when there is redness of the eyes and eye-lids have small yellowish ulcers along the margins of the lids with discharge of yellowish matter.

Pulsatilla, when there is profuse discharge of purulent matter from the eyes, with redness of the whole eye and interior of the lids.

Euphrasia when there is accumulation of matter in the eyes, and intolerance of light.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.


Chilblains (Homeopathy Treatment for Chilblains) is tissue injury that occurs when a predisposed individual is exposed to cold and humidity.  Capillary beds in the skin are damaged resulting in redness, inflammation, itching and blisters.

Agaricus –  Burning and itching as if frozen. Parts hot, swollen, red. Chronic inflammation of  external nose.

Pulsatilla – The inflammation is livid, with itching and throbbing ; worse in the evening.  A dose night and morning.

Sulphur — The inflammation and itching are severe, and the chilblains do not yield to other remedies.  A dose night and morning.

Petroleum – Itching and burning like fire. Heel painfully swollen, red.

Nitric Acid  – Itching, swelling, pain especially in very cold weather. Inflammation from a slight degree of cold.

Zincum  – Chillbains on hand, itching and swelling violently.

Externally :

Arnica – Often useful during the first or inflammatory stage, when the swelling is hard, shining, and painful, with itching.  A dose morning and evening. Rub the chilblains with a liniment of equal parts of strong tincture of Arnica and Glycerine.

Tamus Communis – Lightly paint the chilblains if they are too tender to bear rubbing, especially if dark coloured.  Apply with a camel’s hair brush, allowing it to dry in.

Joseph D. Laurie MD  – An  Epitome of The Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine.  Dr. S. Lilienthal – Homoeopathic Therapeutics


“The veterinary industry have been over-vaccinating your pets for years. Many have died. I estimate that Banfield the Pet Hospital owned by the Mars Company and housed by Petsmart stores have killed 500,000 pets alone. It is called PETOCIDE – the systematic murder of pets for profits by corporations. Bring them to accountability! “

Dr. John Robb – DVM


Occasionally loss of hair occurs in circular patches and then the trouble is called Alopecia. These patches become completely hairless. Dr. James Compton Burnett showed that the trouble is tuberculous.  A few doses of Bacillinum 200 at intervals will readily cure. Ringworm is treated by the orthodox doctors more or less like Alopecia, but it is also tuberculous and should be treated with Bacillinum as well.

Dr. J.Ellis Barker – October, 1947 Heal Thyself

Docs in Belgium

In Belgium, more than 22 % of the family doctors prescribe homeopathic medication more or less on a regular basis.

Revised edition after 66th  LMHI Congress, Dec. 2011 (New Delhi, India)

These 7 Tips contributed by Dr. Pankaj Titar

There is no better evidence of the good action of a remedy than mental improvement. (J.T.Kent)

The bond between two miasms can be broken only by a prescription that will meet the totality of the most active one. (J.H. Allen)

In a cure, the discharge may not come back at the original place but from some other mucous membrane. (G. Miller)

Why prescribe for a part of the patient when you have the whole patient with you? The patient was sick before the glands were. (Hayes)

Some have been confused by primary and secondary effects of medicine. You need not worry over this. You only need to know that certain symptoms follow each other. Primary and secondary actions reverse themselves in different individuals. (J.T.Kent)

Don’t leave your intercurrent remedy too soon; it may be the curative remedy. (F.E. Gladwin)

Look for the picture of the chronic ailment following recovery from an acute condition. (H.A. Roberts)

Ledum in Gout

Ledum is a useful remedy in gout. The ball of the great toe is swollen, sore and painful on stepping, drawing pains worse from warmth and pressure and motion.

Gouty nodosities in the joints.  It differs from Bryonia in having a scanty instead of a profuse effusion .  All the pains of Ledum travel upwards. Ledum is a cold remedy, and attending all the symptoms is a general chilliness and lack of animal heat.

Calcarea in Tuberculosis

Calcarea is indicated late in phthisis when large cavities are forming. It acts particularly upon the right lung about its middle third. There will be pain in the middle of the right side of the chest; loud mucus rales are heard all over the chest, of course worse on the right side.  Expectoration is purulent, yellowish -green and bloody. The patient has great repugnance to animal food, as meat, which passes undigested. Emaciation progresses, sweat increases, and the menses, if it is a female, become checked.

Clinical Materia Medica –  E. A. Farrington, M.D.

Caulophylum in Labor

During labor Caulophyllum is indicated when there is extreme uterine atony. The pains may be as severe as ever, yet there is apparently no expulsive effort. It is often indicated in nervous women in whom pain seems to be intolerable. The pains are spasmodic and fly about from place to place, now in the groins, then in the abdomen, and next in the chest. The patient seems to be exhausted and can scarcely speak at times.

Clinical Materia Medica –  E. A. Farrington, M.D.

Aethusa Cyanapium

Aethusa cures chronic inflammation of the edges of the lids. During the night the eyelids become so closely adhered to each other, that they must be washed open in the morning.

H.N. Guernsey,M.D. – Notes of Lectures on Materia Medica

Nitric Acid vs Mercurius

Nitric acid so closely resembles Mercurius in many points, that it is often very difficult to distinguish between the two. Nitric acid usually is applicable in dark haired people, and Merc, in light haired people.

H.N. Guernsey,M.D. – Notes of Lectures on Materia Medica

The Syphilitic Miasm

In the mouth we find the characteristic tell-tale of the syphilitic taint, even though the child may appear well otherwise. Pathological and structural changes take place in the dental arch and the teeth come through deformed, irregular in shape and irregular in order of eruption. The teeth often decay before they are entirely through the gums.  They are always worse at night; all the symptoms develop more after the sun goes down. There is oppression, restlessness and anxiety at night; they dread the night because it is so oppressive. Restlessness is so great that it drives them out of bed.

Herbert A. Roberts MD  – The Principles and Art of Cure by Homœopathy

Formic Acid    

In chronic seated muscular pains and soreness, and also in gout and articular rheumatism which appears suddenly and renders the patient helpless, Formic acid is of undoubted value. The pains are usually more on the right side, are worse from motion, and better from pressure.

Hahnemannian  Monthly -Volume-Two January To December I917.

Book Notice from 1898

Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by J. T. Kent, M. D. Lancaster Examiner Printing House 1898.  The first part of this great and complete Repertory is now ready for delivery, and the second and third parts will be ready before this number of the Recorder is in the hands of the reader. The entire work will be finished by June, 1899. The limit of cost to subscribers will be $30.00 for the complete work .  The design is that the work shall be a complete general repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.  The printing and paper are first-class and the work will be one of great value to the medical profession.

The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume Xiii  1898

Aspidosperma –Quebracho

Stimulates respiratory centers and increases oxygen in the blood. Want of breath during exertion is the guiding symptom. Thrombosis of pulmonary artery.

Case: Cardiac dyspnoea in a man of 60. Valvular disease, hypertrophy with dilatation. Difficulty breathing from slightest exertion; had to sit upright day and night. Face livid from venous stasis.  Aspidospermine sixth trituration, every two hours effected a marvellous change. He could walk about the house and out to his carriage with but little discomfort He has now continued it three weeks. Observes no unpleasant symptoms.  It seems to act as well as an aid to Digitalis or Strophanthus.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies  – Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

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