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Tips and Secrets – November 2020

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy Tips from the masters and important news. Tips on AYUSH guidelines for homeopathic treatment of COVID-19, Rhus tox in lumbago, convulsions from worms, occipital headache, cough with sticking pains, Muriatic acid in scarlatina, excessive pain in iritis and much more.

Homeopathy and covid-19

As of April 2020, homeopathic epidemiologist Jeremy Sherr of South Africa had successfully treated COVID-19 patients in all stages of seriousness. Most had swift recoveries, some responding with enormously reduced symptoms within a matter of hours. Sherr stated, “I’m in a group of homeopaths around the world who have treated hundreds of cases, and the results are spectacular.”

Study of Homeopathy for covid in Italy

Twenty-four Italian medical doctors with specialization in homeopathy treated 50 patients with diagnosed or probable COVID-19.  In Italy, the hospitalization rate was 20.4%. This study found that for those treated with homeopathic medicines their hospitalization rate was zero.

Government of India – Ministry of AYUSH

Guidelines for Homeopathy Practitioners

Patients of COVID-19 are to be treated with adjuvant Homoeopathic medicines with the permission from local health authorities and Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

Homoeopathic doctors must follow all preventive measures (using PPEs) as are required for dealing with COVID 19 patients. The remedies according to different stages of disease are given below:

Mild Disease (Symptomatic Amelioration and Mitigation Approach): Medicines like Aconite napellus,Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba,Gelsemium sempervirens, Rhus tox.Eupatorium perfoliatum, Ipecacaucunha,Belladonna, Camphora,may be used depending upon the symptoms similarities.

Severe disease but not in critical condition: It is defined by following criteria (Dyspnoea, respiratory frequency ≥ 30/min,blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) ≤ 93%,PaO2/FiO2 ratio < 300, and/or lung infiltrates > 50% within 24 to 48 hours)/)

Suggested medicines are as adjuvant to Standard Management guidelines in the hospital setting only with the approval of authorities and willingness of the patient/guardian. The prescription is to be given only by institutionally qualified practitioner. Medicines like Phosphorus, Chelidonium,Veratrum Viride,  Iodum, Camphora, Cinchona officinalis, Lycopodium, Ars.iod., Antim ars., Stannum met, Carbo veg., can be prescribed on symptomatic indicatins

Some Tips from E.A. Farrington MD

Rhus tox

Rhus tox. seems to be the best remedy we have for lumbago, whether the pains are better from motion or not.  It seems to have a special affinity for the deep muscles of the back.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is called for in rheumatism of the back, when the patient is unable to turn over in bed without first sitting up

Secale cornutum

Secale cornutum is indicated for sudden “catch” or “kink”  in  the back.


When a joint is clearly sprained, Arnica is not the best remedy, unless there is considerable inflammation of the soft parts other than the ligaments.


Indigo is the best remedy when convulsions result from the worms.


The best remedy we have for small ulcers about the joints is Sepia.

Agaricus and Nux

In spasms of the eyelids, Agaricus is generally the best remedy. Nux may also be indicated when the deeper structures of the eye are involved.  For instance, it may be given in that dread disease, atrophy of the retina, whether it come from choroido-retinitis or not.

Juglans cinerea in headache

Juglans cathartica, sometimes called Juglans cinerea, I consider to be the best remedy for sharp pains in the occipital region.


We find Borax indicated when there is cough accompanied by sharp sticking pain, worse through the upper part of the right chest. So sharp are these pains that they make the patient catch his breath.  The expectoration has a sort of musty, mouldy odor.  You can often use Borax in lung troubles and even in phthisis when these symptoms are present.

Urtica urens

Urtica urens is the  best remedy for non-appearance of the milk without any other  symptoms, there being no apparent reason for the agalactia.


Chronic Rhus poisoning finds its best remedy in Graphites.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica produces the most wonderful mental phenomena, far exceeding Opium in its effects.  Delusions as to distance and to time.  For example, the patient tells you that he is hungry, that he has eaten nothing for six months, when the dishes from which he has just partaken are yet by his bedside;

Nux Vomica

Cerebral softening may be averted by Nux vomica.  Especially is this remedy to be thought of when sedentary habits and mental effort have operated, as well as intemperance, to produce the disease. Persons who have been living too high.  The memory is fickle, headache comes with every attempt to exert the mind


Belladonna is the best remedy for stiff-neck of rheumatic or catarrhal origin.

Picric acid

Picric acid is to be thought of when, after every severe mental effort, the patient suffers from intense headache of throbbing character, and felt more particularly at the base of the brain.


Spigelia is one of the chief remedies to be thought of in iritis with excessive pain.


In diphtheria, Lycopodium is to be thought of when the diphtheritic deposit is most copious on the right side of the throat, with a tendency to spread towards the left.   Constant desire to swallow, amounting almost to spasm of the throat, with violent stinging pains.  Worse from swallowing drinks, especially cold  drinks.

Hydrocyanic acid

Hydrocyanic acid and Cina have the symptom,  “drinks roll audibly into the  stomach.”   Cina has it in whooping-cough.  But when it occurs in approaching paralysis of the lungs and brain, Hydrocyanic acid is the best remedy.


Nasal polypus, when it bleeds much, calls for Phosphorus.  It may also be used in  polypi of  the ears or  uterus.


Mercurius is indicated in haemorrhages.  It is often called for in nose-bleed or  epistaxis, particularly when  the blood coagulates and hangs from the nostrils  like icicles.

Muriatic acid

Muriatic acid in scarlatina.  The body is intensely red, looks like a boiled lobster.   The rash comes out very sparingly, and is scattered irregularly over the surface of the body, and interspersed with petechiae, with bluish or purplish spots. As the symptoms progress, the skin becomes purplish and the feet decidedly blue.

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