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Tips and Secrets – September 2011

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

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Eczema from Surgical Suppression

The worst case of eczema of the lower extremities that I ever saw, made its appearance three months after the “cure” of hemorrhoids by the knife. Upon treatment with the indicated remedy, which was Sulphur, there was speedy cure of the eczema with a reappearance of enlarged hemorrhoidal vessels as bad as before the operation. These were cured with the indicated remedy, which was Hamamelis 2X, and remained cured.

Freeda M. Lankton, M. D – Proceedings of the International Hahnemannian Association (1897)

Story of a Cancer Cure

A non- invasive, non-toxic method of treating cancer was developed by Dr. Stanslaw Burzynski. He routinely saves people with stage 4 cancer. This video documentary is about his work and how the government and pharmaceutical companies have tried to suppress his work :

When Pulsatilla is a Specific

Pulsatilla is the specific remedy in otitis where the external and internal inflammations run a parallel course, both break out simultaneously, and are equally acute and violent. – Dr. Franz Hartmann

From: The Science of Therapeutics – Dr. Bernhard Baehr

Bloody Tumor of the Scalp

If pus forms, we should not open the tumor prematurely, lest the suppuration should be unduly hastened, which is generally the case if the incision is made too soon. Under these circumstances Mercurius is the best remedy, and after the suppuration has lasted for some time, Silica.

The Science of Therapeutics – Dr. Bernhard Baehr

Warning on Kali Bromatum

I do not believe that Kali Bromatum has ever cured epilepsy. In almost all cases in which it has been given, it has not cured but simply suppressed the disease, and thus has produced a worse condition than the one previously existing, namely, imbecility.

A Clinical Materia Medica – Drs.  E. A. Farrington, Clarence Bartlett, S. Lilienthal

Two Remedies in Cancer

MistletoeViscum Album slows down tumour growth and largely relieves pain. 1x to 3x most useful. Gives best results with 3-5 drops of 1x.

X-ray – Cancer in persons who had repeated exposures to X-ray. Leukemia. Burns that become carcinomatous and refuse to heal.

Dr. S. M. Bihari – Homoeopathic Insight into Cancer

Petroselinum (Parsley)

It has a very characteristic indication for its administration – great and sudden desire to urinate. Children jump up and down from pain and urging. Another symptom is itching in the urethra ; feels as if he must run a stick or something in there and scratch it. Burning, tingling, from perineum throughout whole urethra.

E. B.Nash, M. D. – Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Conium Keynote

Sweats day or night as soon as one sleeps or even when closing the eyes”, is a characteristic found under no other remedy that I know of.

E. B.Nash, M. D.- Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics

One of the First Homeopaths in Alaska

In 1898 Dr. Harrison Seth Pelton, a graduate of the homoeopathic medical college in San Francisco, sailed as surgeon on a ship bound for Kotzebue Sound, Alaska. They arrived July, 1898 and went 350 miles upriver and wintered. There was much sickness in the party during the winter, but Dr. Pelton cared for the sufferers in the company and also in another party several miles distant. While thus employed he was frozen to death in a blizzard.

History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America – William Harvey King, M.D., 1905.

Eczema – Areas Affected & Character of Lesion

CRACKS: Petroleum (200C) – Eczema < winter, hands chap and bleed. Deep cracks, fissures.

CRACKS: X Ray (200C) – Deep cracks.

DRY: Pilocarpus (Jaborandi) (30C) – Dry Eczema

GLANDS:Clematis (30C) – Associated glands inflamed

HANDS: Juglans Cine (30C) – Eczema of hands, wrists

ITCHING: Osmium (30C) – Eczema with pruritus

PREGNANCY: Sepia (30C) – Eruption at time of breast-feeding or during pregnancy

SCROTUM: Croton Tig (30C) – Scrotum

SUMMER: Sarsaparilla (200C) – Summer cracks

VACCINATION AFTER: Kali Mur (30C) – Eczema after vaccination

WINTER: Psorinum (200C) – Eczema > summer < winter

WOUND AROUND:Formalin (30C) – Eczema in neighbourhood of wound

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea : Standstill Cases – Intercurrents with Emphasis on the Scope of Using A Clinical Tip

Prolific in Languages

By the time Hahnemann was twenty four years of age, he had mastered Greek, Latin, English, Hebrew, Italian, Syriac, Arabic, Spanish and German, and had a little knowledge of Chaldaic.

History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America – William Harvey King, M.D., 1905.


In 1820, General Prince von Schwartzenberg came to Hahnemann for treatment. Hahnemann attempted to help, although the case was incurable. The general died about six months afterwards. His death was the cause of renewed attacks on Hahnemann, who was forced to relocate to Anhalt-Coethen. Hahnemann’s students were arrested, fined and even imprisoned.

History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America – William Harvey King, M.D., 1905.

Stramonium in Suppression

There is a class of cases coming on from suppressed ear discharges for which the allopathic physicians have no remedy. The discharges from the ear cease, a basilar meningitis comes on, and there is awful pain through the base of the skull and in the upper spine; the forehead is wrinkled; the pupils are dilated; the eyes are glassy and staring. The patient is afraid in the dark, wants a light in the room, yet he cannot stand a bright light. He does not want to be alone. Stramonium has saved lives under just these conditions.

Hahnemannian Monthly Jan- Dec I917 – G. Harlan Wells, M.D. Ed.


Hoarseness of singers which appears as soon as they begin to sing or after long use of the voice, with frequent necessity to clear the throat from clear starchy mucus. Selenium patients cannot bear nervous drain, hence aggravation after coitus, seminal emissions.

Dr.P. Rajagopalarao -Most Valuable Tips from Masters of Homeopathy

A Keynote of Jaborandi

After the change of life, ladies are not infrequently troubled with inability to hold their water. The causes vary considerably and where the sweat glands are inactive Jaborandi is a good friend. A woman of 50 consulted me for inability to contain her urine. The point which struck me most was her dry skin. “I never perspire,” said she. I ordered Jaborandi, ten drops in water three times a day. The medicine cured the incontinence right away.

The Change of Life in Women and the Ills and Ailings Incident – Dr. J.C.Burnett

Nux in Hernia

A large, robust, active woman of forty had a right inguinal hernia as large as two fists. It was reduced with difficulty. She never wore a truss. A dose of Nux vomica, 30c every week, cured the hernia in eight months. There was no recurrence during the remainder of a long life.

Homoeopathy in Medicine And Surgery – Edmund Carleton, M. D. 1913

Characteristic Urinary Symptoms of Apis

Urine scanty or suppressed, with general edema and drowsiness, lack of thirst and suffocation on lying down. Albuminous urine with tube casts.

How Does Stannum Differ from Sepia?

Stannum has prolapsus with bearing down and melancholy, but it has characteristically falling of the womb during hard stools. The patient is so weak that she cannot talk, and has to sit down several times while dressing in the morning.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics -A Quiz Compend – W.A.Dewey

Phytolacca in Syphilitic Rheumatism

In syphilitic rheumatism, it may be considered almost a specific. Of all the vegetable antidotes of mercury, this is one of the most efficacious. It is useful in rheumatism and said to be specific against syphilis. Hence it will be indicated in the rheumatic complications of mercurio-syphilitic affections.

Homoeopathic Treatment of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Spermatorrhea and Urinary Diseases – J. P.H. Berjeau

Indications of Secale in Diptheria

Great aversion to being covered. Emaciation and atrophy, dry, wrinkled, withered skin. Great putridity and prostration. Hemorrhage of dark, thin, disorganized blood from mouth, nose and bowels.Wants to be fanned all the time. (Carb-v.). Pulse weak and thready. Whole child smells cadaverous. Involuntary diarrhoea – dark, even black stools, tarry- intestinal oozing. Mouth and throat putrid and exudate dry and shriveled. (Arsenicum) Compare Crot. h. and Arsenicum alb.; the distinction between these and Secale lies in the behavior of the patient toward heat.

The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diphtheria – C.M. Boger MD

Hahnemann on Attacks

From 1810 to 1829 there were many attacks on Hahnemann and homeopathy. Hahnemann didn’t let it get him down and in a letter written to Stapf, Sept 1, 1825 he wrote:

“Do not be uneasy that such a quantity of big guns are at present being discharged at us; they never hit the mark; they fall as light as feathers, and if we are true to ourselves they can do no harm to us nor injure the good cause in the slightest, for what is good remains good”.

The Life and Letters of Samuel Hahnemann – Thomas Lindsley Bradford

Chronic Sinusitus

Over the years in Florida, Aspergillis niger has proven to be the best remedy for sinus infection. It is a plant and vegetation borne fungus that lodges in the mucus membranes creating a bacterial infection.

Thanks to : Frank Hartman -Florida

Cactus in Hemoptysis

Cactus is not indicated in hemoptysis with weak, small pulse. But if heart’s action is hard, tumultuous, and the pulse similar, Cactus will arrest it.

Dr. E.M.Hale – M.M and Special Therapeutics of the New Remedies – Vol 2.

Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy

Do you live in Santa Monica Calif., Los Angeles or Orange county…and need a remedy fast? The Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy will deliver by courier same day if you call by 3:30 pm. 629 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90401 – (310) 395-1131.

The Pharmacy is run by three generations of the Litvak family and the store’s technicians are trained in homeopathy.

Supermarket for Remedies

The Whole Foods Supermarket chain in the U.S., Canada and the UK carries many homeopathic remedies in 6 and 30 c. They are open 7 days a week from 8am – 10pm. Find the nearest store here:

Hard Styes

If styes on the eyelid appear often, or leave hard lumps behind, or do not open, but become indurated, particularly when the eyes are apt to glue together, with biting and burning in the corners, where a dry secretion forms, give Staphysagria. Should induration remain, give, after a week or two, Calcarea or Sepia.

Thuya will also cure obstinate indurations in the eyelid, particularly if the corners are hot and dry, or there is a great flow of tears, when in the open air.

Constantine Hering – The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician

Hardness of Colon

“Hardness of ascending colon” – Robin Murphy’s Medical Repertory lists only one remedy in 3 points : Plumbum

Robin Murphy’s Medical Repertory

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  • Dear Dr.Alan V.Schmukler,

    In your Tips and Secrets compilation for Sept 2011, I read with great
    interest the following tip from Frank Hartman:

    “Chronic Sinusitus
    Over the years in Florida, Aspergillis niger has proven to be the best remedy for sinus infection. It is a plant and vegetation borne fungus that lodges in the mucus membranes creating a bacterial infection.
    Thanks to : Frank Hartman -Florida

    I need your help on two issues –
    (1) I am from Bombay (India) and I could not find Aspergillus niger in homeopathic stores though they even keep homeopathic dilutions from Schwabe Germany and Reckwek Germany.

    (2) What potencies Aspergillus niger should be use to start with.

    I am severely affected by chronic sinusitis. My sputum culture did
    show presence of Aspergillus niger and I will not use Allopathic remedies for it.

    I shall be highly obliged if you would please help in with the requested information/

    Kindest regards


  • Re: Phytolacca in Syphilitic Rheumatism.

    Since Borelia as a bacteria has rather similar symptoms and range of effect to Syphilis, do you suppose that Phytolacca might also be the specific for joint pain from Lymes Disease ( Borelia)?

    • Dear Sue,

      Syphilis and Lymes are both spirochetes, but there should be other similarities in order to prescribe. It certainly warrants further investigation. Homeopath Beth Rotondo (deceased) cured her son of severe Lymes by just tracking the symptoms and prescribing accordingly.

  • Sir,
    Staphysagra seems to decolorize the teeth enamel in some patients.Is there any knowledge about it-how and why?
    Also,Are there any software version of Robin Murphy’s Acute/Clinical/ Homeopathy/Medical repertory print versions?If so,shall appreciate receiving details/references .
    In fact Tips and secrets series article is one of the most interesting items in ezine journal,keeping its quality and content value.

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