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TIPS and SECRETS February 2020


Tips and Secrets from the masters, and important news items. Tips on influenza, Corona virus genus epidemicus, law suits fighting chemtrails and denial of harm from non-ionizing radiation, and much more.

Influenza Epidemics

In influenza epidemics, it has been observed that in one locality one remedy will cover the majority of cases, while in another it will be another remedy. After two or three weeks the symptoms of the disease will change and another remedy will take precedence. In the 1918 epidemic in parts of New England, Arsenic was the principal remedy, while in another Phosphorus, and another Cuprum, while in New York it was Bryonia and in Oswegd Veratrum Alb.

During one period Bryonia covered nearly all of my cases, then Eupatorium perf. covered many and at another time, Sulphur. No matter how true to form the epidemic runs, besides the main remedy there will be scattered cases requiring many others.

Dr. Guy Beckley Stearns (1870 – 1947) – From his essay on Influenza (see the Feb

2020 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone for the essay)          

Corona Virus Genus Epidemicus

It may still be too early to predict the genus epidemicus of the Corona Virus epidemic. Still, we do have some preliminary suggestions.  Professor Aron To Ka Lun (PDHom, MARH president of the Hong Kong Association of homeopathy and the Macau Association of Homeopathy offered these suggestions:

According to the feedback from around 30 homeopaths in the past 21 days, the predominant remedies for the current epidemic (which includes 2019 nCoV and influenza) are:

#1 Choice : Gelsemium (Cough is interestingly not that common… in fact, the main presenting complaint is fatigue, heavy eyelids)
2nd Choice: Bryonia (for patients with more cough with pain in chest or head, a need to holding the head)
3rd Choice: Eupatorium perf (When the patient has the typical Eupatorium pain in their bones, but less of that overall heaviness)

  • Preventative recommendation:

Gelsemium 30c once a week in areas where outbreak is not near.

  • Gelsemium 30c daily for seven days in an area where outbreak is near (like Wuhan), and then twice per week.

In the U.S. renowned homeopath Paul Herscu published his genus epidemicus findings. His # 1 is also Gelsemium, followed by Mercurius and then Eupatorium perf.

Note:  This information may change as we see more cases and in different localities. It’s a moving target.

Thanks to Paola Brown – President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice

UAE and Alhalia Hospital Embrace Homeopathy

Established in Abu Dhabi in 1984 as a G.P. clinic, Ahalia is now considered one of the best hospitals in the UAE.  Homeopathy has now been added to their department of alternative medicine. The UAE has supported homeopathy and legalized and licensed homeopathy in 2003. Major insurance firms in the UAE include it in their coverage and more pharmacies are carrying the remedies.

Federal Communications Commission sued about wireless radiation

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist is suing the FCC for ignoring studies linking cell phone radiation to cancer. The lawsuit claims the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) failed to update cellular phone and wireless radiofrequency (RF) radiation limits in over two decades.

Historic Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed in Canada

An historic lawsuit has been filed in Canada to expose and stop the practice of chemtrails being sprayed into the atmosphere. The suit states that the Canadian and US governments are engaged in a geoengineering project that sprays toxic substances into the atmosphere, endangering the lives of millions.

Some Tips from – Dr. E. Harris Ruddock, MD

Hypertrophy of the heart

Hypertrophy of the heart, induced by over- exertion, in young men, is often cured by Arnica, even after allopathic physicians have pronounced the affection incurable.

Chilliness After Influenza

For the chilliness and debility remaining after an attack [of influenza] Natrum Sul. is one of the best remedies. It is Schussler’s remedy for the whole course of the disease.

Phosphorus in tooth decay

Phosphorus is an excellent remedy for decay of the teeth of the lower jaw, and when gum-boils form therefrom.

A Slice of Onion

Ledum Palustre is the most useful remedy for common stings and bites. If no remedies are available, the common onion should be promptly applied. A

piece cut off and at once placed on the wound.


Some forms of headache, with dimness of sight and pressure behind the eye, if dependent upon uterine derangements, are readily cured by Caulophyllum

Gelsemium in Rigid Os uteri

Dr. J. S. Douglas of Milwaukee, has communicated to the author some striking cases of the relaxing effects of Gels, in rigid and unyielding OS uteri in labour. He has had ten years’ experience in the use of this remedy in such cases, and states that it never disappoints him.

Helonias Dioica — False Unicorn

Useful in loss of tone in the uterine organs, with deranged stomach. It is described as a uterine tonic, and we have repeatedly proved it to be a most precious remedy in atonic conditions of the womb — Amenorrhcea, Prolapsus uteri, Menorrhagia, Sterility, Leucorrhoea, etc.


The administration of one or more [homeopathic] remedies will aid the cure of fistula, and in many cases, renders the usual severe operation unnecessary. Several bad cases, previously under the care of allopathic surgeons, by whom operations were said to be absolutely necessary, we have completely cured by such remedies. The following are the chief medicines, the choice from which must be made according to the general symptoms and condition of the patient: — Sil.. Calc.-Phos., Lyc, Caust., Nux V. and Sulph.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – E. Harris Ruddock  MD – 1869


One of Hahnemann’s therapeutic hints in whooping-cough is Ledum, which has a spasmodic racking cough, and should be thought of in connection with this affection.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. DEWEY, M. D. (1901)

Ciliary Neuralgia

Spigelia has long been known as a valuable remedy in ciliary neuralgia For ciliary neuralgia with the following symptoms it will cure: Pains start seemingly from a point and radiate, generally, sharp and stabbing like a poniard, back into the head; worse on motion and toward night. Aggravation, even to the point of almost unendurable agony, usually occurs in the most marked cases about 2 o’clock in the morning.

Asafoetida -Some Clinical Indications

In Agalactia, Kallenbach advises it to restore the milk when it is lost a few days after confinement.

Palpitation of the Heart — Asafoetida rapidly cures nervous palpitation of the heart in women, from over-exertion, or when due to suppressed discharges, the pulse being small, quick and irregular, and the breathing not affected.

Dyspepsia — Asafoetida should be given when the trouble is brought on or aggravated by eating fat things.  You will remember that a characteristic of Pulsatilla is eructations tasting of rancid tallow. Asafostida has a similar symptom, and the taste is rancid, greasy or bitter.

Reversed Peristalsis – Sensation as if the peristaltic motions were taking place from below upward.  When this symptom occurs in hysteria, oesophagitis, or abdominal complaints, it invariably calls for Asafostida.

Asafoetida is beneficial for ulceration from burns or scalds or other causes, with great sensitiveness to suffering.

Clinical Therapeutics Vol II  Temple S. Hoyne, A. M., M. D.  1880

Biotech Company Criminally Charged

Biotech giant Syngenta has been criminally charged with falsely denying that its genetically modified (GM) Bt corn kills livestock. It began with a German farmer whose dairy cattle died after eating Bt 176. Also, In India where livestock are feed on post-harvest GM cotton, thousands of livestock deaths have been recorded

Mass Deaths of Sheep Grazing on Bt CottonSiS 30).

Many Americans Can’t Afford Medical Care

One quarter of American adults say they or a family member has put off treatment for a serious medical condition because of cost, according to data released this week by Gallup. That number is the highest it’s been in nearly three decades.

Bill Gates wants to microchip everyone

Bill Gate’s Microsoft is sponsoring a program called “ID2020,” which intends to give every human on the planet a digital ID, like a fingerprint. It would use a chip that can be implanted into people.

U.S. Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted

Federal officials on Tuesday ended a moratorium imposed three years ago on funding research that alters germs to make them more lethal. Such work can now proceed, said Dr. Francis S. Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health

Ailanthus Glandulosa

This medicine is especially suitable in the low zymotic forms of sickness, such as we find in diphtheria and scarlet fever, in blood poisoning and in symptomatic typhoids, especially those cases characterized by red mottled spots. Initially there is a state of great anxiety and restlessness, later there is stupor and indifference to everything.

Dr. James Tyler Kent – M.M

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