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Passiflora Incarnata in Tetanus

I have seen wonderful effects of it in relieving tetanus. Some ten years ago I was called to see an old lady, who was having “fits.” While examining her, convulsions came on, affecting mainly the trunk muscles, and drawing the head back. I gave her instantly a dose of Passiflora. The convulsions subsided, and she has never had one since. I have used Passiflora in treating tetanus in horses – a disease usually considered as inevitably fatal to that noble animal. It has never failed to cure the horse. My son, Dr. J. H. Phares, many times prescribed Passiflora for tetanus in horses, with one invariable result – prompt, perfect, permanent cure.

New Old and Forgotten Remedies – Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

Arsenicum Insanity

Insanity after suppressed skin diseases. Excessive anguish and irresoluteness. Fear of ghosts, thieves, and solitude, with desire to hide oneself. Aversion to conversation, with desire to censure.

Homoeopathic Therapeutics, S. Lilienthal, M.D.

Acalypha Indica Specific in Pulmonary Haemorrhage

Acalypha Indica administered in the sixth decimal dilution, is specific in haemorrhage from the lungs. In three cases in which I have employed it, the patients have not spit any blood, although previously one of them never passed a day without spitting a great quantity. In one patient all homoeopathic remedies had been tried unsuccessfully, when I accidentally discovered the virtues of the Acalypha Indica. Calcarea carb is an antidote to the Acalypha.

New Old and Forgotten Remedies – Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

Linaria Vulgaris

Fainting from heart weakness. “Faints dead away without apparent cause.” It has repeatedly produced this symptom. Also for bedwetting with frequent painful urging to urinate.

Clinical M.M. – E.A. Farrington , MD

Climacteric Disorders – Menopause

Lachesis – This especially suits women who never get well from the change of life. Climacteric troubles such as hemorrhoids, hemorrhages, vertigo, headaches. Women worn out by frequent pregnancies, with sudden cessation of the menses, flushings of heat and rush of blood to the head.

Veratrum viride – Perhaps no remedy controls the flushes of heat, so annoying to women at the change of life, as Veratrum viride.

Sepia – Congestions at the climaxis, in characteristic Sepia constitutions are quickly benefited by the remedy.

Bellis perennis – The patients are very tired, want to lie down, have a backache. There is no real disease, but a marked tiredness all the time.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D.

Dat voman vants zinc

The great prescribers were famous for their knowledge of characteristic materia medica. Adolph Lippe possessed this faculty to an extraordinary degree and many tales of his remarkable accomplishments have been told. Passing through the ward of a hospital one day he observed a woman who had been an inmate for many months, without improvement in her condition. He stopped and observed her. “Dat voman vants zinc,” he said. Zinc cured!

Correct Methods of Choosing the Indicated Remedy – Daniel E. S. Coleman, MD.

Hahnemannian Monthly Volume-Two 1917

A Clue

I had a female patient in my office and after long questioning I had not arrived at a remedy. I was becoming discouraged, when she emitted a deep sigh. This led to the consideration of Ignatia. This single key-note pointed to the remedy which covered the case in its totality, and the result proved the remedy to be correct.

Correct Methods of Choosing the Indicated Remedy – Daniel E. S. Coleman, MD. Hahnemannian Monthly Volume-Two 1917

Apocynum Cannabinum

This remedy should be borne in mind in cases of persistently slow pulse (50 to 60), in acute affections of men much addicted to smoking. In cases of hydrothorax, following pleurisy, or in cases of relapse after the previous exhibition of Bryonia, bear this remedy in mind.

The Medical Advance – August 1887 – Edited and Published by Henry C. Allen, M. D.

Nostrils – Lemna Minor

This remedy acts especially upon the nostrils. Nasal polyps, swollen turbinates, crusts, atrophic rhinitis. Foul smell in nose, excessive catarrh, sneezing attacks. Putrid taste in mouth, sometimes loss of sense of smell.

Lotus M.M. – Robin Murphy ND

What to Avoid During Homeopathic Treatment

§260. Coffee,Chinese tea or other herb teas, beer containing medicinal vegetable substances unadapted to the condition of the patient, so-called cordials prepared from medicinal spices, all kinds of punch,spiced chocolate, scented water and perfumes of various kinds,highly odorous flowers cultivated in the chamber, medicated tooth-powder or washes, perfumes inclosed in bags or cushions, highly seasoned food,spiced pastry or ices,raw medicinal herbs in soups, pot-herbs, tender shoots with medicinal properties,old cheese and tainted animal foul, or the flesh and fat of pigs,ducks or young veal, and acid food, etc., all of which produce collateral medicinal effects, are candidly to be kept from patients.

Organon 5th Edition – Samuel Hahnemann

Aphonia – Loss of Voice

Aconite – Acute laryngitis, with hoarseness the result of exposure to cold wind. Some fever and thirst.

Arum Triph – This remedy has been most useful in the sore throat and hoarseness from public speaking. A sense of rawness in the mouth and throat extending to the nose and larynx, with symptoms of coryza.

Belladonna – In addition to hoarseness the whole throat feels dry and sore, with inclination to swallow, which is quite painful. After cold with throbbing headache.

Causticum – Also usefulness in hoarseness of public speakers and singers. Dryness, with loss of voice, cough with scanty, difficult expectortation. Pain and soreness streaks through the larynx with every cough.

Hepar Sulphur – With the hoarseness there is considerable mucus in the larynx with cough which is sometimes loose and sometimes croupy. Dyspnea and cough on the slightest exposure to cold air, generally worse towards morning and after croup – with free perspiration.

Phosphorus – Perhaps no one remedy is given so often as Phosphorus The voice is husky with sense of dryness in throat and soreness in larynx, worse in morning. Dry cough worse on using the voice, laughing or talking, or from cold air.

Practical Guide to Homeopathic Treatment -Designed and Arranged for the use of Families, Prescribers of Limited Experience and Students Of Homeopathy. – Myron H. Adams, M. D., 1913.

Post Partum Cramps – After Pains

Cimicifuga after pains are very intense; worse about the region of the groin and the patient is sensitive and cannot tolerate them.

Caulophyllum is indicated when the labor has been prolonged and the pains are spasmodic across the lower part of abdomen. Other remedies for after pains are :

Chamomilla, Pulsatilla, Arnica, Crocus, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Xanthoxylum.

Why should After Pains not be checked at once? After pains are caused by nature’s efforts to expel clots of blood or portions of membrane from the uterus, which are necessary to perfect involution.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics – being a quiz compend upon the application of homoeopathic remedies to diseased states. W. A. Dewey, M. D.


The keynote leading to its selection has ever been a “consciousness of a womb.” Other remedies have a consciousness of the womb, but here it consists of a soreness and weight in the womb, which is constant, accompanied by a tired, aching feeling in the back and limbs.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D.


Indicated principally in diseases of the brain and spine, especially when, in children, it depends upon the suppression of an exanthem or upon teething, and in adults when a neurasthenic state prevails, usually the result of anxious overwork. Convulsions of children due to teething or eruptive fevers, epilepsy of young children.

First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies H. R. Arndt, M. D.

Right and Left Sided Mercury Remedies

Mercurius Iodatus Flavus – Sore throat with tendency to glandular enlargements. Preference for the right side. Tongue coated thickly, red at tip and edges, yellow at the base.  Small ulcers on the posterior throat.

Mercurius Iodatus Ruber – Diptheria and ulcerated sore throat- preference for left side. Fauces dark red, painful swallowing. Stiff muscles of throat and neck.

Materia Medica with Repertory – William Boericke

Belladonna Delirium

The delirium which Belladonna has often helped is a furious one. Women tear off their clothing, not for the purpose of exposing the person, as do the Hyoscyamus patients, but for the purpose of escaping from some imaginary enemy. For the same reason the Belladonna patient screams, bites, strikes, always at someone who is opposing them.

Text-Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica – George Royal, MD

Bladder Problem in Seniors

The inability of old people to retain the urine has been termed irritability of the bladder. The condition is one of weakness and loss of power, however, rather than irritation. Nux vomica, Cantharis, or Phosphorus are usually indicated, and are calculated to give the most relief. Use the appropriate remedy for one week. All should be used in low attenuation. In some cases nothing will give strength to retain the urine, and an appliance to catch it, as it dribbles away, is all that can be done.

Eaton’s Domestic Practice for Parents and Nurses- Morton M. Eaton MD

Pyrosis – Waterbrash

Symptoms: Eructations of an acid or tasteless watery fluid. It is often accompanied with pain, and is sometimes a symptom of organic disease of the stomach or liver, but is commonly due to chronic gastric catarrh.

Treatment :

Carbo Vegetabilis -Belching, simplest food disagrees, < lying down, desires to be fanned.

Lycopodium : Acid eructations, flatulence, constipation, sometimes diarrhea, loud grumbling in abdomen.

In chronic cases:

Nux Vomica, Sulph Acid, Bryonia., Pulsatilla or Acetic acid are also recommended.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – E. Harris Ruddock, MD

Tips from Dr. E.B Nash


The odor from the mouth is very offensive, you can smell it all over the room. No remedy has this condition of mouth in any degree equal to mercury.


Alteration of hunger and satiety is not markedly found under any other remedy.

Pain in back in region of kidney with amelioration after discharge of red sanded urine. No other remedy help theses case more promptly and permanently than Lycopodium.

Rhus Tox

No remedy is oftener found useful in herpes zoster than Rhus tox

Lilium Tigrinum

No remedy is more efficacious for uterine displacement.


Eruption worse during winter. There is no remedy that has this so prominently.


Dry heat while asleep and profuse sweat when awake. No other remedy has it, and it has been confirmed many times.


Heat running up the back is more characteristic of this than any other remedy.
Thanks to Dr. Manoj Kumar

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