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TIPS & Secrets – April 2022

Tips and secrets from the masters and important news. This month, tips on folate and dementia, tips from E.A. Farrington and J.T. Kent, effectiveness of standard flu vaccine and more.

National Center for Homeopathy Conference (U.S.)

The National Center for Homeopathy will host its Joint American Homeopathy Conference (JAHC) from 22-24 April, 2022 to bring together various segments of the industry in one place at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia, with the event streamed live virtually using vFairs.  For more information, or to register, please visit the event home page

Autopathy Webinar

The Autopathic Principle in the History of Homeopathy Since Hahnemann to the Present Time

Thu, May 11, 2022, 16:00 – 19:00 UTC.

This is a three-hour webinar by Jiri Cehovsky. He has practiced Autopathy (beside homeopathy) for 20 years, written  three books on this topic, given numerous seminars and written articles for


Autopathy as homeopathy without homeopathic remedies.  Its history. Specifics of autopathy.  Autopathy as an efficient tool – cases. Discussion.

This seminar price is 25 USD. Register at

Feel free to contact us for help [email protected]

In the attachments you find my article A case of ulcerative colitis and autopathy and I would be very pleased if you publish it at As illustration can be used a picture of autopathy bottle

Some Tips from Dr. James Tyler Kent

Dropsy following hemorrhage

The old practitioners were in the habit of giving China in most instances where dropsy followed a haemorrhage. It was so generally useful that they seldom used any other remedy. But, apocynum will many times fit the symptoms clearly in dropsy following haemorrhage.


Aconite cures most violent cases of orchitis, which come on suddenly and orchitis from cold, from being chilled, in plethoric men.


Hemorrhages wherever observed are black clots with fluid. On examining the symptoms of the nose hemorrhage is observed. Black, coagulated blood from the nose.  Sensation of coldness of the face, numbness of the face. Neuralgia of the face. Coldness, crawling, numbness of the face.


The uterine ligaments become relaxed and there is prolapsus. The rectum protrudes for inches. The sensation of dragging down as if all the parts would be pushed out into the world is a common feature.


Red nose, as if frostbitten. It is as good as Ledum and Lachesis for the red-tipped nose in old drunkards. This remedy is a great antidote to alcoholic beverages.


It is of great value in drunkards. Irresistible desire for alcoholic stimulants. Symptoms worse after sleep, especially on a hot day.

Allium Cepa

Cold, damp, penetrating winds, in any climate, are likely to bring on Allium cepa complaints-coryza, Ia grippe, influenza or whatever they may be called, and usually there is congestive headache.

Secale Cornutum

A senile withering, such as is found in feeble old people; the blood-vessels close up; no blood goes to the toes and they become numb and black, devoid of sensation. Secale improves the circulation of the aged and postpones senile gangrene.


Aloe has pains about the navel that shoot down towards the rectum, cutting like knives.


The tissues become flabby, refuse to heal when injured, ulcerate from slight causes. After an injury an open sore remains and is indolent or becomes phagedenic and spreads like. Ars., Lach and Merc. cor.


Apis cures diphtheria, especially when there is a high grade of inflammation and the membrane is scanty or comes slowly or insidiously, and it is somewhat of a surprise the gradual progress it makes.


Not a very long acting remedy. When a periodic sick headache is interrupted by Sanguinaria, if a deeper drug, an antipsoric, is not given, the headache will return or something worse will come on Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent,  M.D.

Folate and Dementia

Researchers in the U.S. and in Israel studied more than 27,000 people between the ages of 60 and 75 years old. They found that those with a folate deficiency had a 68% higher risk of being diagnosed with dementia. They also had three times the risk of dying from any cause.

Flu Vaccine 16% Effective

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the effectiveness rate of the influenza vaccine at 16 percent during 2021-2022. The rate, which the CDC termed as “not statistically significant,” is based on a study involving 3,636 children, adolescents and adults in the United States from Oct. 4, 2021 to Feb. 12, 2022.

Some Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Plumbum in Epilepsy

Plumbum has frequently caused epilepsy. The characteristic symptoms which indicate it are these: Almost paralytic  heaviness of the legs before the attack, and paralysis and  prolonged snoring sleep afterwards.

Lachesis Proving Symptom

Dr. Hering, who first proved Lachesis, could never tolerate tight clothing about his neck. He noticed that during the proving, this symptom annoyed him more than usual, but did not place much value on it.  Since then, the symptom has been confirmed many times in practice.

SRP symptom of Causticum

The Causticum patient has an odd sensation, a feeling as though there were an empty space between the brain and the cranial bones. This is relieved by warmth.   As odd as this symptom may seem, it is not too uncommon for you to make note of.

Caution with Phosphorus

I would not advise you to give Phosphorus in well-marked tuberculous patients. If tubercles have been deposited in the lungs, you should hesitate before giving it, unless the picture calling for it is so strong that you cannot possibly make a mistake.

Lachesis follows Kali bi

Lachesis follows Kali bichromicum well in throat and croupous diseases. It suits particularly when the spasmodic cough becomes so violent as to cause choking spells, and when the patient drops off to sleep, he awakens as if smothering.

Phosphorus v. Stannum

Phosphorus must often be carefully compared with Stannum, as the two remedies are  frequently misused for each other.   Both have hoarseness, evening aggravation, weak chest, cough, copious sputum, hectic, etc.   Phosphorus has more blood or blood-streaks, tightness across the chest.


Stramonium may excite a decided nymphomania, during which the woman, though very chaste when in her normal condition, becomes exceedingly lewd in her songs and speech. She may become very violent in her manner.


Stramonium differs from Belladonna and Hyoscyamus. The patient sees objects which seem to rise in every corner of the room and move towards him.  He has a mania for light and company, which is just the opposite to Belladonna, is excessively loquacious and laughs, sings, swears and prays almost in the same breath.

Muriatic acid in scarlatina

The body is intensely red, looks like a boiled lobster. There is rush of blood to the head, with bright red face and with great drowsiness.


Terebinthina  cures  dropsy dependent on congestion of the kidneys,  as indicated by dull aching in the renal region and by the smoky looking urine.

Digitalis in Syncope

Digitalis rivals the Ophidians in  syncope, with the antecedent dim vision; the pulse is  generally  very slow,  and the patient often complains of nausea and deathly weakness in the epigastrium.

Clinical  Materia  Medica  – E. A. Farrington, M.D.

Metformin and Birth Defects

A large cohort study found that babies born to men who took metformin during the period of sperm development were at increased risk for birth defects. The finding suggests that men with diabetes who are taking metformin should talk to their doctors about whether they should switch to another treatment when trying to conceive a child.

Scientists Have Finally Sequenced the Complete Human Genome

The newly completed genome, dubbed T2T-CHM13, represents a major upgrade from the current reference genome, called GRCh38, which is used by doctors when searching for mutations linked to disease, as well as by scientists looking at the evolution of human genetic variation.

4th Pfizer booster only lasts 4-7 weeks

A fourth shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine increased protection for only four to seven weeks. The study included 1.25 million people age 60 and over in Israel who received their fourth dose between January and March. Israel uses only the Pfizer vaccine.

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