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Tips & Secrets – Aug 2017

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Homeopathy Tips on Magnesium, plumbum and Strontium carb. by Elizabeth Wrigth Hubbard and important news.

Heartburn Meds Can Kill – 50% increased risk of death

Millions of people are prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) to treat heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems. H2 blockers are another drug used to reduce stomach acid. Researchers compared patients taking H2 blockers with those taking PPIs for one to two years, and found that those on PPIs had a 50% increased risk of dying over the next five years. Senior author Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, an assistant professor of medicine stated: “No matter how we sliced and diced the data from this large data set, we saw the same thing.”

Yan Xie, Benjamin Bowe, Tingting Li, Hong Xian, Yan Yan, Ziyad Al-Aly. Risk of death among users of Proton Pump Inhibitors: a longitudinal observational cohort study of United States veteransBMJ Open, 2017; 7 (6): e015735 DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-015735

Death by Hospital

In the US, there are 225,000 hospital-caused deaths every year. That makes hospital care the 3rd largest killer in the US.

(Starfield B. Is US health really the best in the world? JAMA. 2000 Jul 26;284(4):483-5.

3 Tips from Elizabeth Wright Hubbard MD


If Sulphur is the great unwashed, Magnesia carb is the great unloved, the illegitimate child. The child needing magnesium lacks creativity. Magnesia carb is to exhausted nerves, what China is to loss of blood.  A magnesium deficiency in the diet is said to favor cancer.


Plumbum is one of the greatest remedies for hiccup and the remedy for aluminum poisoning (as Alumina is for Lead poisoning. )

Strontium Carbonicum

The predominant characteristic of Strontium Carbonicum is vehemence. The subject is impetuous, violent, passionate, quarrelsome and anxious.  An emaciated patient with right sided complaints. Chilly, < draft and > from sun and warmth.  The remedy lowers blood pressure and decalcifies aneurysm. It helps avert post operative pneumonia.

Elizabeth Wright Hubbard MD – Homoeopathy as Art andScience

Valvular Disease

Dr. John H. Clarke describes a case of extensive valvular disease in a man of 26.  Originally all heart sounds were abnormal and replaced by bruits, with the heart hypertrophied. After treatment with Arsencum iodatum 3x, he was free from any symptoms relating to the heart.

Diseases of the Heart & Arteries – John H.Clarke MD


Phosphorus in Dengue

I had many successes with Phosphorus in the crisis of low platelet counts after dengue fever. Phos works as a specific in this pathology through a symptomatology of Phos : “Copious bleeding even from very small wounds.” (Clarke) This indicates the deficiency of platelet cells which is a barrier to arrest the bleeding by coagulation.Kindly communicate  this to all our homeopathic  doctors. I used L.M Potency Phos  0/1 for three days, 3 times a day.


3 Tips from Dr. JHG Jahr

Aneurysm of the Heart

If not progressed too far, Ars and Carbo veg do more than any other medicine and Spigelia also shows good effect in some cases.

Thickening Valves

For thickening of heart valves, Spigelia and Kalmia are very efficient remedies.

Expulsion of Placenta

If expulsion of the placenta is delayed from absence of necessary pains, Pulsatilla or Secale promotes this event.

GHG Jahr – Forty Years’ Practice

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Murder by Vaccine

Regarding a Hexavalent vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline that is being mandated in Italy, Dr. Andrew Wakefield said:

This act, this administration of this vaccine will kill a number of children. They know that, and yet they are mandating it. That, in my opinion is murder.

Tips from Farokh Master

Ulcers of lips – Kali bichromicum

Abscess of Gums – Hekla Lava 3x

Gumboil – Hekla Lava 200

Sore Mouth – Eupatorium a. Q 2:8 dilution in water local application,

or Hydrastis Mur 3x local application.

Farokh Master MD – Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy




Cactus is an excellent remedy for the effects of tobacco on the heart, the so-called “tobacco heart,” and for the so-called “bicycle heart,” for conditions due to over-exercise.

Medical Century – Edited by W. A. Dewey, M. D.  Volume XIV   January to December, 1906


Great emaciation; skin becomes shriveled or lies in folds (Abrot., Iod., Nat., Sanic). In children, face like old people. Enlarged abdomen , dry, flabby skin (Bar. c, Op.).  Herpetic eruptions on all parts of body. Severe, almost unbearable pain at conclusion of urination (Berb., Equis., Med., Thuja).

Keynotes and Characteristics – H. C. Allen, M.D.

Some tips from R. W. Nelson, M.D  (circa 1895)

Canker of the Mouth— Aphthous sores on the inside of the cheek and tongue. Bin iodide hydrarg. 3x.

Chronic morning hoarseness, with dry cough; weakness from over exertion. Causticum 30.

Body Lice— Specific – used topically – Cocculus indicus tincture

Inflammation of the ends of the bones. Lycopodium 30

In teething children, congestion of the brain with threatened convulsions. Gelsemium.


Congested, hot and distended, no milk, hardness very apparent from the first, very sensitive to the touch. – Phytolacca

Stony hardness in breasts, hot and painful, but not red – Bryonia 2x

Breasts feel heavy and are very hard, redness runs in radii. Belladonna

Cholera Infantum

With cold skin and great prostration  – Camphor.

Nausea with violent vomiting, cramps in the stomach and extremities, violent diarrhea – Cuprum

Specific in the diarrhoea preceding epidemic cholera  – Phos. acid

With marble coldness of the whole body, pulseless, rapidly progressing toward asphyxia – Prussic acid 30 (drop doses Q2h).

A Clinical Assistant: Being An Index Of Diseases, Their Symptoms, And Homoeopathic Treatment   – R. W. Nelson, M.D., M.R.C.S.L.

Keynotes of 4 Remedies  – William H. Burt MD

Ammonium Carbonicum

Lymphatic, flabby people, suffering with sub-acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory mucous membrane, or scurvy.  Vast hemorrhages from the nose. The moment he falls asleep, is aroused again for want of breath. Aggravation evening, night, and wet weather.

Croton Tiglium

Diarrhoea, stools copious, watery, and escape from the bowels suddenly, as if shot out of a gun, with much prostration. Aabdomen much distended with gas, and painful on pressure. Flatulence, great gurgling and colic pains about the umbilicus.

Sabal Serrulata 

Atrophy of the prostate. It has a wonderful action to stimulate and restore the natural functions of the organ. In old men with enlarged prostate, where the urinary function is greatly interfered with, no remedy can take its place. It should be given in large doses of the tincture, one teaspoonful at a dose.

Hamamelis Virginica

Varicosis  – This is the prince of remedies, used locally and internally, when great tenderness predominates. Varicose veins of limbs, with great tenderness; cannot bear that they be touched. In acute phlebitis, of great utility.

William H. Burt, M. DCharacteristic Materia Medica Memorizer1895

Vaccine Court

The Vaccine Court (US) has awarded over 3.6 billion dollars for vaccine injuries. This represents only a tiny fraction of vaccine injuries that have occurred.  Autism rates have gone from one in ten thousand children to one in fifty children since the dramatic increase in scheduled vaccines started in the late 1980s.

Dr. William H. Gaunt and Spencer M. Gaunt, RN

Important Organ Remedies – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea


Carduus Mar. (Q), Cascara Sag. (Q), Chaparro am. (Q), Chelidonium (Q), Chelone (Q), Cinchona (Q), Hydrastis Can. (Q), Juglans Cinerea (Q), Leptandra (Q), Merc. Dulcis (3x trit), Myrica (Q), Vipera (6), Ptelea (6), Taraxacum (Q).


Adonis Ver. (Q), Cactus (Q), Collinsonia (Q), Convallaria maj. (Q), Crataegus (Q), Grindelia (Q), Iberis (Q), Kalmia (Q), Lycopus Vir. (Q), Naja (6, 30), Phaseolus (6), Spartium scoparium (Q), Strophanthus hispidus (Q), Veratraum Viride (6), Viscum album (Q).

Gall Bladder

Berberis Vulg. (Q), Calculobilli (6x trit), Cholesterinum (3x trit), Dioscorea (Q), Fel tauri (3x trit).


Ceanothus (Q), Cedron (Q), Chininum Sulph. (3x trit), Chionanthus (Q), Helianthus (Q), Polymnia Uvedalia (Q), Quercus (Q), Senna (Q), Tinospora cordifolia (Q).

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy

Some Tips from the Indian Homeopathic Review

Hiccough in the old or very weak is often relieved by Magnesia Phos. 6x.

When an otherwise normal person becomes cross, spiteful, snappy and generally hateful, give a dose of Chamomilla. This has been repeatedly verified in young children and infants, but it applies to adults as well.

A typical neurasthenic is often benefited by a course of Calcarea Carb.

When you have “ a cold in the head” that is better in the open air and worse indoors try Allium Cepa.

Where there is a yellow, acrid discharge from the eyes, Euphrasia may be the needed remedy.


Indian Homeopathic Review  Vol 19 – 1910


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