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Which Symptoms are Important?

Functional symptoms in an organ are of much less value than symptoms which occur in other parts during the function of that organ. Burning pain in the urethra, during or after micturition, is of little value in gonorrhoea, for it is usually present; but pain in the testicles, thighs, or abdomen during or after micturition, or symptoms of some other part not immediately concerned in that function, would be more important. So, also, pain in the stomach after eating, in indigestion, is not of as much value as vertigo or headache after eating would be in the same attack.

From : A Compendium of the Principles of Homoeopathy as Taught by Hahnemann and Verified by a Century of Clinical Application -Wm. Boericke, M. D.

Tarentula Cubensis

Tarentula cubensis, the Cuban spider, often used in carbuncle, is also useful for the pain of death, to soothe the last struggles.

Materia Medica with Repertory – William Boericke M.D. -Thanks to Michael Walker U.S.

Kali Sulphuricum

This remedy may resemble Antimonium tart or Pulsatilla. Rattling of mucus in the chest, shifting wandering pains, yellow discharges. Tongue coated yellow and slimy. Worse evening, in a heated room. Better from cool open air.

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy ND

Seasickness -Tabacum

“Petroleum and Cocculus sometimes help seasickness, but Tabacum is a broad remedy that seems to cover most of the symptoms”.

Principles of Prescribing – Dr.K.N.Mathur – Thanks to Celia Frye – U.S.

Cherry Plum Bach Flower Remedy

Whatever may be the disease that the patient is suffering from, if the patient is weeping/screaming with “UNBEARABLE” pain, Cherry Plum, considerably reduces or completely cures the underlying pathology and so the pain stops. The best place for the use of this remedy is the labor ward in any maternity hospital for expectant women, shrieking with “unbearable” labor pain. One single dose reduces the “unbearable” pain and it would soon be a safe and normal delivery. In rare cases you may repeat the remedy every 15-30 minutes.

Dr. V. Krishnamurthy – lecture at Meenakshi College 1998 -Thanks to H. Burton -Canada


There are a number of bodily causes which induce sleeplessness and they may all be summed up as whatever interferes with the process of assimilation.

It is one of the most favorable signs when soon after the administration of a remedy, a natural sleep ensues. By no means interrupt it. The remedy which induces it will quietly work on for the benefit of the patient. This rule applies only to natural sleep. In case of drowsiness, stupor, etc., medicine must be repeated just because of this state, and it may be one of the leading symptoms for the selection of the remedy.

Some Remedies for Insomnia
Aconitum: Fever-heat, dry skin; tossing about; lamenting; great pain with inflammatory processes in teeth, chest, bowels, during menstrual period ; after fright, fever.
Belladonna: Drowsy and yet unable to sleep ; anguish; visions; large pupils ; congestion towards the head ; after morphium.
China: Ideas crowd upon the mind; after loss of blood and weakening diseases.
Coffea: Nervous excitement; wide awake; not the slightest inclination to sleep; after great mental strain, joy, night- watching, acute diseases, dental irritation.
Hyoscyamus: Drowsy or sleepless; wild expression; delirious; after chloroform.
Ignatia: After grief and depressing emotions; after overstraining the mind by racking business.
Moschus: Hysterical sleeplessness; after chloral.
Nux vomica: after mental strain till late at night; abuse of coffee, wine, liquor, opium, tobacco.
Opium: excessive wakefulness, or drowsiness with inability to go to sleep.
Pulsatilla: Indigestion; after quinine, ferrum and strychnine, tea, chloral.
Sulphur: Very important with many and different symptoms; sleepy in daytime; sleepless at night.

Special Pathology and Diagnostics with Therapeutic Hints – C G. Raue, M.D.

Cure takes Time

A constitution cannot be radically changed for the better in a week or a month. Hahnemann demanded at least two years for the cure of a chronic case. When such a case comes for treatment, refuse to take it unless the patient will promise all the time required. A patient may be told that his immediate condition may be ameliorated, but he must not consider himself cured and may experience a return of symptoms.

The Prescriber – J.H. Clarke MD -Thanks to Ann Schiele – U.K.

Gall Stones and Vitamin E

When hamsters were given a diet deficient in vitamin E, all developed cholesterol gall stones. When the vitamin was given again, the stones dissolved. Animals given large amounts of cholesterol or saturated or unsaturated fats developed no gallstone as long as vitamin E was adequate.

Reported in : Let’s Get Well – Adelle Davis p.181

Healing with Light

Hospitals routinely use blue light on newborns to treat bilirubinemia. But did you know: The U.S. Navy is using colored lights to speed the healing of wounds.

Dr. Tony Chu discovered that acne patients treated with red and blue light showed on average a 76% decrease in the number of visible spots.

Tina Karu, PhD found light receptors in our cells, which when stimulated by light, increased DNA/RNA synthesis, as well as protein and collagen synthesis. The result is rapid healing of damaged tissue.

Dr. Norman Shealy found increases in various neurotransmitters in patients exposed to red, green or violet light.
The most extensive study of colored light for healing was done by Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali. Much of what he discovered is found in “Let There Be Light” -pub. Dinshah Health Society.

Light Years Ahead – B.Breiling / Homeopathy – the Home Handbook for Survival -A. Schmukler


A remedy resembling both Lilium and Sepia in many of its symptoms is Murex. Under this drug sexual excitement is very marked and there is a sore spot somewhere in the pelvis, or rather a sensation of one. Suits esp. nervous lively affectionate women. Pain from right side of womb to R. or L. breast.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D.

Two Remedies in Smallpox

Antimonium tartaricum is a nearer similimum to smallpox than any other remedy in the Materia Medica. The mucous membranes are involved and bronchitis or broncho-pneumonia are apt to be present. It is especially adaptable to cases characterized by gastric irritation. It also suits cases where the eruption does not come out properly.

Thuja – Boenninghausen employed this remedy with success and believed it to be the best curative and preventive agent in smallpox. It suits especially the eruptive stage,with milky flat, painful pustules upon a dark inflamed area.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D.


It is a specific for the condition of the system which sets up the boil habit. I never have found a case so bad, and I’ve had some very severe ones, that an ounce and a half of Echinacea taken in ten-drop doses four times a day, would not cure. Try it in your cases of stomatitis with depraved conditions of the system, both internally and locally. It has done me valuable service in cases of old ulcers and unhealthy sores, both as local and internal treatment. Then in your typhoid cases, with the characteristic indication, it is simply a wonderful remedy, I have seen it step in and restore normal conditions when it seemed impossible for remedies to act quick enough to prevent a fatal termination.

From a paper by Dr. W. H. Ramey in the Medical Gleaner Thanks to Ron Taylor Australia

Gaultheria (Wintergreen)

If there is anything that a man wants relief from quickly it is from the excruciating pains of inflammatory rheumatism and neuralgias.
While I am not a champion of any specific, this drug has given me the quickest and most satisfactory results of any remedy in the Materia Medica.

In severest cases of neuralgias of the head and face it would do its work quick and well. It served me in very severe cases of neuralgia of stomach and bowels, while for the past few years it has done faithful work in ovarian and uterine neuralgias following or preceding difficult menstruation.

I was called to relieve a severe case of neuralgia of stomach and bowels this last summer, which had been under the care of two of my worthy competitors. They had exhausted their pill case, and for about three weeks the poor woman had suffered everything but death itself. After diagnosing the case I put her on this remedy, and in two hours she was relieved and after two days was able to be about, and was cured shortly by no other remedy than it.

I have found that the dose should never be less than five drops, and if pain is severe, fifteen drops repeated in a half hour ; afterward two hours apart. It always should be taken dropped on sugar.

Dr. Benj. K. Lang, York, Nebraska, on the action of Gaultheria – 1894


While making a proving of the above remedy I felt a sudden curious sensation in the region of the heart, and immediately felt of my pulse and found it very weak and fluttering.

A lady, aged eighty-seven, had diarrhoea, which was soon relieved ; then I found her heart acted badly, about every third beat omitted, and she said it had been so for a year or more, I gave her Phaseolus and two days later her pulse was all right.

Dr. Brown, of Springfield, reported a case of a young man that only once in two weeks did he get his pulse up to sixty, ranging from fifty to fifty-five the two weeks. He gave Phaseolus 6 which I furnished him and the next forenoon his pulse was seventy-two and remained so.

Dr. A. M. Gushing – The Homeopathic Recorder 1897

Succinum – A fossil resin

None of our remedies gives a truer picture of hay fever. I have prescribed it for cases of hay fever in the third decimal trituration, one or two grains dissolved in twelve teaspoonfuls of distilled water, one teaspoonful every two hours, with the best results, and have cured more than thirty persons, who were formerly obliged to go to the mountains to get temporary relief.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz 1900

Calc Phos in Hip Disease

Calcarea phosphoricum in the third stage of hip disease may stop the further destruction of bone and the suppuration and promote new organization.

The Twelve Tissue Salts of Schussler – Boericke & Dewey

Aurum Arsenicosum for Lyme?

In The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease, author Dr. Peter Alex suggests that Aurum Arsenicosum 200 be explored for Lyme disease, since it so closely resembles the symptoms of Lyme disease. Both arsenicosum and aurum are anti-syphilitic.

South Pole to the Rescue

I have cured so many cases of ingrowing toenail with Magnetis Polus Australis 2M (South Pole Magnet), that I invariably give it in the first place when there are no symptoms indicating another remedy. Sore pain on the inner side of the nail of the big toe when walking, as if the nail had grown into the flesh. Painful from slight touch.

Dictionary of Practical M.M. John Henry Clarke, MD

Reactions to Fright

Urine retention after fright – Opium, Aconitum

Loss of voice after fright – Aconitum, Gelsemium, Opium

Insanity after fright – Ignatia, Platina

Stiffness after fright – Bryonia

Image or fear of the fright persists – Opium

Synopsis and Homoeopathic Aetiology – Dr. Eswara Das

Doggy Homesickness

If a dog likely to suffer from homesickness has to be taken to a clinic or to kennels, he should be given two doses of Ignatia 30x two hours apart, just before he is handed over. This will lessen the pain of separation.

Homoeopathic Medicne for Dogs – H.G.Wolff MVSC

Hahnemann Wonders about the Critics

” Why will such a physician consider his want of experience, combined with prejudices, as more competent than experience established by facts observed throughout many years?”

Samuel Hahnemann -Organon 5th edition translated by C. Wesselhoeft, M.D. Footnote to § 280

Dr. Aegidi Converts to Homeopathy

During the year 1830 Hahnemann made a wonderful cure, which conclusively proved that his new doctrine regarding the cause and cure of chronic diseases was correct. His distinguished patient was one Dr. Julius Aegidi, a prominent Allopathic physician and army surgeon. As a result he became a believer in Homoeopathy, which method he practised until his death.

Aegidi wrote to Hahnemann with his symptoms and the list of failed therapies he had tried. Hahnemann answered : ‘Your disease is of far older date than you have any idea of. You must have had the itch at some time, or some other eruptive disease which was improperly cured. Your disease is constitutional….’

After taking Hahnemann’s prescription Aegidi reported:
..”the swelling of the joint had disappeared entirely and all pain had left me; and from that time to the present (eight years) I have never had the slightest return of my former complaint. ‘

After Aegidi’s conversion he became physician, through Hahnemann’s recommendation, to the Princess Frederika of Prussia.

The Life and Letters of Samuel Hahnemann – T.L. Bradford

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