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Tips and Secrets August 2014


Tips and Secrets from the Masters. August 2014

Male Sepias

Male Sepias can be difficult to identify. The best word to describe the patient is “wimpy”, weak in spirit and confidence and masculinity. He can be difficult to differentiate from Staph, Pul, or Gelsemium. Often longs to give up his job and responsibilities.

Roger Morrison M.D. –Desktop Guide

Rhus in Carbuncle

In carbuncle, Rhus is indicated in the beginning, when the pains are intense and the affected parts are dark red. If given early, Rhus may abort the whole trouble. If not, you may have to resort later to Arsenicum, Carbo veg. or even Anthracinum.

E.A. Farrington M.D. – Clinical Materia Medica

Three Tips from Dr. W.A. Dewey

Rhus in Backache

A violent pain in the back, as if broken, is the greatest characteristic of Rhus in backache. It is more characteristic than the symptom “relief from motion,” for Rhus may be indicated where the patient is worse from motion.



This is one of the most important remedies in treating apoplexy when it occurs suddenly without prodroma. The patient falls suddenly into a comatose state out of which he cannot be aroused. Palpitation of heart, cold moist skin, convulsions of the muscles of the face are symptoms which should be present.


Hepar sulphur

Vilas states that it will cure more cases of keratitis than any other remedy. It is invaluable in the suppurative form. It speedily absorbs hypopyon, and abscesses of the cornea require no other remedy.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – W.A. Dewey MD

Worms in Cats

Roundworms: Abrotamum 3c for 7 days

Tapeworms: Cina 4c for 7 days

Hookworms: Cardus marianus 4c for 7 days

Coccidiosia: Phos acid 6c for 7 days.

Dr. H.G. Wolff – Your Health Cat


Caution on Camphor

Camphor is not to be given if there is perspiration, or should not be given as soon as perspiration begins.

Dr. K.N. Mathur – Systematic M.M. of Homoeopathic Remedies

Capsicum in Chronic Otitis

Dr. Weaver states that he has seen cases of chronic suppurative otitis media

where every indication points to mastoid operation, but which were relieved by Capsicum. He cautions against using it too low.

W.A. Dewey – Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics

Some Tips on Acute Hay fever from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Allium Cepa (30C) – Late onset (esp. August) à singers cold à acrid coryza à > open air.

Ambrosia (Q, 6C) – Respiratory congestion à stuffed up.

Ars Iod (6x tablets) – Acrid coryza à irritation in nose à constant desire to sneeze with physical & mental restlessness à > cold bath but that <.

Arundo (Q, 6C) – Internal & external itching à sneezing.

Dulcamara (30C) – Sudden change of weather à watery mucus (+++) > by closing nose with handkerchief.

Lac Can (6C, 30C) – One nostril blocked, other free à Nasal discharge: acrid à < cold air, > warmth.

Linum Usitatissimum (6C, 30C) – Allergic bronchospasm + urticaria.

Phelum Pralense (6C, 30C) – Outdoor activities à grass exposure à hayfever with asthma.

Rosa Damascena (6C, 30C) – Eustachian catarrh à hardness of hearing.

Sabadilla (30C) – Chilly, thirstless patients with sore throat > by warm food à sneezing à fears throat disease.

Skookum Chuck (6x trit) – Hayfever with dry skin à profuse coryza & sneezing.

Wyethia (30C) – Itching of posterior nares à throat feels swollen à constant clearing & hemming à swallows saliva constantly à< afternoon.


Thanks to Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College of Homoeopathy

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip.

Adonis Vernalis and the heart

A heart medicine, regulating pulse and increasing the power of contractions of heart, with increased urinary secretion. Valvular affections. Most valuable in cardiac dropsy. Low vitality, with weak heart and slow, weak pulse. Mitral and aortic regurgitation. Precordial pain, rheumatic endocarditis, fatty heart, marked venous engorgement, cardiac asthma.

William Boericke – M.M.

Ferrum Picrum

Ferrum Picrum is almost a specific for nose bleed. Third trituration.

John H. Clarke – MD


In cataract, explore Agaricus 300c, Baryta c. 1M, Calc fluor 30x, Cineraria mar. 200c, Hedera Helix 200c, Mag carb 30c, Napthaline 200c, Rubella Nosode 200c. Initial stages: Ammonium carb 200, Haloperidol 30.

Farokh J. Master – Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy

Sulphuricum Acidum

Consider Sulph ac. for people who tend to bruise easily, with yellowish brownish bruise that remains long after Arnica.

Dr. D. P. Rastogi – Golden Tips by Masters

Dorsera in TB of Bones

Drosera Rotundifolia is a great remedy in Tuberculosis of bones. Silicea as well.

Dr. D. P. Rastogi – Golden Tips by Masters

Some Drainage Remedies

Cardus mar, Chelidonium, Cinchona, Conium, Taraxum and Solidago are some drainage remedies for the liver.

Dr. E.A. Maury – Drainage in Homoeopathy

Suctellaria in DT’s

Scutellaria has the remarkable effect of calming the nervousness in delirium tremens. Tincture and low potencies.

Dr. P. Rajagopalarao

Mullein Oil

In otitis media, warmed mullein oil drops in the ear, often affords great relief. Do not use in children who have ruptured tympanic membranes or tympanostomy tubes.

Dr. Roger Morrison

Caution on Lachesis

Lachesis as the first prescription in the 200th potency may provoke immediate aggravation. It is better to open with the 30th or 1M potency.

Dr. T.P. Chaterjee

Too Much Coffee

When persons have been over drinking coffee, Chamomilla is the antidote.

Dr. James Tyler Kent – Lectures on Homeopathic M.M.

Certain women give birth to dead babies for no discernible reason. Actea Racemosa is a trusted remedy for such a condition. A daily dose of 1x for two months before delivery. Dr. P.

Dr. P. Rajagopalarao

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The Chronic Diseases (Theoretical Part) S. Hahnemann
The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica (8 Volumes) C. Hering, M.D.
The homeopathic treatment of Children, Pediatric Constitutional Types Paul Herscu, N.D.
The Prescriber Clarke
The Treatment of Cats by Homeopathy Kay Sheppard
Whole Woman Homeopathy Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D.


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