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Tips and Secrets December 2014


Homeopathy Tips from the masters and important news – December 2014.

Scottish Health Board is Compromised

A third health board in Scotland has voted to stop sending patients to the country’s only homeopathic hospital, the Centre for Integrative Care, formerly Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital.  NHS Lanarkshire made the decision despite the results of a survey which showed that 88% of patients backed the service. The health board voted to cease new referrals after March 31st, 2015 on the basis of the “lack of clinical effectiveness evidence for homoeopathy”. 

(Ed. Note: When a regulatory body makes a decision against the will of the people, and against all the evidence, one can safely conclude that the board has been corrupted.)

Flu Vaccines Prove Useless or Dangerous

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are going on the record, saying the flu vaccine won’t work this year.

Italy Investigates Flu Vaccine

Italy’s drug regulator said it’s investigating the deaths of eleven people who took the Novartis flu vaccine this year.

Homeopathy for Infections

I have never seen a patient with a life-threatening infection not respond to the simillimum, regardless of the microorganism.  I can’t conceive of patients dying from acute infectious diseases while having at their bedside a physician who practices genuine homeopathy and God knows that I have seen some of the worse cases with infectious diseases.

Andre Saine  –

Homeopaths Explore Treatment of Ebola

Drs. Medha Durge from India, Ortrud Lindemann, from Germany and Richard Hiltner, from the U.S. were part of the team who travelled to Ganta, Liberia to treat sufferers of Ebola. Their efforts were thwarted by the WHO.

research.jpgThe Last Word

Homeopath Fran Sheffield compiled a list of research in homeopathy complete with citations. Download the pdf from here. Next time you read that there’s no evidence for homeopathy, paste this:


Abrotanum is a powerful remedy and must not be repeated. It acts many weeks in waves and cycles.

Clinical Cases – Dr. James Tyler Kent

Manganese Acetate

In Cellulitis, subacute stage, it promotes suppuration and hastens regeneration. Inflammation of bones or joints, with nightly digging pains.  Chronic arthritis. Every part of the body feels sore when touched. Stolidy mask-like face. Anxiety and fear – better lying down. Walks stooping forward.

William Boericke – M.M.

Two Tips for Dogs from Dr. H.G. Wolff

Tetanus in Dogs – Prophylactically, Ledum 200x and Hypericum 200x

Once the illness has broken out, Magnesia phosphoric 6x or 12 x has shown itself the best remedy to use, even in advanced cases.

Okoubaka ( African Tree Bark)

Okouaka is useful for poisoning from insecticides, flea powder, mist from paints, rancid food, meat or sausage.  Also, acts to drain residual toxins following serious illness.

H.G. Wolff  MVSC  –  Homoeopathic Medicine for Dogs

Pharmaceutical Company Fined

In 2012, GlaxoSmithKline drug company was fined $3 billion ($1B criminal, $2B civil) for: Off-label promotion, failure to disclose safety data, paying kickbacks to physicians, making false and misleading statements concerning the safety of Avandia, reporting false best prices and underpaying rebates owed under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.

In the last ten years, drug companies have paid out approximately $8.5 Billion in criminal and civil fines.  No employees or executives were ever prosecuted.

Calcarea  Fluorica

Calcarea Fluorica needs some time before manifesting its effects. It should not be repeated too frequently.

Dr. William Boericke

Three Injury Tips

Injuries to glands may respond to Conium Maculatum.

Pelvic injury may respond to Bellis Perennis.

In head injuries, consider Arnica, Helleborus, Cicuta,  Nat. Sulph.

Dr. D.P. Rastogi  – Golden Tips by Masters

Rhythm of Murmur

The easiest and surest way to decide the rhythm of a murmur is to place one finger over the heart, and feel its impulse while the murmur is heard through the

stethoscope.  If that is impracticable, the radial or carotid pulse (better the latter, because nearer the heart) will do, making the proper allowance.

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homoeopathy – Edited By H. R. Arndt, M.D.

Rhus Poisoning

About twenty-three years ago my attention was called to Sanguinaria as an antidote for Rhus poisoning.  Since that time I have never needed another remedy for uncomplicated rhus poisoning.

Dr. A. P. Randall -The Medical Counselor –January, 1896.

Three Tips from Dr. E.B. Nash

Cuprum metallicum

Mental and bodily exhaustion from over exertion of mind, or loss of sleep. This is similar to Cocculus and Nux vomica. The other symptoms must decide between them.

Helleborus in Dropsy

Helleborus is an excellent remedy in post-scarlatinal dropsies, which come on very rapidly. Here the coffee grounds sediment may or may not be present. The choice

is sometimes not easy between this remedy and Apis mellifica.

Causticum Face

Upon the face we have four prominent peculiar symptoms:

Yellowness of the face.  Sickly yellow (not jaundice).

Paralysis of a rheumatic or psoric origin.

Prosopalgia of the same origin.

Stiffness of the jaws; could not open the mouth.

E.B. Nash,  M. D.  – Leaders In Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Fainting From Vomiting

Veratrum is an important remedy in the severest forms of bilious vomiting, attended with distressing headache, and preceded or accompanied by copious discharges of pale urine.  Also when fainting is liable to occur from the violence of the attack.

The Parent’s Guide: Containing The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood and Their Homoeopathic Treatment. – Dr. J. Laurie

Are the Greens now Yellow?

Green Party MP Steffan Browning was demoted by the party after he signed a petition asking the WHO to test homeopathy for use in the fight against Ebola.

Indian Prime Minister Promotes Homeopathy

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appointed a traditional medicines and practices minister who will be charged with promoting Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy.

Wifi Is All Around You

According to a recent study, the UK has one wi-fi hotspot for every 11 people.

In North America there will be one hotspot for every four people by 2018. Over the next four years, global hotspot numbers will grow to more than 340 million

WiFi  is so convenient…..but

Exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi and cellular phones can disrupt normal cellular development, especially fetal development. It can alter brain activity, provoke cardiac stress, reduce sperm motility, trigger insomnia, and increase the risk of tumor development.

Opposition Stiffening to Viagra

According to a 2014 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, a publication of the American Medical Association, patients taking Viagra had an 84%  increase in their risk of developing melanoma.  In the JAMA Internal Medicine study, researchers used public health data collected over the course of 10 years from almost 26,000 men.


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